Catholics – Have An Absolute Moral Obligation to Oppose Same-Sex Unions

Fr. Michael Rodríguez – “My friends,
Don’t Be Deceived by the Mellifluous
Catchwords of Tolerance and Equality.”

Fr. Rodríguez first made headlines with an editorial in the El Pazo Times, which caught the attention of his bishop with a public reprimand.  Now, Father Rodríguez is doing it again.  Read the post below.

  • Father Michael Rodríguez: Any Catholic Who Supports Homosexual Acts Is Committing A Mortal Sin
  • Bishop Rebukes Priest
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by Fr. Michael Rodríguez, El Pazo, TX – On Jan. 18, City Council decided to reword its proposed “non-discrimination” amendment to the Charter of the City of El Paso.

Let City Council be forewarned. A majority of El Paso’s voters already rejected an agenda that seeks to equate same-sex unions with the venerable institution of marriage.

It is morally incumbent upon City Council to cease efforts to manipulate and define the term “non-discrimination” in such a way as to suit a misguided, if not pernicious, agenda.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez

If City Council is obstinate in pursuing its course of action and dragging the city through another election, this will be a glaring display of arrogance, fiscal irresponsibility and disrespect toward the Nov. 2 vote of the majority of El Paso’s citizens.

Even more importantly, it will be morally wrong. Why?

It’s morally reprehensible to misconstrue “non-discrimination” in such ways as to give public sanction to “lifestyles” that are gravely sinful and harmful to the common good of our city.

My friends, don’t be deceived by the mellifluous catchwords of “tolerance” and “equality.” In truth, we’re facing a deliberate attempt on the part of our local government to initiate the legalization of same-sex unions.

Can We Tolerate Same-Sex Union Legalization?

This is completely immoral. No Catholic nor person of goodwill can accept this assault on the institution of marriage.

As Roman Catholics, there’s no question that it’s our sacred duty before Almighty God to vote against any amendment to the City Charter that undermines marriage. Every single Catholic has an absolute moral obligation to oppose sexual immorality and defend the Sacrament of Matrimony, instituted by Jesus Christ Himself.

Moreover, there is now a group calling itself “El Pasoans for Equality” whose homosexual agenda is in direct conflict with the truth and the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. No Catholic may participate in or support this group. Doing so would mean placing oneself outside of communion with the Catholic Church.

What Does The Homosexual Agenda Violate

In summary, the maleficent agenda which lurks behind the actions of City Council and has given rise to the group “El Pasoans for Equality” is an affront to God, our Catholic religion, human reason, marriage and the family.
This homosexual agenda is in direct violation of: (1) the Sixth and Ninth Commandments, (2) the infallible moral teachings of the Catholic Church (Catechism #2357), (3) natural law and the most rudimentary moral code, (4) recent pronouncements by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Dec. 29, 1975; Oct. 1, 1986; July 23, 1992; June 3, 2003), and (5) the 2009 pastoral letter on marriage by our nation’s Catholic bishops.

Jesus Christ’s greatest gift to the world is Himself, inseparably united to His Holy Catholic Church. His infinite love becomes incarnate in the sacramental life of the Church.

Love The Sinner

Holy Mother Church has a great, wondrous and tender love for all her children, regardless of “sexual orientation.” She is committed to treating all persons with love, dignity, and respect. However, the Church is also categorically opposed to sinful actions.

What Is True Charity?

Jesus Christ’s truth radiates forth in the teachings of His Church. If any person is engaging in sinful sexual activity, we Catholics are called to practice love and compassion, above all, by leading the person to the truth, and helping the sinner to renounce sinful behavior.

Remember, the supreme law of the Church is the salvation of souls!
In His love for poor sinners, Jesus always called them to turn away from sin and embrace God’s law. “Remain in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love.” (John 15:10)

Father Michael Rodríguez is the parish priest at San Juan Bautista Catholic Church.


So, what do you think?  Will the good bishop admonish him again? Should Fr. Rodríguez handled this situation different?

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25 comments to Catholics – Have An Absolute Moral Obligation to Oppose Same-Sex Unions

  • Spoken like a real priest . May God bless and protect him for all he does in His Holy Name.

  • Christina Wasniski

    The one thing that I ask of all believers is that we pray for one another intensely as we each have our work cut out for us if we are going to speak out against the evils that exist in our world and all around us these days. We need to stand up for what we believe…our Catholic faith, that our souls are eternal, a morally sound mind, a clean heart. We don’t come by these things naturally… we need the extreme help of Our Lord and each other. We need to stand by each other and pray that our families be protected from immoral lifestyles…pray earnestly. Give God all of your attention so that He can use you in every situation. After reading posts from this website, one of my ultimate goals is to help convert a person who has chosen a homosexual lifestyle! Let us stand together…band together as much as possible. Thank you all for reading this post. God Bless You Father Michael! The Lord absolutely needs you and everyone you preach the truth to!

  • Brian Murphy

    i live in Ireland and our government has legalised the same sex union; now it is being touted on the media that it is great to see homosexuals and lesbians having a legal union and the media portray it all as being natural which of course it is not, as I find it all revolting; Ireland of course is in the european union for 30 years and the European courts would force us to recognise the union of homosexuals and lesbians; children must be confused as no one seems to object; I never hear or see any condemnation from the Irish catholic church who have had a horriffic experience of clerical paedophilia going back for the last 40 years which was deliberately covered up by the bishops of the Irish catholic church. Even though the union of homosexuals and lesbians is legal, the Irish Catholic church should condemn such unnatural and shameful actions

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  • @Sue: there isn’t any scientific support for people being born as homosexuals. that said, homosexuality is a combination of a desire & a choice. there’s the attraction to a person of the same sex & the choice to act on that attraction in a sexual way. we don’t know why a person has a particular desire. some people make different choices. Eve Tushnet converted to Catholicism & chose to become celibate rather than give in to her desire. ( Perhaps you’ll find some answers there.

    we’re all born w/ crosses or have them thrust upon us, “how can this happen?” is often the wrong question. the real question is, how do I pick up my cross & follow Christ. it’s not easy, but w/ God’s grace it’s more than possible. the history of the Church testifies to that truth. I’ll keep you & your daughter in my prayers.

  • @Clare: this is a 6-part video by an evangelical theologian. it uses science & philosophy to refute same sex marriage. I’ve found it helpful. it doesn’t contain doctrine or dogma & so should be ok for Catholics; I’ve not encountered anything that is opposed to Church teaching but please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Diane

    I find it somewhat an affront to my Catholism that those politicians who claim to be Catholic openly and brazenly walk up to the altar and receive communion when in fact they just supported not only gay marriage (actually a legalization of sodomy) but also voted in favor of funding for abortion. Both in most Catholic’s eyes are mortal sins and deserving of a priest denying them the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

  • Mary Bellino

    I thank Almighty God for you and your witness to Truth. I wish more if not ALL priests would have the moral courage to speak the truth about this issue. May God enlighten those who support this grave sin, and may God bless you and keep you always in His loving embrace, Father. I would be overjoyed to have you as our parish priest!

  • paula

    “Look all you who have eyes and ears to see”….we are living in the times as of Noah, when the world became so putrid,that God stepped in to clean and purify the world of all evil!

    These “times” – upon us now, have been prophesied in the Bible, in the messages from the Virgin Mary, and other holy mystics!
    Remember, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing” !!

    These evil-doers who cry “intolerance” from the rest of us, are indeed the very ones who have zero tolerance for anyone else who do not support their degenerate life-style or beliefs!

    Take courage all, stand up for decency and the common good of all…otherwise, God help future children and society!

  • Sue


    My heart goes out to you. My daughter has had a very close friend (female) for some time and now she tells me she wants to spend the rest of her life with her. Most all of the reading I do on this issues indicates that she was probably born this way. How can this happen?

  • Beverly

    The medical community is turning my husband into a woman what am I to do? I have been married for 44 years to him. He could not be doing this without the medical community’s help. How can they be allowed to cause immorality and turn people into homosexuals? It is not morally ethical. Please comment.

    Beverly my heart goes out to you.

    Please go to a faithful Priest . . .
    go to Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament . . .
    go to Our Most Wonderful Mother . . .
    go to confession often, it is a Sacrament of healing . . .
    expose the depths of your heart to the rays of Mercy . . .
    fall in love with the beauty of suffering . . .
    perform little loving acts of charity and mortification . . .
    fall in love with the Catholic Church.

    Beverly you must allow God to make you a saint! Your husband’s salvation depends upon it.

    Under Our Lady’s Mantle,
    John Quinn

  • Thank you, Father Rodriguez for speaking out the truth. If your bishops wants to re-locate you, I wish he would send you to Temple, TX. I’d attend Mass at whatever parish you were at.

  • Seamus Casey

    Call sin and evil what they are and fight back.

    Edited by admin.

  • Fe B. Alva

    As Roman Catholics we can longer stay at the wayside watching City Council`s irresponsible

    behaviour in their total disrespect of the November 2,2010 election results. Enough already!

  • Becky

    If you would like to thank Bishop Ochoa for having such a courageous priest you can write him at:
    His Excellency, Bishop Armando X. Ochoa
    Catholic Diocese of El Paso
    499 St. Matthews St.
    El Paso, Texas 79907

    or email him:
    [email protected]

    Great Idea!
    Thanks Becky

  • Charles

    Father Michael,
    thank you for teaching the Catholic Faith.
    How I pray to God and the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Charles Borromeo to give our bishops the courage, the zeal, the willingness to be martyrs like the great Catholics who taught truth in and out of season. May God have mercy on us, and may He make haste to help us, for there are so many souls in such grave danger . . .

  • Bill

    I believe that Catholics, and Mormons for that matter, should oppose same sex unions for Catholics and Mormons.

  • Sue

    Years ago we got a new older priest and every Mass it was fire and brimstone from the pulpit…”Turn off the T and the V!” he would say over and over again. “The devil has a hotline into your homes! Pay attention to what you are watching with your children!” Every single homily felt like a beating and I asked God how will I be able to get my sons to Mass every week for this. Parishoners were leaving, the collections were shrinking. We all thought Midnight Mass surely would be different. It wasn’t. I finally asked God to help me see this priest through His eyes and it was instantaneous (sp?). I saw that this holy man loved, yes LOVED us so much he was willing to risk everything to try to make us wake up and take back our souls. Everything he had been telling us was the truth and it was important for us to know it. From his example I realized that to really love someone is to care about their soul. And I would have to say that Fr. Rodriguez seems to be showing more authentic love. God bless all the priests and bishops who have the courage to really love us, and may He grant courage to those lacking it. Thank you Father Z.

  • Father Ed Wade,CC

    Fr. Michael,

    My friend, you are right on the mark.

    The consequences of this abomination has eternal ramifications.God bless your courage to speak up and out. One day we priests and BISHOPS will stand before God for judgement. We are all going to die and then be judged and then we will face either heaven, hell or purgatory, if we are lucky. I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN, HOW ABOUT YOU?
    Keep it up Fr. Michael.

    Ed Wade, CC

  • Clare

    Father, all around the world there is a push to introduce gay marriage – I want to wrote to all of the local representatives – but what do I say in opposition to gay marriage bills without sounding overtly Catholic – ie, how to persuade against gay marriage without others writing me off as a catholic fanatic. I’m proud to be Catholic and don’t mind my views being heard – but I want to convince others who are not Catholic that our way is the right way, religion aside.
    Clare, Western Australia

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