Catholic School Leader Blast Archbishop Chaput and Former Homeschoolers Which Started A Catholic School

by John Quinn,
Courageous Priest

Washington D.C. – Ms. Patricia Wetzel-O’Neill, the executive director of the Center for Catholic Education at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, attacks Archbishop Charles Chaput’s Archdiocese and a Catholic School started by homeschoolers, at the National Catholic Reporter sponsored “Washington Briefing for the Nation’s Catholic Community.”

It appears that Wetzel-O’Neil wanted to attract some attention as she said,  “I’m stirring the pot,” because  “we’re on a very slippery slope.”

She Starts by Attacking
Archbishop Charles Chaput’s Archdiocese

A “big question” ask Wetzel-O’Neal is  “gay couples — should they be allowed to send their children to Catholic schools? Because in (the Archdiocese of) Denver they were told they were not.”  She was referring to a lesbian couple who was frustrated because Catholic rules were actually being enforced by the Archbishop which requested that the couple support  Catholic philosophy or not enroll next year.  Full article here and here.

“Is it about the kids or the adults?” Wetzel-O’Neal asked.

Archbishop Chaput answered this earlier.

“It is not about punishing the child for the sins of his or her parents,” he said. “It is simply that the lesbian couple is saying that their relationship is a good one that should be accepted by everyone; and the Church cannot agree to that.”  He continued that  “most parents who send their children to Catholic schools want an environment where the Catholic faith is fully taught and practiced.  That simply can’t be done if teachers need to worry about wounding the feelings of their students or about alienating students from their parents.  That isn’t fair to anyone—including the wider school community.”

She Continues Her Rampage On a Non-Diocesan
School Teaching Catholic Education

Weitzel-O’Neill also took the offensive on a former Catholic homeschooling group who started the Pope John Paul II Academy  as being a  “faux Catholic school.”   She added that  “they’re teaching the Catholic faith, but they’re not approved by any bishop.”

One wonders how attacking those faithful to the Magisterium can correct the direction of our Catholic Schools.   She also noted issues with teacher wages being unjust, but she came up with no solution to the rising cost of Catholic Schools, with tuition averaging $7,000 to $30,000 a year in Washington.  Wouldn’t this be a social justice concern, attracting the affluent while discriminating against the poor?

Could the real issue with the new Academy be money?  Not only are the children getting a strong Catholic education at the Academy, but parents are saving $3,000 for one child and over $7,000 for a family with five children.

It should be noted that the Acadamy, which has added five campuses,  is not under diocesan rule.  For Ms. Weitzel-O’Neil they could have been considered competition as she was the outgoing superintendent of schools in the Archdiocese of Washington, which closed down many schools mostly serving the under-privileged inner city youth.

Weitzel-O’Neil failed to address the growing concern of many Catholics that our children are getting a good secular education, but finish school ignorant of the Catholic faith.  Would she consider that a grave scandal?

Sources:  Pope John Paul II AcademyCNS and Catholic Culture

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5 comments to Catholic School Leader Blast Archbishop Chaput and Former Homeschoolers Which Started A Catholic School

  • Ann

    Why is she even the executive director of the Center for Catholic Education if she does not value Catholic belives and traditions? She should repant or leave and go to other religions that would fit her better. She sounds more like a person that infiltrated the church in order to destroy it.

  • Mark Harris

    Discussion of the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church are effectively being excluded from the public forum and reduced to “hate speech”. A large number of poorly cathechized Catholics are more the norm since Vatican II and the result of this is a wishy-washy uncertain people who are identifying themselves as being Catholic. In reality these people are just culturally catholic but not true Catholics that follow the teachings of the Church. If the Catholic Church wants to lead, teach and guide in the world as is her mandated mission than it must be allowed to enforce the teachings of Christ in her very teaching apparatus. We Americans and Catholics as both a secular and spiritual culture have veered so far into a liberal mindset and away from traditional understanding that something this obvious has to be explained is frankly just a very obvious symptom of a very sick patient. The Founding Fathers who framed the Constitution of the United States would understand and support this rational reasoning. They in fact legislated the freedom of the people to practice their own religion. Does anyone remember this fact?

  • Frances Zickert

    Spot on! Archbishop Chaput! Thank you! for standing firm– speaking the TRUTH in LOVE — straight forward. EVERYBODY is searching for TRUTH — It never changes it is the constant we are all searching for. Jesus is TRUTH! AMEN! God bless you! I derive my strength and support from men of the cloth–shepherds, like you. THANK YOU!

  • Diane

    How would a lesbian couple practicing their homosexuality at home accept the teachings of the Church for their child in a Catholic School?
    Can homosexuality at home be ok but in school taught as a sin?
    What then is the truth and what then is the lie and how might the separation be taught without confusing and/or offending a child in the class room who goes home to face that question?
    I agree, not possible to teach a child morality if they walk home to be greeted by immorality.

  • Terri

    I’m sorry, but I agree with the Archbishop. What does it say to the other students and families with children in that school….that “active” homosexuality is ok? (notice I said “acting out” on homosexual tendencies) I’m tired of catering to people who insist on making up their own rules about the Catholic Faith. We as Catholics desperately need to get serious about our faith, and stop catering to a “Cafeteria Style” of Catholicism. Truth is truth. God doesn’t change the truth just because certain people want their own way. Allowing these homosexual people that live together to be a part of a Catholic School is in essense condoning the situation. The Catholic Church needs to draw the line.

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