Catholic Pro-Abortion Politicians Should Be Excommunicated

Bishop Vasa: They Shouldn’t Accept Communion at Mass

California Catholic Daily: When Sonoma County Pro-Life advertised its annual Rally for Life held last Sunday, it promised that its keynote speaker — Santa Rosa Bishop Robert Vasa — “is sure to challenge and inspire us all.” Bishop Vasa did not let them down.

“Any government leader, particularly those who claim to be Christian, who claim to be pro-choice, is unworthy of public office,” Bishop Vasa told the rally at Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa on Jan. 22. “Absolutely unworthy and absolutely unfit for public office.”

Politicians who support abortion are “as guilty of abortion as those who choose it themselves,” he said. And Roe v. Wade, said Bishop Vasa, was an “illicit and invalid” decision.

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Because of its pro-abortion policies, said Bishop Vasa, the U.S. is no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s a land of the imprisoned and the home of the cowards.”

The bishop’s remarks, reported the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, brought cheers from a crowd of about 100 people who gathered in the afternoon rain to hear his speech.

“Vasa suggested such leaders who publicly hold such a position shouldn’t accept communion at Mass,” reported the Press Democrat. “He also said they could be excommunicated, or banished from the church through their actions.”

“In some ways, they excommunicate themselves,” the Press Democrat quoted the bishop as saying in an interview following his speech.

“If he learned a politician expressed a position so out of line with Catholic beliefs, then he would first try to have a ‘face-to-face’ with that person and urge them to recant their remarks,” said the Press Democrat. “If they did not, then that person would be ‘on thin ice.’”

According to the Press Democrat, Bishop Vasa conceded that the Church “tends to resist” the explicit excommunication of pro-abortion Catholics, but in an apparent reference to automatic self-excommunication, the bishop was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “I, for one, if someone wants to put hot coals on their own head, I say fine.”

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20 comments to Catholic Pro-Abortion Politicians Should Be Excommunicated

  • ChrisM

    Politicians who vote to fund abortion should be denied communion. They should attend mass but not allowed to receive communion. The catholic church needs to take a strong stand on the abortion issue.

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    Registered bonded California CTEC Tax Preparer

  • It should be ALL bishops.

  • Walt

    The arrogance of these, so-called, politicians is so great they apparently think they are going to live forever. We are blessed , indeed, with the words of strength and support we read above from Bishop Vasa. We can also rest easy knowing that the wrath of God and his justice will, at the moment of death for these evil-doers, be measured out upon them. Therefore, our greatest and most important task is to be as certain as possible that we are not among these evil-doers. Regular confession, speaking out for our faith, voting for those who do not support such atrocities, etc.

  • Jocille Daniel

    In the lead article the following statements were made:
    “On the issue of excommunication for pro-abortion Catholic politicians, Msgr Suaudeau said that the issue should be dealt with in private by senior Churchmen.”

    “Bishops, he said, have to signify to politicians in private the wrong headedness of their actions. He added that the Vatican does not like excommunication or talking about it publicly and does this for the sake of the local Church.”

    I do not agree with these statements. Scandal continues if these excommunication is kept silent. We need to know the truth. The world needs to know the truth. We need to know that our Church is taking a strong position through the action of our Pope, our Bishops and our priests.

  • John C. Leach

    I thank you dear Bishop Vasa for your thoughtfulness. My understanding of Mortal sin is that it cuts you off from the head of the Body, that is Jesus Christ. Light and life leave and death and darkness enter. Those in the state of Mortal sin are now blind. Only those in the light, can help them come back to the light. Even tho they may not be formally excommunicated, they are not connected to the head. So the only prayer the Lord will hear from them is a prayer of repentance. Please pray for their repentance, as we do not want anyone lost to that pip squeak Satan.

  • Gloria

    Bishop Vasa, A Soldier Of The Cross.’Hot coals on their own head’. sorry

  • chuck walther

    A true successor of the Apostles in Truth and in Love!

  • I’m not Catholic but am catholic. How can so many people who call them selves christians condone the killing of the unborn or even the failed abortions where the baby is born alive and then they kill them. Murder is what that is usually called. Excommunicate Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sec. K. Sebaleus(sp),Vice Pres. Joe Biden, It won’t make a difference to them if they are as they lie, cheat and steal anyway what’s a little murder. I wish the people who had voted for these elected officials would actually pay some attention to what’s going on in this country and stop voting for those who support this abomination.

  • Angel Babbitt

    > It is the responsibility of the bishops to excommunicate ppl who bring scandal to the church and scandalize other good standing Catholics.

    And yet, not a single pedophile priest, nor those who aid and abet them, has been excommunicated. This is what is truly scandalizing the world, both Catholic and non-Catholic, about today’s Church. Corruption and sin, committed and protected, at the highest level.

  • Angel Babbitt

    Any leader who claims to protect the unborn child but does nothing to protect the born child, and instead becomes the aider and abettor in their molestation, and in protecting pedofiles who commit such sins and crimes, should be excommunicated, and in fact they really excommunicate themselves. They are unworthy and unfit for holy office, and they are cowards interested only in power and NOT in protecting life.

  • Rachel Valencia

    It is the responsibility of the bishops to excommunicate ppl who bring scandal to the church and scandalize other good standing Catholics.

  • Jean Schmidt

    I see these comments 7:1 in favor of Bishop Vasa. This is the day and age we live in. I know Bishop Vasa is working for the salvation of all souls and I also commend him for his boldness. We can not cowtow to those who do not agree with the Catholic Church. Christ said to go out and preach to the whole world and when you enter a town, if they do not accept you, shake the dust from your sandals and go on to the next town. He who has ears let him hear. This fight is good against evil and there is no tolerance for evil. Christ said if you love me keep my commandments. He never said to be tolerant of evil. Compassion yes, for those whose intention is to seek the truth. You can not serve two masters. If you do not acknowledge Christ before men, Christ will not acknowledge you before his Father in heaven. When you will die you will have to answer for all your actions, and your lack of action while innocent people are being murdered. So to those who think Bishop Vasa is callous, please take a good look at the graphic image of an aborted baby and then come back and tell me who is callous. Is it those people who take an ACTIVE and PEACEFUL PROTEST against abortion or is it those who will do nothing to stop the murder of innocents while traitors are filling their coffers with gold? I wish we had 1000 Bishop Vasas! Viva La Christe!

  • Kathleen Riney

    The bishop’s statement, “If someone wants to heap more hot coals on their head, I say fine….” is the most callous remark I’ve ever heard from a member of the clergy! I’m not talking about “false compassion”, that’s NO compassion, for souls standing on “the brink”. Not only that, it’s his responsibility to withhold the Eucharist from anyone he knows to have voted pro-death. Same applies to priests. That comment is flippant & thoughtless! The bishop sounds like he just doesn’t care. God help our clergy, & God help us if we don’t pray for them!!!

  • Mary

    Thank Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary for courageous priests who are not afraid to call evil by its name. We certainly all have to step up our prayer life and pray for this country and those in mortal danger of losing their souls….that God’s Mercy will touch them and they will see the TRUTH……………not relative truth. God’s Mercy is great for them. God forgive those souls in darkness and convert them with the prayers of all faithful believers.

  • I am so happy and Proud that you Priest and Bishops are speaking out the truth and not afraid. God Bless and Keep up the Great work

  • I think it’s terrible when some of the people in government stand there and say they are catholic and that they are for pro choice, I think that it is a slap in the face of the Catholic church is a horrible example to the world especially to the lukewarm catholic.
    God bless Bishop Vasa

  • tg

    I agree, Bishop Vasa. That Kathleen whatever her last name (Secretary HHS) should be the first one to have a good talk and be givne a chance to repent. Everything I see her picture, I think “Judas”.

  • Ralph E. Williams

    Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto Me, God the Father said I knew you when you wer e in your mother’s womb so lets knock off this FETUS stuff they are a human being. Forget about political parties and stand up as a Church and fight this thing.

  • Terrye Newkirk

    May God reward Bishop Vasa and all Catholic bishops and priests who have the courage to speak the truth about this outrage. The HHS mandate, and Catholic resistance to it, may finally call all American Catholics to be faithful to the Church’s teaching on life.

  • Jeremy Garton

    Amen to Bishop Vasa, Amen!
    Not only do I commend Bishop Vasa for his stance, and really it is an oblagation, I would like to see all Bishops with this boldness! We all have a responsibility to protect the unborn but I would think Bishops and all religious have an even greater responsibility. As far as polititions are concerned, they are creating a division as great as our Civil War and our lack of leadership is frieghtening to say the least! If we had a strong leader like Abraham Lincoln to remind fellow polititions of their responsibilities to be “God Fearing” leaders, subjects like killing the unborn would never leave the House or Senate Floor! May God grant peace to the unborn and if it be His will, may He judge harshly all those in favor of killing the unborn especially so called Christians.

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