Catholic Physicians Have to Wake Up! Bishop Robert Vasa

Those “Who Think the Mandate Will Not Touch
Them Are Either Naive or Foolish”

Bishop Robert Vasa

Bishop Robert Vasa

St. Paul, MN By Tim Drake (National Catholic Register) — Conscience rights’ protection and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services contraception mandate were the topics foremost on the minds of medical professionals gathered in St. Paul, Minn., for the Catholic Medical Association’s (CMA) 81st educational conference.

“These are critical times,” said Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, Calif. “Whether or not a physician is practicing in line with the teachings of the Church, they’re going to be forced to do something they may not want to do.”

“This is a clarion call for America,” added Bishop Vasa. “American Catholics, and in particular American Catholic physicians, have to wake up to the fact that they can no longer presume that their individual choices about how they practice medicine in this country will be respected.”

“Physicians are being coerced to do things that they know are wrong, such as prescribing contraceptives, abortion or prescribing a lethal dose of medication,” said Bishop Vasa. “They’re told that their individual conscience doesn’t matter, that they must do these things, and if they do not, they may lose their ability to practice medicine.”

“Those who are standing on the sidelines who think the mandate will not touch them are either naive or foolish,” added Bishop Vasa. “They may think they don’t have a dog in this fight, but it won’t stop at contraception.”

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9 comments to Catholic Physicians Have to Wake Up! Bishop Robert Vasa

  • Gloria

    Catholic Phycians Take Warning.Thank You Bishop Robert Vasa.

    God Bless.

  • richard reilly

    This is the same as they said in other countries . it is all good and it will not brother you at all because you are higher up as a doctor. but they will get to you later after they get you to go along with the program. oh by the way bishop it is nice of you to say some thing now but this has been in the coming for some time and most of the bishops have laid low because the political parties were so good to them.
    w.c fields said once there is no free lunch and even other groups have the same feeling, that if you get some thing from them, some day they may call you to do some thing for them. most bishops have said nothing for so
    long that most of the people in the pews do not know what the church teaches and have gone their own way
    of understanding the faith and that vatican ll changed everything. even priest beleive this. some day
    I would like to see and hear from each pulpit a voice of all 300+ bishops on the same page as we are all
    suppose to be part of the same church and believe the same teaching of our church. Until we do that we are not going anyhere. We are so splintered that they tear us apart. just how many groups do we have fighting abortion and how do you know which charity is rely doing the task they claim. sorry bishops you have failed your flocks and now we will see how God feels about your and our efforts. some time ago a pope called for his people to pray the rosary as there was another country coming to attack their country. they had a massive fleet and the pope had a small fleet but they got down on their knees and prayed and because they prayed this tiny fleet won the battle. well bishops let us become one tiny fleet of all bishops standing out there ready to give there lives for the the word of God so the rest of the faithful can see what you believe and that you are ready to die for it. first start with the rest of the bishops than attack the people in the pews for not living there faith. bishops have pushed all the troubles off on to the priest but some bishops did not do their job and added to the problem and to this day many have not stood up and said I was wrong but the people in the pews have had to pay almost 2 billion dollars to correct these troubles while we have retired priest and nuns needing help and medical care. we could not find the money for them and other needs of our church than, but now the bishops can afford 2 billion dollars to pay the law suits for their lack of performance in their job. Talk about giving into the enemy we are now closing schools and churches. wow now that is a good way to show courage. maybe if you would start to live your faith and teach what is needed for those in the pews to understand that our faith as give to us by Christ has not changed but has been given an up lift because of vatican ll,and than pray people will return to the word of GOD or at least know what it is to be a Chatolic. As I try to teach the children about confirmation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit I feel that our bishops have lost these gifts and should pray for these seven gifts to lead our church back to our saving Lord. It is all about the other guy bishop as we lool at the title of this article “physicians have to wake up” is that not “the pot calling the kettle a (dark color)” it is so easy to see the sliver in our brothers eye but do not see the plank in our eye. we do not promote the bible and the awesome book of the catechism, I wonder why.
    please send me a copy of this e-mail so I know that it has been received.

  • Savio Sequeira

    Dear All,

    Let us all pray and pray incessantly with faith, to the Good LORD to defeat the evil which the devil through his agents is foisting upon us through “Obamacare’

    Please read “Psalm 91” very carefully and you will all realise that all that we have to endure and are at present enduring is of our own making (Failure to stand up for the TRUTH).

    Please remember, our GOD is a loving GOD and HE does not punish us (as long as we are alive) for all the wrong that we have done and continue to do. However, no one can escape Divine Justice, but Justice is always done in GOD’S OWN way & time. We see it happen right before our own eyes, but at most times we fail to make a connect with our wrong actions and the problem we had to endure consequently. That is the major problem with humankind.

    Instead GOD is ever ready to forgive and forget(once we acknowledge our fault, are sincerely sorry for the wrong we have done, confess our sins and promise not to repeat it again). HE wipes our slate clean.

    It is because of the Mercy, the Benevolence and Love of GOD for humankind that HE reaches out to us whenever we cry out to HIM for help with a sincere and contrite heart.

    Unfortunately, we interpret GOD’s silence incorrectly. Remember, GOD is very slow to anger and very quick to forgive a repentant sinner.

    HE will only punish us after Judging us. As long as we are alive (thanks to HIS infinite love for us, because HE knows that if HE calls most of us to stand before HIM for Judgement at any given time, we will all go straight to Hell and this is not what HE came into this world for), it is an opportunity GOD gives us to realise our mistakes, be truly and sincerely sorry and mend our ways.

    GOD however allows / permits things to happen in our life to bring us to the realisation that our action, our thought or word, is incorrect.

    My dear brothers and sisters, please remember this

    “Everything that happens to us in our life, is a consequence of our actions”. If we do good we reap the rewards and if we do wrong we suffer the consequences of our actions.

    It is all in our hands. Most of the times we do not even need to go to a doctor, if only we live according to GOD’S Will. (Please refer to Psalm 91 and ponder)

    GOD Bless

  • Ida

    Thank you Bishop Vasa for speaking truth! I pray that more of your brother bishops & priest will stand strong against all that is wrong in our world! Godspeed!

  • MaryRNretired


  • This is so true – is the Church recommending or classifying Catholic Medical Schools whose teachings are in line with the teachings of the Church?

    As a Catholic parent of at least one child who os inclined towards science and medicine, I do not know which college to send her to. All three of mine are Seton Catholic Home Study School students.

    Any advise from Bishop Vasa or elsewhere?

  • Physicians are already not living by Church Laws. We did not want this. We wanted them to listen. We did want them to listen. Bishops must speak up and priests must. No more tax exemption silence. Love and Mercy in the Divine Providence of God. Like the Saints of old. Our Holy Helpers.

  • The Bishop is so right, there are so many terrible things in obamacare that the people don’t know. I wish the newspapers would publish some of it, but I know that will never happen. Maybe our priests could talk from the pulpit.

  • another issue is organ donation. cardiac death means if the organs are desired, a patient’s heart can be stopped for 5 minutes & then organs are “harvested.” doctors admit brain & cardiac death are fallacies; patients aren’t dead because once dead, organs deteriorate too quickly to be used. they say all that is required is informed consent but who would consent to have the heart removed from their living child, parent, sibling, friend or even from a stranger?

    doctors take altered forms of the Hippocratic oath & 1st do no harm is meaningless today. there is a lawsuit in NYC (borough of Staten Island) regarding this very issue but doctors have known about it all along. at a 2008 (I believe) bioethics conference at the Vatican, the organizers of the conference left this very issue off the agenda. Judie Brown of the American Life League raised the concern & the Holy Father remarks addressed the issue. doctors simply have been taught to say nothing. a few of them publish letters in medical journals telling their colleagues that they ought to acknowledge that patients aren’t dead & use sedation so there is no pain. if the patient needs sedation, he is not dead. several people have wakened just as their organs were about to be removed.

    we must fast, pray & sacrifice. we must also work to combat the culture of death all over the world. the easiest part will be catechizing people to refuse donating organs. the hard part will be to catechize a world that fears death & is willing to kill others to extend the life of one they love – if only they knew they’d meet their loved ones in heaven. and we must catechize doctors who are willing to kill one human being for organs to be used in another human being w/o ever considering that to do so is not medicine but murder. may God have mercy on us.

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