Can a Catholic Not Know Jesus?

My Dear People,

Many Christians are confused about the difference between religion and faith. The term religion is a reference to the organized aspect of the denomination. One might belong to a congregation, and fulfill all of their requirements, but Jesus could be totally absent from the picture. This is why Our Lord was so frustrated with the Pharisees. They were very religious. They knew Jewish Law, but God was absent from the picture. So it is possible to be Catholic in name and practice, but not to know who Jesus is.

That is where “faith” enters in. You have faith in a person, not a religion. It is possible to be a Catholic your whole life, and not grow in your faith in Jesus Christ.It is why in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus calls us to be the salt of the Earth, a light to the world. We must be ready to share the person of Jesus Christ with one another. He is our Light… That is the recipe for growth in our faith!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we always be ready to share our Faith fearlessly, so that others may come to know Jesus Christ.

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2 comments to Can a Catholic Not Know Jesus?

  • Sally O`Mara

    I found Jesus as a young child in a religious summer camp. I learned “The Lord is my Shepard” and it has become a prayer of love and devotion through out my life. I believe the world would be a better place if we all would continue to ask, “What would Jesus do?” We can try to live by the labels we choose, but it is love we have in the depth of our hearts that defines us. Love to you all …especially those of you still searching.

  • Sally O`Mara

    As a convert, I took instructions five time before I became Catholic. I questioned everything. One thought kept playing in my mind, ” A family that prays together, stays together.” This was very important to me. With four children whom I had pledged to raise Catholic, and another on the way, I still questioned. Through-out most of my life, my best friends were Catholic. I saw many flaws as well as the good and beauty. Now with my husband a cradle Catholic and our four children Catholic, I was becoming somewhat desperate to make that big step. I still wanted proof of everything. Even proof of God. Some time before the birth of my fifth child, I had spoken with a priest while on retreat. He listened to my desire and frustration in my quest to become Catholic. He kindly told me, KNOWLEDGE IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU MUST PRAY FOR FAITH! FAITH IS A GIFT FROM GOD! So, I prayed! I especially prayed while in labor for my fifth child. (I always prayed for help during labor) This time I said to God, ” If you want me to become a Catholic, Please let me know before my baby is born!” I heard one word, “YES” It seemed that it came from within and all around me. With the word came elation. But then, I always feel that elation AFTER I have my babies. Then I heard the doctor say, “One more push”. and a second elation after our little boy was born. I wasted no time. I called the priest from the hospital.
    Do I still question? Sometimes..But within my heart, I know this is what is right for our family. And I thank my husband for his part in not pushing me. If you can take anything from my story, Please let it be to pray for FAITH and WISDOM.

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