Stop Contracepting! Be Faithful! Be Catholic!

Monsignor Don Fitzpatrick First Words
of Advice to the Lay Faithful



Msgr. Don Fitzpatrick

Msgr. Don Fitzpatrick - "Be Catholic"

This is an astounding interview with Monsignor Fitzpatrick.  Be sure to watch this video.  It’s a two minute gold mine.   Seriously his first words are “stop contracepting.”  The amazing thing was the question was not geared to couples, but to the lay faithful.  God bless Priests with good courage.


Here are some of his “golden nuggets” . . .

  • To Not Be Contracepting Is Really A Huge Thing
  • Practice the Faith, Whole-Heartedly
  • Expect Your Children To Practice The Faith Whole-Heartedly
  • Don’t Be Relative
  • Know Your Faith
  • Watch EWTN
  • Be Catholic!

Email Subscriber Note: To watch the video, click on the headline, which will safely take you the Courageous Priest website.  It’s well worth the time.

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