Is Your “Selfie” Facebook PIC Selling You Short?

Fr. Scott Brossart: Please Stop the “Sexy” Facebook Pics

Discover why YOU are worth so much more . . .

“I am seeing more and more personal profiles on Facebook where the persons are trying to objectify themselves in a “sexy” way in order to attract men or women because they are seeking affection or a relationship with persons of the opposite sex. Please do not do this to yourself. You are worth so much more than someone looking at you as an object of pleasure or enticing to the eye. Rather than doing this, challenge persons of the opposite sex to come to know the real you first and then they will desire you as a person… not your body. You are a complete package and all of you, body, soul, and spirit, are worth the precious Blood of Christ! ”
~Fr. Scott Brossart, SOLT


Are you brave enough to post something like this on your Facebook timeline?


Did you see the new “thank you” we added for people supporting the Courageous Priest family apostolate, by purchasing the 2014 Madonna Calendar?

  • Your family will be included in the 900 Masses beginning on Christmas Eve offered by the Seraphic Mass Association.

If you were on the fence, thinking “you know that is a really nice calendar honoring Our Mother,” but just have not done so.
Then I can’t encourage you enough to go ahead a please buy it.  It ends this Saturday.


Saturday Ends Our Madonna Calendar Offer

Saturday Ends Our Madonna Calendar Offer…


Here is what people are saying . . .

“I absolutely love the calendar – the Pictures are just beautiful!
Glad I bought it ! Thanx” – Patti W.

“Dear John and Regan, the calendar arrived today and it is everything said and more. Thank you” – Walter B. from Florida

“Can’t wait for my 2 calendars! I am so excited.” – Brian K. Australia

“The beautiful calendar arrived yesterday. It is everything you promised and then some. Some 22 years ago
I discovered William Bourguereau and his gently beautiful paintings. Softness which comes from love of
The Lord and of Our Blessed Mother is in all of his works. I am delighted that you have made a whole collection
of his paintings available in the 2014 calendar. What a lovely way to start each new day…and a new month.” June S. from Idaho

“Your beautiful calendars arrived today. The pictures, as you said, are good enough to frame.” – Denise O. from Missouri

Please, know that orders placed after the Saturday are not guaranteed to get the calendar.  We are only going to order a handful of extras.


Please go here and buy the calendar. 

If not for yourself, then at least for a friend.

Thanks and God bless,

John Quinn & Jeff Gares
Courageous Priest co-founders