7 Catholic Questions You Have Been Wondering About: Answered by Cardinal Burke

What does Cardinal Raymond Burke think about our Pope?

The answer might surprise you and is one many want to know.

In an interview with EWTN’s World Over program, Cardinal Raymond Burke said, “The whole question, the idea that, yes, you can have freedom of religion but it’s reduced now to freedom of worship, you can do whatever you want in the four walls of your church but, beyond that, what you believe in the depth of your heart is of no importance to the government of the United States of America—which, by the way, is an absolute contradiction of the founding principles of this nation.”

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The 7 Catholic Questions Answered by Cardinal Burke

  • Should Catholic politicians receive Holy Communion?
  • What is your take on  “the Francis effect” from your vantage point?  (17 minute mark)
  • Is the Pope Francis new exhortation “the Joy of the Gospel” the in line with the Papal Magesterium?
  • What do you think is Pope Francis’ take on the Traditional Mass in light of Summorum Pontificum?
  • Does the Obama administration’s think the Vatican is worthy of having a stand-alone embassy?
  • The ACLU legal case against Catholic Hosipitals teaching on abortion. (30 minute mark)
  • What is Mother Angelica’s contribution to the Universal Church?  Is EWTN faithful to the Church?


Cardinal Raymond Burke recently published a book called, Divine Love Made Flesh: The Holy Eucharist as the Sacrament of Charity

St. Stephen, pray for us.

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