Cardinal George Pell – Politicians Who Claim a Catholic Identity

Sydney, Australia,  (CNA)- As the country faces intense legislative debate this upcoming year over same-sex “marriage” and euthanasia, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney blasted politicians who claim a Catholic identity, yet consistently defy Church teachings on major issues.

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney

In a Jan. 4 interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, Cardinal Pell gave a sharp rebuke to Australian members of parliament who “fly under the Christian or Captain Catholic flag” but “blithely disregard Christian perspectives” in their actions.

“If a person says, ‘Look, I’m not a Christian, I’ve a different set of perspectives,’ I disagree but I understand,” he said. “If a person says to me, ‘Look, I’m nominally a Christian but it sits lightly with me,’ I understand that.”

“But it’s incongruous for somebody to be a Captain Catholic one minute, saying they’re as good a Catholic as the Pope, then regularly voting against the established Christian traditions.”

Cardinal Pell called out politicians who endorse secular stances on issues while insisting that they’re Catholics, saying, “if you’re espousing something that’s not a Christian position, don’t claim Christian backing for that.

The Catholic Church “doesn’t teach the primacy of conscience,” he said, explaining that a person’s conscience doesn’t trump Church teaching. “You know if somebody said apartheid was all right, nobody would say, ‘Yes you can say that because of the primacy of conscience.’”

“To the extent that on a significant number of issues you depart from Christian teachings you know it’s incongruous to be billing yourself as a champion of Christian rights,” he said.

“I’m not telling people how to vote,” he underscored during the interview. “I’m telling people how I think they should vote. I’m an Australian citizen and I have as much right to do that as any other citizen.”

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9 comments to Cardinal George Pell – Politicians Who Claim a Catholic Identity

  • Bernadette from Melbourne.

    Cathie, I totally agree with your lamenting the state of Catholic Education, I have 4 children and find the ‘Catholic’ school system totally and dangerously inadequate. Having said that, I have known both Fr John Flader and Fr Joe Martins personally, and can say without any hesitation that they have been EXCELLENT spiritual advisors/confessors. I cannot begin to tell you! And I am not an Opus Dei member, although have frequented Opus Dei recollections years ago (and by the way found them nothing but edifying and encouraging in living a truly holy life with no ‘cult-like’ strings attached – nor any strings attached for that matter!).
    As for Cardinal Pell, if you are dissatisfied with his conduct, perhaps it is better to simply pray for him. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a Cardinal, especially in Australia. I would also be wary of assuming you know where ‘all the money goes’ because unless you are treasurer/accountant of the Archdiocese one simply cannot know. Pax.

  • Catherine

    Hello Cathie, did you approach Tangara or Redfield and tell them you situation, and that Cardinal Pell had recommended them to you? I know they don’t turn people away, just because they can’t afford the fees. Dear St. Michael please look after Cathie

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  • […] Cardinal George Pell – Politicians Who Claim a Catholic Identity […]

  • Hi Cathie,
    Nothing wrong with Opus Dei, although I am not an Opus Dei, I am Catholic but I honour the Opus Dei dedication to the Catholic faith and their loyalty to the church teaching. Thank God we have the Cardinal there to protect the church and the flock, he is a brave man of God. If I were you I take this precious moment to get his blessing, his blessings is more important to any other question. Be blessed today.

  • Melissa

    I’m sorry Cathie, I’m not following your rant here…

  • Cathie

    Cardinal Pell is a disgrace and hypocrite and I will tell you why. I had a private conversation with him at a barbeque in January 2009. I respectfully asked if he could recommend a proper practising catholic school in the area that I could send my children to. He put his hands on his hips, grimaced, raised his right hand and signalled two fingers Quote, “Redfield or Tangara. Both of which are both Opus Dei schools, both of which are near Dural and very, very expensive in school fees. What on earth has he and Dr Michael Casey been doing with the education system since 2001 when he was made Cardinal. Obviously zilch!. Even when I told him I rented and only had one income, he shrugged his shoulders and left. So how CATHOLIC is that from our Cardinal? I was thinking about all those teachers and the parents who teach not at Tangara or Redfield and I thought how furious they would be to hear this. Well, I have kept my silence long enough. In 2001 Cardinal Pell invited the cult Opus Dei into this country much to the horror of a lot of other Catholic priests. It was Fr. Joe Martins from America who was sent here to set up the sect at Warrane in Sydney’s university. All I have seen since is Cardinal Pell give all the top jobs to Opus Dei priests such as John Flader as he wishes to be addressed on his own facebook site, all the catholic departments have ex Redfield boys or ex Tangara girls working in them.So PLEASE do not say good onya Cardinal Pell you say it as it is…the truth is you do not.You just keep taking all that money and giving it to Opus Dei to help their “work” and apostolate calling as they like to say in their circle. At this point I would really like any and all who want to know the truth about the strange Catholicism espoused from the top be questioned and investigated.Where are our Catholic politicians now?


    Big round of applause for his Eminence George the Cardinal Pell for calling it as it is! So many genuine Catholics that live the faith are so very tired of fickle politicians that want it both ways eg how can a Catholic politician be pro choice and anti abortion that is so oxymoronic, an inane contradiction of the highest order! The Cardinal should not have to tell people how to vote if they are good catholics they should already know that! So the Catholic Church doesnot want pro abortion, pro gay marraige, pro euthanasia, pro same sex adoption politicians, telling the world they are such loyal Catholics and then these same politicians defiantly vote against all the fundamental teachings of the Church!These teachings seek to protect human life from womb to the tomb and also to protect the traditional family unit!

    So if you are a true genuine Catholic MP then you vote in accord with the Catholic Churchs teachings! Its one way or the other and if you dont like that well then dont call your self catholic. The Cardinal has done all the self serving politicians that use the Church whenever it suits them such a favor because yet again his Eminence has clarified the Church’s position on how these politicians should vote! Hence smart politicians should accept what he the Cardinal says rather than reacting against him ! Good Catholic politicians should always vote and work with the Church on both key life and family issues and never ever be against them because these politicians undermine the Church’s good works by voting against the Church on key issues!

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