Cardinal Dolan Interview with Bill O’Reilly


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13 comments to Cardinal Dolan Interview with Bill O’Reilly

  • John Sweeney

    I applaud what the current Pope and Cardinal Dolan say about not judging. It is late but it’s here finally. I fully understand why they cannot support many activities which are contrary to the church’s teachings. However, the oft repeated statement by many church leaders, that persons from other organizations have also molested children, so why are we, seemingly the sole organization being attacke, is very childlike. How man parents admonish children who do something wrong and reply to parents that joint down the street does it. The church blew it and there are stll cases pending.

  • loretto fox

    Bill O’Reilly believes that Jesus did not appoint St Peter as head of his church stating christianity is a philosophy like Budda etc Cardinal Dolan has a duty to reply to devout Catholics like myself who are confused Jesus was nailed to the cross for our sins and was the son of God not a philosophy but a church founded on St Peter; I pray Cardinal Dolan will clear this matter up. Thank you.
    Loretto Fox
    Brisbane Australia

  • Michael Fermanich

    “anything without Charity yields no fruit” does that mean you control just your side of the debate? You would not post from a Catholic who has been educated via grammar school and high school not counting a University Education(Western Michigan University aka Kalamazoo Promise home) I should control my passions? I am a volunteer via a Hospice and do vigil visits with more than a few of our Lord’s human beings. I am being charitable with my concern for how woman are being treated in these United States. You have not given myself any reason to be part of a church that does not allow mutual communications in all fairness. I will as of today seek a new church where my heart and love of God is not neglected via politics. I will send a letter to the Pope explaining my distrust in a church that plays politics ahead of scripture??????????????


    Hello Michael,

    It saddens me to hear that your heart has separated with the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Your choice to leave has a greater impact than anyone can ever imagine. I am sorry, I have failed you. I also ask for forgiveness when the members of the Church has so greatly sinned against you. I humbly beseech you to accept my plea for forgiveness. Unforgiveness is Satan’s tool and wounds us all so deeply. Please, pray for me and all of our Priest that we may give women the same dignity that Jesus gave to Our Mother, Mary.

    Placing you in the care of Our Mother Mary,
    John Quinn

    PS – Please know that we will be praying for you.

  • Michael Fermanich

    Hello Mr. Fermanich,

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments. Passion is a great sword and the good Lord has given you a very passionate heart. I know how hard it is to control our passions, but as scripture says anything without charity yields no fruit. Please, in the future, remember to be more charitable with your comments.

    May God bless you and Happy Easter,
    John Quinn

  • Bill

    I had a rather lengthy response to your response but unintentionally close out the page. I was probably too long anyway. Let’s just say that a substantial number of rank-and-file Catholics simply don’t take their Bishops very seriously and when they (The Bishops) take a position they don’t agree with it simply erodes what little authority they have left. I happened to live in the Chicago area during the tenure of Cardinal Benadin and Cardinal Dolan isn’t in his league. Finally, barring something unforeseen, I predict that Catholic voting patterns in the 2012 election will be essentially the same as 2008.

  • Mark

    You CAN’T vote democrat and profess you’re a CATHOLIC.

  • TG

    Agree with the comments but unfortunately, the people that need to know these things never go a website like this. They’re just in their own little world and don’t think about these things.

  • Tc

    The priests and the bishops need to educate the catholics about these issues. Many catholics that I speak to do not understand the gravity of what is being done by the Obama administration with this mandate. Catholics should be encouraged to vote for pro-life candidates. The pro-choic politicians have an agenda that is totally against what we believe as christians. Now they have decided to take this a step further. Can you imagine what will happen to us if Obama has a second term. Please preach this at the gospels. We need to awaken the people and let thm know that they really are losing their religious freedom if they continue to ignore what is in front of them. Don’s vote for Obama or anyone that has is philosophy for that matter.

  • Lisa Wislon

    Don’t listen to the whispers of Satan brothers and sisters. We are all sinners, and Jesus died for our sins so that we can be made free. The Cardinal is right. This is about religious freedom, not the attempt to divide us about contraceptions.

  • Lisa Ann Dicks

    The problem is people are ignorant and we have the priest in the pulpit who don’t produce good sermons anymore. This is a product of lukewarm catholics being led astray and so naive and stupid that they think they will believe Mitt Romney. Catholics listen to me here, FREEMASONS are the ROOT PROBLEM of the whole world, and catholics are deceived by them all. Case in point the pseudo catholics that will lead millions of catholics astray like Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan all both supposedly catholic but backing Romney.. Why? Because of the inner workings behind the scenes that Freemasons and New World Order croonies do to the innocent very naive Americans. You aren’t anything to them. You are just pawns to the bigger picture. I dare say NOT ONE PRIEST has mentioned Mormonisms, Freemasonry and Islam on the pulpit to you? So here educate yourself: then maybe you can see that Obama and Romney are two sides of the same coin, as George Soros said they were. Please wake up you naive catholics, you can’t trust anyone but RICK SANTORUM. He has your best interests at heart and not anyone else.

  • Katherine Wells Anderson

    The Catholic church has no business whatsoever supporting ANY candidate who is not Pro-life. Neither do Evangelicals. Anyone who voted for Obama is getting what they deserve and those of us who didn’t are suffering with you. Please, wake up, stop supporting candidates with complete disregard for God and Justice.

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