Cardinal Dolan on CBS

When Did The Government Get In the Business of Defining the Extent of Our Ministry?

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5 comments to Cardinal Dolan on CBS

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  • The Church has been through far more momentous ups and downs in its history than the HHS Mandate and has held its own for 2,000 years. Sooner or later it will prevail again. The sooner the better.

    This is the truth, because Catholicism is the truth. If the Catholic church were to go down, our civilization would follow it down. Let Religious Freedom ring.

    The naive secular humanists in our universities and media, etc., have a lot to learn about life.

  • Joel Fago

    The more we hear from our Catholic leaders that we cannot and will not obey the HHS Mandate, the more likely that it will not be enforced.

  • Barbara Seus

    Cardinal Dolan for President!
    No one can ever argue with true faith, intelligence, goodness,kindness and a humble heart. Cardinal Dolan is an excellent representative of our church and of what our country should stand for.
    Thank you Cardinal Dolan for standing up for us all. May God continue to guide you and Our Lady continue to light your path.
    Very Gratefully,
    The Seus Family

  • Bill Sr.

    I could be crazy but maybe all the church needs to do is simple tell the president and the world that its employees are involved in a labor of love and they all belong to the LABOR union called SPIRIT and as such wants nothing more than a blanket exemption like his employees at GM and others received.

    S P I R I T ..service personnel international for religious inspirational transfer.

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