Cardinal Daniel DiNardo: We Are Walking Through Ninevah!

“Don’t Be Compromised In The Dedication To The Protection Of Human Life!”

By:  Michelle Bauman-CNA/EWTN news

Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston told over a thousand young people at a prayer vigil in D.C. that the pro-life movement depends on their loving witness in the face of a hostile culture.

“You are a good infection,” the cardinal told the youth gathered at the opening Mass for the National Prayer Vigil for Life. “Do not underestimate your presence.”

More than 10,000 people gathered on the evening of Jan. 22 for Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, including many young people from across the country.

The date marked the 39th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America.

Cardinal DiNardo, who serves as chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, was the principal celebrant and homilist at the opening Mass, which was followed by confessions, a rosary, Night Prayer and holy hours throughout the night.

The Catholic University of America hosted almost 1,300 pilgrims overnight.

The vigil concluded on the morning of Jan. 23 with Morning Prayer and a closing Mass, at which Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan of New York was the principal celebrant and homilist.

Participants were then able to attend the March for Life in downtown D.C., along Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court building.

In his homily, Cardinal DiNardo spoke about the call of Jonah. Although he first ran away, Jonah eventually realized “that the call of the Lord is serious.” When he finally responded to that call, his preaching converted the people of Ninevah.

“We are walking through Ninevah,” the cardinal said, emphasizing the need for “personal conversion.”

With millions of lives destroyed by abortion in the last 39 years, he noted the need for ministries of conversion, as well as compassion and mercy.

Through the work of such ministries, he said, “we witness the miracle of Christ’s mercy and healing grace” as broken hearts are “made whole” and “filled with new peace and hope.”

The cardinal also expressed grave concerns that the pro-life movement is threatened by recent attacks on religious freedom in America.

On Jan. 20, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized a rule that will require virtually all health insurance plans to include sterilization and contraception – including drugs that cause abortion – free of charge.

Cardinal DiNardo explained that this mandate violates the religious liberty and rights of conscience of Catholics and other religious employers by forcing citizens “to directly purchase what violates our beliefs.”

He called for “timely and unwavering actions” to defend religious freedom.

At the same time, the cardinal expressed hope for the future, observing signs of good news, such as the “record numbers” of pro-life laws passed on the state level in recent years.

In many ways, the youth are “weaving Christ into our culture,” he said, urging them to show the loving face of Christ to those who are hostile.

“Don’t be compromised in your dedication to the protection of life.”

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5 comments to Cardinal Daniel DiNardo: We Are Walking Through Ninevah!

  • Cardinal DiNardo,
    I recently had the privilege of hearing your keynote address at the Eucharistic Congress in the Diocesse of St. Augustine. One could not have left having heard your message without the realization that Jesus is a living Christ within each, having received the Precious Body and Blood. I/we are prayerful that you will continue to strongly articulate that, as a nation of law, we in this once great nation have allowed those who subscribe to the immorality of genocide to pervert the laws of the land to their radical, Godless agenda. Yes, we are Ninavites and the message is ringing loudly. “Be not afraid, I go before you always.” May God bless you abundantly in meeting yoour needs, always, and in all ways.

  • Barbara Kaminski

    To Cardinal DiNardo and all Bishops and Priests:
    I love the Catholic Church but with humongous scandals they lit up our Church for years, now this problem with abortion. Please why do you wait until the 12th hour, before you notice. Today in any parish you can get conflicting answers from one priest, bishop, on and on. What are the poor people to think. I will say this if it was not for EWTN, I would be in a lot of trouble find the true Catholic Faith presented. Bless you Cardinal DiNardo but you know how bad things are from one church to another and you still do nothing. Why are you there? Sometimes I believe you don’t know what to do are you would have already done something.

  • Kris

    I truly appreciate the good Cardinal’s words. He is so right, the youth in the crowds need to be praised and urged on in this fight that we have been going at for years. They should have taken the bait of the culture of death and they didn’t. In fact, so many young are rejecting what their poor mothers and grandmothers swallowed so many years ago. We must pray for their success. And let us not forget the not so young who fought the good fight for 40 plus years, paving the way for this younger crowd of people to take up the banner.

  • David Rusch

    “Don’t be compromised in your dedication to the protection of life.”
    Well haven’t we all compromised already? I’m sorry but this is a time when I am in one of these moods that says, ‘Why the hell do we let it continue?” You know that we do let it continue. All the platitudes and articles and emails have not changed the fact that over 3,000 babies die each day. Are any of you tired of this? If the Catholic leaders decided to really stop the killing we could do it tomorrow. Does anyone doubt this? It would take great sacrifice but it would stop. If the killing centers were doing the same thing to 2 -3 year old infants or to the elderly (my mom is 95 today) or were selling slaves, would we change course? would we do anything different? I think so, or maybe not. What do you think? I pray we would act to stop the killing now.

  • Cardinal DiNardo,
    Please give the Catholic Church and the prolifers a battle plan, a response to president obama
    and his pro-abortion cabinet in Washington. We need a letter, email, and phone response to
    obama’s commitment to the “fundamental constitutional right” to abortion–his response to the
    March for Life.
    We cannot continue to take this religious persecution, and we would all appreciate your
    leadership in standing up for the dignity of the family and LIFE.
    thank you,

    Matt and Georgene Ulrich, Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants.
    (206) 546-3923

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