Cardinal Burke’s Candid Interview On The Society of St. Pius X


  • Cardinal Burke Reveals the Struggle the Society Will Have
  • Praises the Efforts of Pope Benedict XVI
  • Expressing Hope For the Reunification


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Please say a quick prayer right now for the reunification. Thanks and God bless!

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13 comments to Cardinal Burke’s Candid Interview On The Society of St. Pius X

  • Gerry Kuts

    Why was the interview with Cardinal Burke concerning SSPX removed from your site? I was interested in what he has to say. Is a scripted version available.?

    Thank you and my deepest appreciation for all the work you do in educating the laity.


  • Kathleen Riney

    ‘re:Bill: “Contaminate the Church”?!?!?! Have any of you Read the Vat.II Documents????!! Yeah, thought so! They’re Ambiguous at best! Though might get some time off in Purgatory for reading them. Then, read your own copy of the new Code of Cannon Law. You’re going to need it. Plus X Mass is Simply the Tridentine Mass….that’s not in question. It’s some of the extreme & Rigid Teachings that wormed their way into the Society after Bishop Le Favre died that are problematic. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the midst of a Schism Right Now! My local Parish refuses to Celebrate Mercy Sunday. The 1st Sun. after Easter in the Liturgical Calender. It’s not even mentioned! However, the Laity Run the Parish, as they do in Many Parishes. How would you like to go to a Mass on the Feast of OLG,in a Cathedral, & be ‘treated’ to “Indian” Men in Loincloths, whirling while beating hand drums, dancing around the aisles & Altar! Women in robes tossing kernels of Corn, processing after them, all wearing Feathers with pagan symbolic meanings. Sound good to you?!? A Bishop who belonged to Opus Dei stopped that sort of Blasphemy! Needless to say, he was soon replaced…By a good holy Bishop I might add. But the priests are so used to the Chaos of the past 40 years, a lot of them are as confused as the Laity.(The Opus Dei Bishop was really transferred to Clean Up another problematic Diocese….Did an Awesome job there too). In closing, I strongly suggest you get a supply of Comfort Food, & watch an annual meeting of the USCCB! EWTN telecasts all of them. Maybe some time off from Purgatory there too,if you offer it up! Try to find Anything different in that Conference, than you would see or hear in Any CEO Conference, about whatever Products. I LOVE MY RC CHURCH!! But I’m 72 & the past 45 yrs my sister & I fought to “Pass On” the True Faith to our children. It was a War! A War we lost if looked at by Worldly standards. But,we know/knew, that the Battle is not over. She’s with Jesus & Mary now….Because We Never lost or doubted our Faith! Our biggest Fault, we didn’t Pray, Fast, or Sacrifice enough for our Priests…Most of the Laity shares that Fault…So now, whenever I meet a Priest for the 1st time, I Apologize to him, & Promise to do better.Almost every Priest from 50 & up, had Tears in their eyes & Thanked me profusely…I have no words to describe the incentive that is to more prayer….We are ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, & APOSTOLIC…..and some will Still be….when Christ comes again….We have His Word!

  • IF GOD wills it,we will be reuined, if he doesn’t, we WON’T!

  • IF GOD wills it, we will be REUNITED. IF NOT we WON’T!

  • Rachel


  • Mike Boyle

    @ Carlos: Consecrating bishops not approved by the Pope is “non-essential”?

    I’m not up on all the details; but as is often the case with disagreement, sometimes the one party crosses the line to rebellion. There are some things within Novus Ordo with which I have doubts. That said, I am not willing to take my doubts to protestant-ism.

  • Carlos Díaz-Luján

    Shouldn’t Vatican II be Used as a Bridge, Not as a Wedge?

    Why do those who accept as relevant Vatican II’s non-dogmatic, “pastoral” suggestions and who are committed to implementing the concepts and trends introduced at the Council, violate both Vatican II’s letter and spirit by using the Council as a wedge to create division, discord and scandal within the Church, instead of as a bridge to understand, harmonize, and respect fellow Catholics that do not fully agree with them?

    It should be evident that it is completely contrary to the letter and the spirit of Vatican II to unjustly demand that Catholics who disagree with the Council’s non-dogmatic concepts and pastoral suggestions violate their informed conscience to get them to agree.

    Did not the Council unequivocally condemn bullying, coercion, force or intimidation? How is it that Council partisans occupying the Church’s highest offices are constantly observed bullying, and trying to coerce, force, or intimidate into submission otherwise faithful Catholics who, as a matter of conscience, disagree with them when it comes to the Council’s pastoral and non-dogmatic suggestions?

    To restore unity in the Church, shouldn’t Vatican II partisans currently occupying the Church’s highest offices honor the wise axiom of the great St. Augustine that should always guide us as Christians: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, freedom; in all things, charity”?

    In fidelity to the mind of the Church and to Vatican II itself, shouldn’t Vatican II partisans unequivocally oppose bullying, coercion, psychological pressure or intimidation against those who disagree with the Council’s non-dogmatic suggestions? Should not Catholics unequivocally oppose use of the Council as a wedge to divide, disunite or sow discord among Catholics faithful to the Magisterium?

    Can we all agree that this fabricated “crisis” within the Church not only injures the Body of Christ, but is a source of scandal to the World that those currently occupying the highest offices in the Church must work to end, if their commitment to Vatican II is truly genuine and sincere?

  • Bill

    If they are readmitted, I hope they remain a separate entity like Opus Dei and don’t contaminate the already broken Church.

  • father joe colletti

    I can only “ditto” the remarks and sentiments of His Eminence, Cardinal Burke. This will be a great leap forward all for the good of Mother Church under the leadership of Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. He is truly a great reconciler, and I pray soon the SSPX will slide right into the arms of Mother Church, into the arms of Pope Benedict. We all await this momentous event anxiously with great joy and thanksgiving to God and to the collaborators and deliberators involved. We pray the Holy Spirit will rush upon this event with His Blazing Flame and set their hearts and our hearts ON FIRE.

    fr. joe

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I like Cardinal Burke. He’s a good man. We need more like him.
    Br. Christopher Sale B.P.P.

  • eileen romano

    This should be shared all over – priests and religious united as one body in allegiance to the Holy Father and
    the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church. And these religious get together to pray for all other religious in
    the Holy Catholic Church.

  • Mary Grace Hansen

    I hope that Bishop Fellay will put God first, they belong in this Church of Christ Jesus, they are good and can help many more of God’s people in the Church than outside of the Church.

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