A Candid Letter from a Persecuted Priest

Many Faithful Suffer Because of the Lack of Good, Spiritual Leadership from Their Priests

The following letter is from a Priest who made a recent comment on Catholic Spiritual Motherhood.  Catherine Beier, asked me to post it on Courageous Priest.

Please read and say a prayer for him as we celebrate the Octave of Easter.
All emphasis mine.

I came across this site providentially today, one year from the date on which the article was originally published online. (Here is the article he is referring to.)  As a priest who is still in his first year of priestly ordination, I would like to say THANK YOU for this excellent website on Catholic Spiritual Motherhood.

What you say about priests needing the help of faithful laity is completely true. I rely on the prayers of so many faithful laypersons in order to fulfill as faithfully as I can the responsibilities that Our Lord has placed in my hands as one of His priests.

Unfortunately, I do not get a lot of support from my fellow clergy, as the priesthood that I want to live out is a radical one in which I give myself completely, without reserve, to Our Lord through Our Lady.

Many priests prefer, sadly, the path of least resistance, and a life of comfort. This is why there are so few priests who have the courage to proclaim from the pulpit those Truths of Priest, Holy Priest, Catholic Priest the Catholic Faith that are difficult to say. And yet, is this not our God-given mission? Are we not called to be somewhat like the prophets of old, who had to speak God’s Holy Word even when it meant suffering persecution and being disliked (even hated) by those who do not want to listen?

Please pray, and continue to pray very fervently to Our Blessed Mother, Mary, that she may obtain for Her Son’s Church holy priests, according to the Heart of Jesus.

One holy priest can do so much more for the Kingdom of God than a multitude of lukewarm priests.

I thank you once again for your beautiful website, and for your wonderful apostolate of spiritual motherhood for priests. As you pray for us, we in turn can do what God is calling us to do for you: bring you Jesus Christ, and nothing less. We were ordained to bring Christ to you, but we can only do it by remaining faithful to our call — and this requires a great deal of prayer and sacrifice.

Thank you for all that you do for us priests, and know that your reward will be great in Heaven!

With all my prayers and fraternal, priestly blessing.

-A Canadian Catholic Priest


Here is further correspondence between Catherine and the Canadian Priest.

One day, the day will come when faithful Catholics (bishops, priests and laity) will no longer have to worry about “offending” other “Catholics” by their fidelity to the Faith and their orthodoxy.  This is a big struggle in the clergy today.  Faithful priests often have to be silent and struggle in their soul, without saying too much exteriorly, since their brother priests often do not understand why they cannot compromise on Church teachings or practices.  I believe that this is the way in which Our Lord is calling us to renew His Church:  through our spiritual self-sacrifice.  After all, He too was like a Lamb taken to be slaughtered, not opening His mouth but peacefully accepting the Will of His Father.

I know of many faithful laypeople who suffer as well because of the lack of good, spiritual leadership on the part of their priests.  My heart goes out to them, for they are truly like sheep without a shepherd.  And yet they thirst for the Truths that Jesus Christ and His Church give.  I thank God for faithful laypeople like yourself too, Catherine.  Thank you once again for praying and encouraging others to pray for your priests.

May Our Lady keep you very close to Her Immaculate Heart during this Holy Week, and lead you ever more deeply into the Sacred Heart of Her Son.


With my prayers and fraternal blessing,

-A Canadian Catholic Priest


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32 comments to A Candid Letter from a Persecuted Priest

  • Marlene Willis

    I wish priests would be more out right with you when you talk to them and express what they believe. I just love Father Corapi. If only he would have been a Billy Graham he
    Could still be preaching. The old dollar bill and many of them brought him down.
    I pray for him. Some good Catholic men should be Billy Graham’s out there instead of being priests. God bless us all.

  • Maggie

    I would highly recommend that the priests seriously pray the Full Office including the Office of Readings. Check out the 27th Week in Ordinary Time (Saturday). The first reading is very interesting, and the second reading which is a homily on the Gospel by Saint Gregory the Great, pope, talks about the performance of the priest’s ministry and why the silence exists. It is quite a good one to meditate on.

  • Teresa

    How right you are Christina! If only the timid Priests would realize that TRUTH is attractive. There is a “magnetic” quality to the TRUTH. I had to try and raise a child in the Church during the 70’s and 80’s………what a nightmare. Can’t tell you how many times I had words with the Religious Ed Coordinator. And now what do we have? A grown adult that is wishy washy about the faith that I pray for constantly. We now need to be CATECHISED or maybe RECATECHISED. We need good holy priests that are not afraid to preach TRUTH from the pulpit.

    I keep all of our Priests in my Rosary every day. Please people, pray for our priests, as also the Blessed Mother has requested us to do.

  • We the people need you. you faithful priests. too many of us grew up in the 70s and 80s not learning the truths of our faith, never hearing a priest brave enough to give a sermon on the evils of artificial contraception, on abortion, on the permanence of the marriage bond, on why it is a grave sin to Divorce ones spouse simply to seek a new ‘soul mate’, on the evil and destructiveness of the sexually active homosexual life. too many priest ‘wont go there” with these and other important topics.
    The result is that so many average Catholics sitting week after week in the pews have no real teachings in the faith.
    few clergy are willing to work for the true salvation of souls by risking being labeled- rigid, or ‘old fashioned”, or “un-pastoral”.
    But true Charity is telling the gospel in all its Truth.
    I am praying for you, brave young faithful priests. help the next generation.

  • Mariah Browning


    Oh, Bride of Christ, you’re beautiful
    So radiant your face.
    Crowned in love by holy priests
    Your raiment spun of grace.

    Attended to by angel choirs
    That ever sing your praise,
    The mother of the blessed saints
    Who wisely chose your ways.

    Protector of the Eucharist
    Beloved of the Queen,
    The keeper of the flame of faith
    The door to truths unseen.

    Pure flower of the Spring of Life
    The soul’s sweet lullaby,
    Oh, God’s most gracious gift to man
    Through you how blessed am I.

    Kate Watkins Furman

  • Jacques

    I myself really experienced this during a dinner with some good friends. The question went on: “Is the god of muslims the same as that of the christians”? Of course everybody but me said that yes, he is. And I looked like an old retrograde preconciliar catholic until I got the last word in explaining what everybody seems to have forgotten, that our God is Triune, Father, Son and Spirit.
    Where are the Son and the Spirit in the muslim’s God? Huh?

  • Mary

    Keep preaching the truth from the pulpit. We are thirsty for the truth! My daily rosary and masses are being offered for priests as our Lady has been requesting. I am a health care provider who stands up for life and for Humanae Vitae. I know what it is like to be ridiculed, but when I stand before God, it won’t matter what my peers thought. It will matter what the Good Lord thought. Keep fighting Father. You give us lay people the courage to do the same. God Bless

  • mary morrison

    pray hard for our beloved priest because the devil is working harder to get rid of them

  • Father Karl A. Claver

    Just trying to follow the instructions in the Roman Missal got me in hot water. If being orthodox isolates one from his fellow priests, can you imagine what it is like for a conservative or a traditional priest? I was taught in Rome how to celebrate Mass,and there has always been jealously because of my learning at the Angelicum University. Doing God’s will with joy, and serving the Catholic Church is what keeps me going. Learning the traditional Mass and daily celebrating it has helped me a great deal.

  • Anna Hickson

    I thank and pray daily for all priests especially those who are lukewarm in their vocation as I know how hard the devil is trying to bring discredit and disgrace to the priesthood. I thank God daily for my parish priest as we have daily Masses at 7am and he is on call 24/7. One example of his dedication and faithfulness to his priestly vocation; he answered three emergency sick calls from parishioners outside our parish even though Easter Monday was his day off and other priests had turned off their mobile phones and turned on the parish answering machine instead. I pray that God will continue to give all priests the zeal, dedication, faithfulness, loyalty, courage and motivation to continue in their priestly vocation. After all if we did not have priests we will not have the sacrifice of the daily Masses and we cannot receive the Holy Eucharist; that is one of the reason why the devil in “hell-bent” excuse the pun for bring priests down. God Bless all priests all over the world.

  • Just reading what a struggle it is for priest to give their lives totally to Jesus through Mary,makes me sad.I was brought up in a Antioch Orthodox home and a Roman Catholic Mom. We had Orthodox Priest come to our home on regular basis to bless it and instruct us. There was a level of respect that we all had for our visiting priest.

    Now that face book is so popular, even with priest, I see a different picture of priest. They talk about basketball, football, vacations and such and the lay people have the web sites educating other Catholics.

    One young Brother at an Abby, is constantly sending post on such nonsense as Ghost Busters and ragging on football teams. I am sorry, but I just do not feel right about this huge connection with the world and the nonsense.

    So what I am saying is …thank you…for being Holy and separating yourself from the vanity of the world. Be a high bar for the others to reach and please do not stop being a strong priest. We need them. Have you read the book FATHERLESS. Brian Gail has hit it on the head.

    meet you in prayer…christine r

  • George Jerome Ume

    How remarkable is this wonderful moving story about priests. Priests are also human beings; they’re No.1 public enemy for satan and his sick demons trying very hard every day, 24hrs, seeking ways to demean the souls of priests; let alone, not to do the work of God and win many souls for the heavenly kingdom. When sin came into this world from day 1 until this very minute, noone i mean noone was excempted from sin EXCEPT OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!! I am a very devouted catholic man. When i was in my mother’s womb, the Holy Stature of Our Lady was carried around to all houses in my village as well as surrounding villages during the month of May praying the Holy Rosary. When the Holy Stature of Mary passed by our house, my mother came out and asked the bearers to stop for few minutes. My mother asked and pleaded in front of the Blessed Mary stature…”please mother Mary i have a baby in my womb, im pleading to you to give me a boy”. My mother’s request was granted. Here i am today, a catholic man contributing my short story towards the lifes of our priests today. My mother was a very committed rosary prayer worrier. She passed away in 1993 and she is in Heaven now with the two Hearts praising God with other holy souls. My message towards this priest’s life is – lifes or all ordained priests whether they’re holy or not, they’re called by God to do His work in His vineyard. All priests belong to our Lady of the Sacred Heart. All devouted catholics should recite rosary for the souls of our priests every day without ceasing as our Mother Mary is always pleading to all humanity… pray, pray, pray for my priests every day. What She sees in the work of her priests, we don’t see. Finally let the judging of the priests be left to God our Holy Father in Heaven. Our work is to pray and do the Will of the Father on earth and we shall all be rewarded accordingly at the end of our times, Amen!!

  • Connie

    My brother celebrated his
    50th.anniversary as a priest. Several of those years were difficult. He loves Mary and has placed his heart in her hands. Now retired but he never stops bringing souls back to Jesus and Mary. Spends hours in deep meditation before the Holy Eucharist. Jesus of Mercy come establish your Kingdom!!! God Bless

  • As much as the priests need us , we also need holy priests. So let us daily pray for holy and faithful priests as it seems when we have a holy priest somebody will complain because the priest was doing his duty but that someone didn’t like the truth to be spoken and before we know it that priest is shipped up north or retired by the bishop.So many good priests are persecuted.

  • Mark

    When the sheepdogs run with the wolves, the lambs get slaughtered first.

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  • Dr. James Kightlinger

    I am a convert and father of a presently persecuted traditional priest. Of my seven, 4 children were severely abused by the liberal-secular priests & abusive sick nuns, who I call freeloaders and do not use the holy Spirit to solve problems but dump these good and God fearing priests to lay disicpilines & lead their sheep and lambs to the wolves. I stay in the Church because it is the true one and will not leave the sacraments and sacrmentals because of the playboy priests. I realize that they are a man like me and have the same weaknesses, but need stronger love for the church. Hang in there trditonal one, your time is coming soon. Prayers are also coming your way. God Bless in the Two Hearts. Dr. Jim

  • Joe

    Great letter from A Canadian Catholic Priest and a great poem by Kate Watkins Furman. God bless all our priests and God bless Kate Watkins Furman for a perfect poem.

  • We laity brothers of the passion christ and daughters of the sorrowful mother are always at your side in prayer daily…..and welcome you to contact us on down days when tired and lonely. Check our blog and make it part of your life father….you will find my e mail address there…..


    You have strength with us men

  • Mary

    I had the great blessing of retiring this year after 20 years of working for and serving priests. Every day was like a wonderful blessing. The atmosphere was like a little piece of heaven as I would have the great privilege of preparing and serving the priests their meals each day. Priests are so grateful for whatever you do for them. I cannot count the amount of days I asked the Lord, why have you blessed me so”? By the time I retired we were all like family and still are. Seeing the life of a priest from within the walls of the rectory fills a heart with such gratitude for all they do for parishioners. Pray for our priests daily for they have such a weight on their shoulders They are our greatest treasure.

  • Kate Furman

    The Holy Catholic Priest

    I saw him climb the altar steps
    His white head bowed in prayer,
    His hands, those grace full hands of his
    Bless all assembled there.

    And in his face, that holy face,
    I saw the years gone by
    And all the love and sacrifice
    They meant for you and I.

    The Sacred Host, the Golden Cup
    Raised time and time again,
    The hallowed feet that rush to serve
    In ways that never end.

    We thank you, God, for this great gift
    To say the very least,
    The incense of humanity
    The Holy Catholic Priest.

    Kate Watkins Furman

  • sue gonzalez

    I have been blessed by God to have always, since childhood, had the example of wonderful priests. My brother is a priest and I pray for him and his brother priests daily. Our good and faithful priests are assaulted every day; we need to hold them in prayer. Thank you to all of you who do pray for priests; Canadian Catholic priest, know that you are added to my list of prayers.


    I AM a devout Catholic, and I thought these accusations were a lot of bull untill I found out a family friend who has been in and out of prison for the past 25 years was molested by a priest from our local parish (as a child) this of course was in the late sixties, early seventies. He will never trust the church again, because in his mind she let him down. What a shame because this man had a lot to give to the Catholic faith. He may even have been a wonderful priest. Well at least the diocese of San Diego need not worry, he would rather drink his life away than go public only to humiliate and re-defile himself with the ridiculous publicity of another “scandal”. What a shame, his life could have been different but now he only lives with a lot of pain and uses alcohol to anesthetize it. Anyways, Please pray for E. he sure needs it. And please trust me, you never want to consider that this is as big as it really is until it is in your own backyard.

  • Ling

    One way to show our love for Our Lord is to pray for His representatives, the other Christs. May they be faithful and holy.

  • May our Sorrowful Mother protect and console this holy priest and pray that he and all priests “will be worthy representatives of Jesus, leading us with love in the way of truth.” She has also cautioned us not to judge priests, but instead to pray for them.

  • Kris

    I was introduced to the spiritual motherhood for priests several years ago. I live in one of the dioceses that has a lukewarm bishop and , consequently, many lukewarm priests. the lay people suffer dramatically. There is so little true understanding of the faith here and I believe it is directly due to the lukewarmness of the shepherds. So a friend introduced me to the spiritual motherhood. I believe the holy spirit led me to begin praying for two of the priests who are particularly lukewarm. I leave it up to the Holy Spirit as to when and if my prayers will take effect. In the mean time, I try to listen to the Holy Spirit and live in the silence offering sacrafices back to Our Father in heaven, who if far more saddened by the state of the Bride of Christ than I could ever be. I suggest we offer our sufferings to Our Father as reparation as well. In the end the Immaculate Heart will conquer. Let it be soon, Oh Lord!

  • Rosemarie Nemchek

    We Catholic faithful are waiting and praying for a courageous priest. Don`t give up we are here.

  • Patrick Donnelly

    Hello and God Bless you for your faithful dedication to Our Lady and her son, our Lord Jesus Christ:

    It is wonderful to see that there is someone who understands that there is no compromising Christs commandments.
    Thank you… There is no grey area here people…. You are either obedient to Christ and his teachings or you are against them.
    It is that simple.
    I am constantly learning Gods will for me, and sometimes in this world your forced to make the choice to follow either God’s word, or follow the opinion of the world. It is very hard sometimes, but you must remember that following Jesus isn’t going to be easy. Jesus told us that in the Bible. He doesn’t force anyone to follow him, he simply keeps loving you and desires that you make the right choices..He leaves the choice to you. It pains him when we decide to let the devil influence us into bad choices. Yes the devil… that’s right he’s real also…
    God gave me the grace one night to see and feel Jesus Christs divine prescence, and immediately afterward he let me see and experience the horrific prescence of satan himself. Let me tell you plainly, that anyone who was given the grace to simultaneously experience the prescense of Christ, and the prescence of satan, and to choose who they wanted to be their Master, they would all 100% run to Christ for protection. I don’t care who you are… Jesus Christ is pure mercy and love that we cannot and will not ever find an equivalent for “in this valley of tears”. satan and his murderous hatred is sadly, present everywhere in this “valley of tears”. Everything that is written in the bible is 100% true. It is the word and the love letter of God himself, and all you need to do is accept his love and obey his commandments.
    No matter what you have done in your life, no matter the sins, or the errors, or the injustices you may have committed, there is no sin too big that it cannot be forgiven by the mercy and love of Jesus Christ. Your hope for peace in your life is with the divine mercy of Jesus Christ our Lord, and Saviour, and King.
    In his Mercy,
    Patrick Donnelly

  • rheta shay


  • jussep

    Fr. Gobi was given by Our Lady one way to find strength and solace thru prayer and fellowship that is pleasing to God.

  • mary morrison

    Preists are wonderful God bless them

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