Breaking News! Jefferson City Diocese Paving Way for Transgender Students

Is Your Diocese Next?

On May 9, 2017 the Jefferson City Diocese held a meeting with all priests to present the new policy for transgender students. On May 11th,  the policy was presented to all Catholic School principals of the diocese.  This Diocesan policy will be the fundamental policy for every diocese with accommodating Bishops.  Don’t be fooled, your diocese is next.

The result will be boys being in the girls bathroom.  To stay up to date on this issue, bookmark 30 Pieces of Silver Blog!

Here is the full document:


How bad is the process?  Check out the glossary of terms.

To anyone who has been permitted to read this document, it is apparent that the diocese now plans to join the secular world in questioning the very binary gender system created by God Himself.  Once we begin tampering with redefining what is clear to the naked eye or a simple genetics test, what comes next?  Will biological boys be allowed in the girls’ restrooms?  Will men who “identify” as women be allowed in my church’s restroom?  Will we start entertaining trans-species, trans-racial, or trans-age?  Where will the line be drawn?

If there is no security in knowing what we see, how can we expect anyone, much less these children to come to know God on a personal level?  If there is nothing certain in the physical world, how can a person begin to grasp the truths of our Holy Catholic Faith?  If they cannot even come to know God, how can they come to love God and serve Him?  Ultimately, isn’t that going to worsen our vocations crisis?  If the diocese chooses to “go with the flow” of the secular world, we will become like the fish that go downstream, dead.

Please stop what you are doing right now and contact Bishop John R. Gaydos; Mr. John DeLaporte, Coordinator of Youth Ministry; Sr. Elizabeth Youngs, SCL, Superintendent of Catholic Schools; Fr. Joseph Corel; Sr. Julie Brandt, SSND, Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools:

Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City
2207 West Main Street
P.O. BOX 104900
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4900

(573) 635-9127

We also strongly encourage you to contact the metropolitan,  Archbishop Robert J. Carlson:

Cardinal Rigali Center
20 Archbishop May Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63119


Archbishop Christophe Pierre
Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America
3339 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20008


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21 comments to Breaking News! Jefferson City Diocese Paving Way for Transgender Students

  • Sherry

    I am at least edified that there was one particularly brave priest who spoke up at the meeting. It is a very rare thing, it seems, for a priest to be truly watchful over the sheep, God’s flock, His people. May we all pray for the ears to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice and not be deceived by soft, seemingly kind words that either lead us, or keep us, on the easy wide path. Pray through our Lady for this good priest and all who are like him, willing to take a bullet for us. Trust in Jesus as the birth pangs are increasingly painful.

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  • Jan

    It’s been my observation over the years that some of the people that get all fired up about certain issues have feelings and urges that disturb them.

  • Mike

    Hey Colleen…great advice…ignore behavior I don’t like. So I ought to just ignore my drug addict son and hope he’ll just give it up?…Let’s just ignore ISIS as well…and tell the cops to ignore all the bad behavior they see and let the criminals and drug dealers go about their business…that bad behavior is bound to peter out some day soon…again…grrrreat advice!!!!…oh I’m sorry, was I supposed to not write this and ignore your behavior???

  • Anon

    Is there a full recording of this meeting some where? I would love to here what this priest said in defense of avoiding scandalizing other children?
    How will these children in question get a proper statement of God’s love especially when/if you make statements of appropriate morality — a MUST if one is to be in authentic relationship to Christ, it will be shot down by the parents… at bare minimum, or by teachers potentially. The parents will cry foul; there may be lawsuits.
    This is corruption, not conversion. And with the parents in question hard-hearted towards Christ’s teaching, how will they allow their child to be converted AGAINST what they stand for.

  • lisag

    Girls and boys need a place to do their business without the adults in their lives insisting that they be open to new experiences. Why are the very few given all of the understanding, but the majority made to suffer and told that they need to be tolerant and loving. Why are Catholics in charge of children able to take the innocence away from those children. Who will stand in front of Jesus and insist that this is the way of the Lord.

  • Jay

    God help us ! With these active homosexuals leading this we can only expect corruption of our innocent children. This kind of perversion (transgenderism) should not even be discussed with our children,much less promoted. There are so many active homosexuals at the top pushing this. But they seem to forget that there is a God, and, unless they repent, one day they will have to face His justice.
    I do hope MANY priests will speak up and be publically seen for their stand against this evil !


  • Martha Dancy

    When I was growing up in the forties, we never had these issues and the kids seemed happy to me. We never worried about sexuality, especially in grammar school and our parents helped us with issues as we grew up. Of course, there were alternate people around but they never made issues out of it and there were no special interest groups pushing agendas. We had Red Skelton, Walt Disney and neat movies and never had any of the problems we have today. I think the media and the liberals in society are making these things issues and making things political that are supposed to be moral and not political issues. I am glad that I am old and that I grew up in a peaceful atmosphere, even though WWII was going on and then ended in my lifetime. That was what we focused on–winning WWII, not worrying about sex stuff and gays and other things like that. There was an hormaphrodite in class and we did not treat her any differently from anyone else and she went to the restroom with the rest of the girls and no one thought anything. Why all this junk today? It is the media and the dividing practices of the left which wants to destroy the nation from within. If there were transgenders around, they used the restrooms according to which sex they looked like and no one said anything. So there!!

  • jonathanalb

    Read the document again,
    they are not asking the pupils to deny Catholic Teaching
    but give them a chance to experience GOD and as a result what happens, CONVERSION. You people are not giving these children a chance to even have a religious experience that may change their lives.

    • Pompous Maximus

      I have read the document over and over.

      The word you use in caps is not stated once.

      Neither is objective truth, immutable truth, or repentance.

      How are these people…. students, parents, or otherwise to understand the Love of God when they cannot end their love of the created (body, child, self-created identity) first?

      The document is condescending and patronizing to the dozens of principals, hundreds of teachers, and dozens of Pastors in the Diocese. It is a soft skills trojan horse that introduces a multitude of errored secular teachings that go completely against certain objective moral truths the Church has held for centuries.

      It also presents the straw man that is so familiar in the post-conciliar church of the pre-vat II unwelcoming, inhospitable, and repressive Church. It also continues the theme of doctrine vs. pastor care that is rife in the hierarchy. Reaching doctrine is always pastoral and pastoral care is always about doctrine.

      Essentially it comes down to how many people are in the pews and schools. And since this diocese and nearly every other in America is in rapid freefall in regards to that, it is time to go after special interest groups.

      This document represents the exact opposite attitude that converted the barbarians and built the western world. Jesus is a stumbling block for many not revolving door.

  • TLM

    The REAL third secret of Fatima indicated that the Apostasy in the Church would BEGIN at the very top. I believe we are living it as we speak. My point is, that the ambiguity coming from the Vatican itself is giving those who dissent from the true teaching of Christ in His Church freedom to practice their Anti Church beliefs and still call it ‘Catholic’.

  • Mark

    Those involved with moving this agenda forward need to be counseled in Authentic Roman Catholicism. Anyone who then continues down this road, needs to realize the gravity of such an agenda by being excommunicated from the church. This, will be the greatest mercy to them, as it will hopefully allow them the time to realize their error and repent, before they come before their Lord and Master, for “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6.

  • Anonymous

    We need to protect our children and our faith. Let us not lose our identity in order to conform to our corrupt society. Ban together and fight for our future.

  • Anonymous

    Colleen, we ought to ordain you a bishop with that kind of logic. You say you worked at a health club for adults. We’re talking about children and opening up bathrooms to pedophiles. We are talking about Catholic schools where impressionable children are going to be indoctrinated into transgender totalitarian ideology. We’re talking about Catholic schools where homosexual couples are going to be presented as normal. Think a little bit more about what we’re talking about here. Catholic schools. Not adult health clubs

  • Colleen

    I have worked out at a health club (adults) for the last several years. I have yet to see someone of the “wrong” gender appear in a dressing room. I believe the reason is that the practice isn’t banned so you don’t have people trying to generate reactions. The best way to get rid of behavior you don’t like is to ignore it.

  • Mariann

    This is the work of the devil. I ask if there are any SSNDs who are not in league with the devil? Totally scandalous with one exception, the Courageous Priest who can be heard defending Truth/Church teaching. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea maxima Culpa!

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