Bishop Tobin “You Caused Serious Scandal”

Bishop Thomas Tobin Admonishes the Catholic
Health Association and Sr. Carol Keehan

CathNews – Providence RI Bishop Thomas Tobin has withdrawn two hospitals from membership of the Catholic Health Association following the organization’s backing for the recently passed health care reform bill.

CHA head Sr Carol Keehan met with President Barack Obama at the White House days before the bill passed. The bill was signed into law March 23, AP reports.

The diocese on Wednesday released a letter written March 29 by Bishop Thomas Tobin to Keehan in which he complained that even an association with the group was embarrassing.

“Your enthusiastic support of the legislation, in contradiction of the bishops of the United States, provided an excuse for members of Congress, misled the public and caused a serious scandal for many members of the church,” Tobin wrote.

Keehan said in an interview Wednesday that she replied to Bishop Tobin that the group would honor his request.

She noted that very few Catholic hospitals are sponsored by dioceses, and that while she had great regard for St. Joseph, it is a small hospital group.

She said she believed groups on the far right were using the issue of abortion funding as a way to kill health care reform, and that the language, while not the way she would have written it, does not allow federal funding of abortions.

“It certainly does the job,” she said.

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2 comments to Bishop Tobin “You Caused Serious Scandal”

  • Mary

    An overdue “Thank you” very holy and very brave leader! May our precious GOD bless you with His abundant gifts as only He can, oh good and faithful servant!
    Praise, blessings and thanks be to GOD for holy men like you, our heroes, the heroes of GOD!

  • I so congratulate all you courageous priest who are not afraid of being politically incorrect but are willing to step up to the plate and are brave enough to speak out against those who would water down or disregard our principles, consciences, our traditions, our pope and our magisterium. It is because of you brave men that I can get up each morning and say “Be not afraid” God is with and in control. These brave priest reaffirm that for me. Thank you

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