We Have to Return to the Rosary

by JIM GRAVES, EWTN News: Full interview here.

Bishop Edward Slattery, 71, was born and raised in Chicago. He attended the archdiocese’s Mundelein Seminary and was ordained a priest in 1966. He served in Chicago parishes and was active with the Catholic Church Extension Society, which funds the American home missions.

You’ve made public statements about problems with the liturgy. What changes would you like to see?

Bishop Slattery

Bishop Edward Slattery

I would like to see the liturgy become what Vatican II intended it to be. That’s not something that can happen overnight. The bishops who were the fathers of the council from the United States came home and made changes too quickly. They shouldn’t have viewed the old liturgy, what we call the Tridentine Mass or Missal of Pope John XXIII, as something that needed to be fixed. Nothing was broken. There was an attitude that we had to implement Vatican II in a way that radically affects the liturgy.

What we lost in a short period of time was continuity. The new liturgy should be clearly identifiable as the liturgy of the pre-Vatican II Church. Changes, like turning the altar around, were too sudden and too radical. There is nothing in the Vatican II documents that justifies such changes. We’ve always had Mass facing the people as well as Mass ad orientem [“to the east,” with priest and people facing the same direction]. However, Mass ad orientem was the norm. These changes did not come from Vatican II.

Also, it was not a wise decision to do away with Latin in the Mass. How that happened, I don’t know; but the fathers of the Council never intended us to drop Latin. They wanted us to hold on to it and, at the same time, to make room for the vernacular, primarily so that the people could understand the Scriptures.

Are there spiritual practices you recommend?

We have to return to the Rosary. Pope John Paul II said that when we pray the Rosary, we see the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother, Mary. And there’s no better way to look at Christ than through the eyes of Mary. The Rosary is a tried and true means of doing that. I encourage every Catholic to pray the Rosary every day. Praying the Rosary takes us through the major mysteries of our faith, especially now since John Paul has given us the five Luminous Mysteries.

I also advise a return to confession. When I say this, I don’t mean to do this in some sort of laborious, burdensome way, but rather as a form of prayer. Pray before you examine your conscience, and allow the Lord to tell you what your sins are. He loves you, and he will tell you a lot about yourself. He will help you see yourself in contrast with his infinite love for you. You will begin to see the gap between his love for you and your love for Him. And when you experience that gap, it will help you become more generous and more apt to recognize and admit your sins in confession.

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14 comments to We Have to Return to the Rosary

  • father donald thomas

    many people in our society today need a prayer to help them on their way each day.
    I am sure many of us have prayed for others in need of help to god more than our our situations that has happen to us.
    I have been a father for some years and and I am often looking for many people to contact me by mail and send a prayer that is very important in the daily lives for us to pray for them to god in need of his help and healing of their prayer that is very important to them and of course very important to share with god. your prayers van be sen’t to us by any father or minister or reverant for us to pray the prayer that is sen’t to us to pray for that person in need of our help. god bless you all. father Donald Thomas.

  • John

    Ok the Rosary is very important!!
    I agree but now we have Mary Our Dear Blessed Mother appearing to St. Faustina giving us the Divine Mercy Chaplet which I have been praying during the daytime.
    I have a DVD in my car which I pray going to work and coming home.
    I also do the Novena for nine days and just started again on Good Friday.
    I have witnessed great things because of these prayers/devotions.
    Maybe our Dear Mother wants us to pray this now.?
    Please respond thanks .
    Blessed Easter to all !

  • Gloria

    This message is for Catholics. SO when you hear the word Rosary leave well alone. “bye”

  • Tim Tomeny

    Well, I’m a Christian who reads the Bible. I don’t say the Catholic rosary but I do pray my Christian rosary (The Our Father rosary) made and given to me by my prolife Catholic friends. — Tim

  • Bishops,
    It’s time to confront the evil in your Diocese—-pray the Saint Michael prayer after every Mass, and send out a letter to your priests—PRAY THE ROSARY—-PRAY IN FRONT OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT———AND if your up to it tell them to pray and pray often in front of the abortion sites in your neighborhoods, there are many here in Seattle.
    matt and georgene,
    Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants

  • David Traynor

    Mea culpa! Thank you for this reminder to pray the Rosary daily.
    1. Worship GOD for His Greatness
    2. Thank Him for all His gifts, starting with life itself, and our Holy Catholic Faith.
    3. Appease GOD’s anger caused by my sins and the rest of the world, especially the denied sin of contraception, which Paul VI warned the world would lead to many other sins.

  • David Traynor

    Mea culpa! Thank you for this reminder to pray the Rosary daily.
    1. Worship GOD for His Greatness
    2. Thank Him for all His gifts, starting with life itself, and our Holy Catholic Faith.
    3. Appease GOD’s anger caused by my sins and the rest of the world, especially the denied sin of contraception, which Paul VI warned the world would lead to many other sins.

  • Shirley

    Yes, we all have to pray the Rosary daily, especially for Our Pope Emeritus and for all Priests, to stay with GOD and believe in the TRUTH that JESUS taught us. Please go to this website, this site is the TRUTH http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com and read the latest messages. There are many messages for Priests, Bishops and Cardinals and we all need to pray for them and to also pray the Crusade Prayers to help JESUS save souls during these times.

  • Lourdes del-Calvo

    I sent all the articles that I receive from Courageous Priest,
    also have asked everyone to subscribe to this site…
    and BEST of all I forward many of them to my Pastor and another new priest we got two years ago but within a year “they”ll take him away…a darn SHAME!!
    as I was saying when I forward the articles I ask (but never get an answer)…”why don’t we hear about this and that from the pulpit???
    This and that are articles form you and many from our beloved Pope Benedict XVI,
    it seems to me that the devil has lot of control within our parishes….
    I go to Mass daily for now I am retired, when I was a single mom I could not,
    and thank God I was raised with nuns from Kinder-Senior Year High School….

    We have not heard DAILY from our Pastor to pray during these crucial days that we do not
    have the Vicar of Christ…we are a vessel out at sea alone, a Church without the Rock…

    I am 76 and see the damage caused by ignoring the Request of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima….

    God Bless you all and let’s include on top of all our EMAILS a statement as follow:

  • Agnes

    My husband and I pray the rosary every evening. Our intentions are numerous, and know that many have been answered. We also, pray our rosary every start of a long trip,by car it a habit,also when we took our grandchildren to all pray the rosary for a safe trip to our destination, and again on our return trip home.

  • My husband and I say a daily Rosary with EWTN and I can honestly say it’s the best time of the day for me. This beautiful prayer is so rich and so relaxing. We name our petitions and are amazed how often they are answered. When we travel by car, we say the Rosary with a cassette or CD. I hope and pray that others will follow this praiseworthy habit. God Bless!

  • Walt

    It has been said by The Blessed Holy Mother that, with enough prayer, enough rosaries being prayed, mountains could be moved, abortion could end. Essentially, with enough prayer evil can be brought to its knees. She, and Our Lord give us all we need in this world, satan’s, (my lack of emphasis), world, to accomplish this. If we would only use this wonderful, beautiful “tool” to do as She asks. Here’s a hint: Time spent in one’s car is a perfect place for those who claim they are without time. It’s a beautiful habit, an easy one to acquire and will be the richest 30 minutes, daily, you can invest in your Soul.

  • anne

    Lucia, one of the fatima visionaries said there is nothing the Rosary cannot solve.
    Our Lady of Fatima asked for the Rosary to be said, why are we choosing to ignore this mandate from heaven, at our peril.
    With 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, if all of us did what we are supposed to be doing we could change the face of the earth.
    Turn off your TV’S for 15mins. and start the family Rosary.
    Wonderful article.
    Priests,Deacons, Religious and Lay people preach the daily Rosary.
    Let’s stop being lukewarm catholics!
    let’s make it mandatory for all Catholics!
    God bless you all,

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