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Bishop Reig Pla: A Backward Society

EuroWeeklyNews: Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Pla compared abortions with the Spanish Civil War and says only “backward societies” practice pregnancy terminations

Juan Antonio Reig Pla, the Bishop of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, said that since 1985, the year that pregnancy interruptions were legally allowed in some cases in Spain, there have been “two million abortions, many more deaths than during the Spanish Civil War.”

Holy RosaryReig warned that a woman’s freedom becomes “corrupted” by using the “right to terminate the begotten child” defense.

The bishop added that there is no reason to defend voluntary abortion and that the right to life should be kept separated from the political debate and partisan fighting.

His statements came during Thursday’s presentation of a religious event involving the defense of family values, Jornada Mariana por la Familia y la Vida, which will take place at the end of this month.

Bishop Reig argued that abortions are clear evidence of a “backward society.”

This new statement from the Catholic Church comes amidst a storm of controversial legal reform of existing abortion legislation.

If the changes supported by Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardón are passed, the current system of abortion on demand in the first trimester will be replaced with a ban on abortion apart from in the cases of rape or serious risk to the mother’s health.

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7 comments to Bishop Reig Pla: A Backward Society

  • Stella

    The Church has lost the battle on abortion largely because huge numbers of Catholics believe that the Church erred (and I tend to agree with them) in its alleged ban on contraceptives.

    • Chris

      Hello Stella, the Church is one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. To say the Church erred is to say Christ’s vicar (Pope Paul VI) on earth has erred. Taking contraceptives (World Health Organization acknowledged class 1 carcinogens) essentially reduces women to sexual objects for men. Natural Family Planning is more effective, safer, non-carcinogenic, greener, and 100% effective is employed right. There are some clergy members who left the church because of Humana Vitae, but I think Pope Paul VI made the right decision.

      God Bless,

    • Stella

      Paul made the wrong decision. Encyclicals are not infallible. Some folks cherry pick which of these documents the view as infallible. For example, the many documents dealing with the rights of working people have been ignored by Catholic institutions.

      • Chris

        Then if you “cherry pick” what you want to believe, you are just choosing to believe what you want to suit your needs//wants/desires. If we cannot trust in the Holy Father’s decision, are you going to trust in your own feelings? The Devil? The Holy Father is inspired by Holy Spirit. Jesus said he would never abandon us or leave us as orphans, that’s why we have a Pope. We need to trust in him and his decisions. I’m sorry you feel that way about Pope Paul VI. Contraception is one of the big culprits in result of our society today (promiscuity, womanizing, reducing women to objects….etc) and the list goes on. To be Catholic you cannot pick and choose what you want to follow, it’s either all or nothing. I’m a sinner like anyone else, but I completely trust and have faith what our past/present Popes have taught, otherwise if you follow your desires/emotions your bound to stumble. I will pray that the Holy Spirit touches your heart/mind.

        God Bless,

    • lisag

      Contraception is a sign of withholding all of the trust and love that should be contained in the marriage act. Lack of trust in God to provide what you truly need and the desire to self provide what the world says you need. Contraception allows you to become your own god and determine your own destiny. Jesus did not hold back anything in living the will of the Father even though he was tempted. Many Catholics think Church teaching is wrong on contraception and are living the result of a broken faith in a broken world. Abortion is the ultimate contraception. Was there any doubt that acceptance of contraception would lead to an epidemic of abortion?

      • Chris

        Lisag, all great points. Also, there is less than 5% divorce rate for married folks who utilize Natural Family Planning (5%). I found this in the Catholic Catechism:

        “Ignoring the mountain of evidence, some maintain that the Church considers the use of contraception a matter for each married couple to decide according to their “individual conscience.” Yet, nothing could be further from the truth. The Church has always maintained the historic Christian teaching that deliberate acts of contraception are always gravely sinful, which means that it is mortally sinful if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent (CCC 1857). This teaching cannot be changed and has been taught by the Church infallibly.”

  • lisag

    Before abortion was legal millions of women either did not put themselves into a situation where they could get pregnant or they birthed their baby anyway. Legalized abortion has made women less protective of their body and hence their soul, but why? The lies of Satan whispered in their ears. You are the same as a man, prove yourself, if it feels good do it, and it is not a baby just tissue. Abortion is the result of a backwards society. One that doesn’t recognize the differences between men and woman. One that breaks up families and tells women that they don’t need a man or only on Friday and Saturday nights. One that promotes all perversions, but thinks that a young married couple is an oddity. It is so easy to kill an unborn child because it is hidden away and the truth is covered up for the most part or it is ignored. Killing an unborn baby is not like taking out a cancerous growth. It is meant to be and a gift from God. That woman was suppose to be a mother to that child and the father was supposed to love them both, but they panicked and only thought of themselves instead of their creator and the little soul that was created in her womb. How can you have love stories when there is no love?

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