Bishop Peter Jugis Rejects Pro-Sodomy Nun’s Talk

by Michael VorisChurch Militant:

A planned talk by a pro-sodomy nun at a Charlotte, North Carolina parish has been cancelled on orders from Bishop Peter Jugis.

Sister Jeannine Gramick is the founder of New Ways Ministry—a pro-homosexual group established in the late 1970s supposedly catering to Catholics with same-sex attraction. In reality, the group is opposed to Catholic Church teaching and has been very vocal about it—so vocal, in fact, that it ran afoul of the Vatican for its advocacy of the homosexual agenda.

In that year, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) under then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (eventually Pope Benedict XVI) condemned New Ways’ teachings and publications on homosexuality.

In 1984, the Vatican ordered co-founders Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Gramick to resign from New Ways Ministry. They each ignored the order until 1999.


 Bishop Peter Jugis

In rejecting her appearance at St. Peter’s Catholic Parish in the diocese of Charlotte, Bishop Jugis’s spokesman was very clear that someone who opposes Catholic teaching is not going to be given a platform in his diocese.

Each co-founder was ordered to immediately cease all their activities in the homosexual community. Father Nugent agreed and returned to parish-based duties; Sr. Gramick refused.

In 2000, she pushed the envelope further by stating that homosexuality is a legitimate “alternative” lifestyle. This brought down the ire of the CDF, which publicly condemned the “grave doctrinal error” and ordered her to stop any work with those with same-sex attraction, since her teachings had “caused confusion among the Catholic people and . . . harmed the community of the Church.”

Gramick was a member of the religious order the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Her own order asked her to stop her public speaking on homosexuality, but she refused and said, “I choose not to collaborate in my own oppression by restricting a basic human right [to speak]. To me this is a matter of conscience.”

She soon after transferred from her community and joined the Sisters of Loretto, who support her anti-Catholic ramblings about homosexuality.

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