Bishop Paprocki Confirms “Womenpriest’s” Excommunication

Mary Keldermans was “ordained” as a priest for Roman Catholic Womenpriests Inc. Picture Credit David Spencer/The State Journal-Register

Be Warned: Catholics Attending “Womenpriests” Services Incur Automatic Excommunication

Statement from Bishop Thomas John Paprocki Regarding Attempted Ordination and Invalid “Masses”

Please be advised that Ms. Mary F. Keldermans of Springfield, Illinois, has attempted to be ordained a priest for “Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Inc.” in a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Springfield on May 5, 2014. As a result, she has incurred an automatic excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See.

Please note also that a schismatic group called “Holy Family Inclusive Catholic Community” is being formed here in Springfield and is planning to conduct liturgical services at the Congregational Church UCC, West College Avenue, Jacksonville, Illinois.

The Christian faithful are cautioned that this attempted ordination and these purported “Masses” are invalid. Those who knowingly and intentionally participate in these schismatic activities also incur automatic excommunication in accord with canons 751 and 1364, with due regard for canons 1321-1324 of the Code of Canon Law.

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20 comments to Bishop Paprocki Confirms “Womenpriest’s” Excommunication

  • Judy Stef

    I feel it is a huge ego trip for the women who want to be priests. They want to be in the limelight…..If God was the first priority in their hearts, they would heed the Catholic Magesterium and follow their direction. End of thought.

  • Dovestar

    I had a friend who was a prisoner of war in the infamous Hanoi Hilton for seven and a half years. After five years of solitary confinement, he got his first roommate , a Roman Catholic soldier, also an American POW.

    My friend was Baptist, his first roommate Roman Catholic. Almost immediately they shoved aside things that divided them like Purgatory, Limbo, and the Pope. They chose to cling to what united them, their common faith in The Lord Jesus Christ.

    Did his Catholic friend commit mortal sin by not “assisting at Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation”, as the Church commands? Let’s not be silly. He was prevented from doing so and I suppose Rome granted him a special dispensation, and church law has been adjusted to deal with those circumstances.

    This is where this whole thing begins to get a bit rediculous. A number of religious systems, not just the Catholic Church, have this immense body of law, with which they codify nearly everything in one’s life.

    Rome says that priests must not marry. Yet, Peter, who the Catholic Church honors as it’s first Pope, was himself married. We know this because Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. This is a common argument and I suppose the folks at Rome have a way to explain this one away.

    When Peter made his now famous confession, Jesus told him that, “you are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church…” Rome teaches us that the “rock” in this case was Peter himself, and Jesus was conferring papal authority upon him at that moment.

    However, your own Bishop, Fulton Sheen, says in his, “Life of Christ”, that immediately after, Jesus announced His intention to head for Jerusalem and death. Peter rebuked Him and told Him this wasn’t going to happen. Jesus turned and addressed Peter, “Get behind me, SATAN…” The rock had become a stumbling stone.

    Many Protestant denominations contend it was Peter’s CONFESSION of Jesus as God that was the “Rock” on which Jesus would build His Church. To some, that appears to make more sense, however, in the original Aramaic, which Jesus spoke, the word for Peter and the word for Rock were the same in the Aramaic language. That phenomenon is also true in French, where the French word Pierre, or Peter, is also the same word for Rock.

    People have debated these issues for centuries, and we are certainly not going to settle them here. But one thing we can point to is that Jesus saved His harshest rebukes for the established church of His day. Judaism had a ton of man-made laws, some of which invalidated God’s laws. Jesus pointed that out. Would Jesus found a body much like the one He was criticizing, with archaic laws to point the way to Himself? Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 10:10). “No one comets to the Father but by Me.”

    I don’t see the Catholic Church or any other church in there. Do you?

    • Jon C.

      Great post and I might add the religion is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    • Coleen

      The crux of the problem is that many of our bishops are absolutely terrified, hence the almost paranoiac and defensive manner in which they handle dissent. They are seeing their power and more importantly the influence diminish by leaps and bounds. Huge numbers of Catholics do not take them very seriously and look at some of them as buffoons, harsh words but unfortunately true. The possibility of women priests has to be a terrifying prospect for many of these elderly gentlemen, because they know full well that women in this day and age won’t put up with their guff; just look at these wonderful nuns who are standing up to the hierarchy of the Church. I have no idea whether there is a valid theological basis for banning women from the priesthood, but telling to become nuns won’t cut it any longer.

      • Observer

        Actually, there really is a beautiful explanation of why the Church does NOT have authority to ordain females as priests. (In no way is the value of a woman diminished.)

        Do an Internet search on this title.
        A Concise Account of Why Women Are Not Ordained
        ( October 31, 2009 | DEACON DOUGLAS MCMANAMAN )
        I found more than four sites that have the full account.
        It makes theological sense the way that this deacon explains it.

    • Observer

      You are caught in broad generalizations. Example: 1. Church says a Catholic must attend Sunday mass. 2.A prisoner in jail (or prison) cannot attend for reasons beyond his control. Your apparent conclusion: He is guilty.

      Not so, a person is not guilty for actions/no action which are beyond his control.

      It is a disciplinary rule that Roman Catholic priests do not marry, not a theological one. Whether St. Peter was married or not is immaterial.

      Read the church fathers and their understanding of St. Peter’s role of authority.

      For better answers and full discussion, why not connect with a local adult CCD group in some parish in your area? There you could get much better explanations than I can give here.
      Holy Spirit will direct you (if you are willing).

  • Have you not heard of the Eastern Catholic Churches? We have strong and committed Bishops also. Men who get no publicity for their stalwart stands against doctrinal foolishness and liturgical tomfoolery. Why are not the names of Bishop Richard Seminak (UGCC), Bishop John Michael Botean (ROmanian GCC), Bishop John Hudrik Ruthenian GCC), Bishop Gerald Dino (Ruthenian GCC), Bishop Nicholas Samra (Melkite GCC) – just to name a few- why are these names missing from your lists? There are others. Why do you think Rome has a lock on truth?

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    I totally agree with Guy.

  • tg

    Mary Magdalene annointed Jesus as a symbol of anointing him for his upcoming death. Jesus gave the priesthood to his apostles; otherwise his own mother Mary would have been the first pope not St. Peter. Jesus also refers to himself as the bridegroom and the church as his bride. Priests represent Jesus and the church is their bride. I am a woman and have no desire to be a priest. Everytime I hear of women wanting to be priests I think of Eve and what Satan said to her”you shall be like gods”. Satan is still wispering those words to women today.

    • flaquito

      bravo. A truly catholic response.

    • Observer

      There is a beautiful explanation of why the Church does NOT have authority to ordain females as priests. (In no way is the value of a woman diminished.)

      Do an Internet search on this title.
      A Concise Account of Why Women Are Not Ordained
      ( October 31, 2009 | DEACON DOUGLAS MCMANAMAN )
      I found more than four sites that have the full account.
      It makes theological sense the way that this deacon explains it.

    • Walt

      An accurate, concise and charitable response. So refreshing to hear truth every so often. Thank you and may God Bless you.

  • Jon C.

    As Rhett Butler declared in GWTW, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give……”. This is a non-problem.

  • lisag

    It is sad that satan can take our desire to serve and change it into an ego trip. One thing Jesus always taught was obedience. He exuded obedience in all His being.

    • Jon C.

      I’m always amused when some “Christians” blame Satan when they here something they don’t agree with. I remember one the characters played by Flip Wilson years ago would say the “The Devil made me do it”. I find it most implausible that some folks on the site have a direct line to Satan know what he is behind which, again, is usually something they don’t agree with.

  • Jessica

    When Mary, or the woman, anointed Jesus prior to his triumphal entry as our King, she was fulfilling the role of priest and prophet, as it was established in the books of Samuel that the role of priests and prophets is to anoint kings. If Jesus condoned a woman fulfilling this role, then how can the church say that these women are wrong. I have no position here, and I make no judgement, I only raise the question.

    • As St. Peter said, all believers share in the priesthood of Christ. After the baptism
      of a child, the minister anoints (or christens) the child with sacred chrism after he explains that
      with the anointing the child will “remain for ever a member of Christ who is Priest, Prophet, and
      King.” This anointing gives the new Christian (note the similarities between Christian, Christ,
      chrism, and christen) the power to fulfill his duty to be like Christ: preaching the gospel to the
      world as a prophet, serving the needy in the world as king, and offering prayer and sacrifice for
      the world as priest. This priesthood is called the “common priesthood of the baptized.”

    • Katherine

      She was anointing/preparing his body for death, not for kingship. He didn’t enter Jerusalem as a statement of His kingship. He entered it to die, as foretold. Jesus made it quite clear to Pontius Pilate that his kingdom was not on this earth. In light of this, Mary Magdalene was not operating as a priest.

  • Guy

    It’s about time the Church started coming down on people that are attempting to operate outside the Catholic dogma. Better to be a smaller stronger Church than to be “large” and open to anything goes. It’s the break away from the traditional Church that has caused our Church to flounder, the “progressive” wing needs to be dismantled.

    • Observer

      Right! There are too many private theologies already. The term “progressive” is used as “permissive” or anything goes. Too often I see people confusing social Mores with Morality. A common slogan being lived today is “MY will be done.”

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