Bishop Orders Halt of 5 Liturgical Abuses

.- The sign of peace during Mass is not a time for congratulations or small talk, but a prayerful time to wish peace to those closest to each person, clarified the bishop of Barretos in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Bishop Milton Kenan Junior issued an August 4 decree on the distribution of Communion under both species, the exchange of peace, and the norms for extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist at Mass.

The bishop stated that during the exchange of peace, the faithful should avoid moving around too much. He added that it is sufficient to “greet those persons closest to you.” As for the priest celebrating the Mass, he said that “he should not leave the altar” to greet the faithful.

Additionally, the prelate explained that on specific feasts or celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, a Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination, or a Funeral Mass, “the rite of peace is not a time for ‘congratulations, Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy Easter,’ or any other type of greeting.”

Concerning extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, the bishop reminded that they do not substitute for ordained ministers, “consequently the ordained minister is not permitted to sit down during Communion time and leave the responsibility of distributing Holy Communion to the extraordinary ministers.”

Regarding Communion under the species of bread and wine, the bishop declared that “the communicant is not permitted to dip the host in the chalice, nor can he receive on the hand a host that has been dipped in the chalice.”

The Barretos bishop’s statement was in response to abuses occurring at Masses in the diocese. It was prepared using as a source the June 8, 2014 instruction from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments on the meaning of the gift of peace at Mass

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7 comments to Bishop Orders Halt of 5 Liturgical Abuses

  • Itotally agree with all these comments its lomg overdue when are the Bishops going to put a stop to this nonense

  • Mary

    I also would like to state that talking in the churches before and after Mass is getting worse and worse in many churches. It is difficult too, in our busy lives to find quiet time to pray, and I find it so distracting when trying to pray before Mass with all the talking going on….it is more like a social! I am always stunned when a priest doesn’t stop this behavior. And I also think clapping for a church choir extremely inappropriate at Mass. It it seems the chorus is more important than Our Lord. This a a growing problem which I think should be ended rather than encouraged by some priests. Where is the reverence?? Anybody agree with my statements??

  • Mary

    OH, that all of God’s sacred servants would be courageous like this. Giving Holy Commubion in the hand should be ended…..many abuses because of this. I agree with this wonderful priest. God bless all of our priests with faith, courage, humility and the deepest love of prayer and Adoration of Our Lord present in the tabernacles of the world!

  • May God bless Bishop Milton Kenan Junior abundantly. There are so many abuses in our Diocese it is horrid. Thank God for the faithful priest at our parish! No EMHCs, no Altar girls, no sign of peace, which is optional, as are girls serving on the Altar. Our priest is a priest for Christ and not for himself.

  • leothegreat

    Good for the Bishop. If all Bishops abided by J.P,II directions and resd REDEMPTIONIS SACRAMENTUM.This type of thing would not take place. But they are afaraid the will loose their popularity, so abuse flourishes.

  • Ruth

    We like to ask priest to not allow to much clapping during mass. Sometimes priest let people to stand up for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and we loose focus. Specially during communion when they are saying the announcements. Also, they blessed people for other reason, like for kids starting school but can they do this after mass?? Does the blessing that priest give just before mass over doesn’t count for that???
    Blessings, RM

  • Monica

    I most certainly agree.

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