Bishop Ochoa Publicly Disciplines Fr. Rodriguez, Citing IRS Code

Internal Revenue Code Now Supersedes Gospel of Jesus Christ?

May God bless Bishop Ochoa! He is doing his best to make Fr. Rodriguez a Saint.  First, he publicly admonishes him, then the Vicar General publicly criticizes him and now he publicly and  formally disciplines him.

Bishop Armando Ochoa, Diocese of El Paso, TX

Bishop Armando Ochoa: The Saint Maker


EL PASO, Texas — The Rev. Michael Rodriguez was transferred to a new parish because his stance on morality and the upcoming recall election “raised serious issues regarding whether his participation could be attributed to the Diocese of El Paso” and his parish, El Paso Catholic Bishop Armando X. Ochoa said.

Since 2010, Rodriguez had publicly condemned homosexuality during city council meetings and wrote several guest columns in the El Paso Times as a response to the city’s decision to extend health insurance benefits to all its employees, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, which he called, “gravely harmful to the common good of our city.”

Wednesday, he announced he had been reassigned away from San Juan Bautista Church, where he served.

“I was ordained to the Catholic priesthood to offer sacrifice and teach the only truth which brings salvation and happiness,” Rodriguez said in a statement that was emailed to ABC-7. “The priesthood is my greatest joy. In the present circumstances, I intend to try even harder to be a good, holy priest. Obedience to my bishop is essential to the priesthood.”

Rodriguez’s most recent columns were featured in several quarter-page ads in the newspaper. According to the El Paso Times, a couple from Plano, Texas, paid for the advertisements.

In a news release from the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso, Bishop Armando X. Ochoa said Rodriguez was re-assigned to a new parish in West Texas in response to the pastoral needs of the diocese and its faithful. The statement made it clear that Rodriguez was the administrator of San Juan Bautista Parish, not its pastor.

“(Father) Rodriguez has recently challenged certain city officials to participate with him in a partisan debate on issues related to an upcoming election,” said Ochoa. “This type of intervention in the political in the political process by religious organizations such as the Diocese of El Paso and San Juan Bautista Church is not permitted under Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.”

Word of Life Church, headed by one of the leaders in the recall efforts, Pastor Tom Brown, has been reported to the IRS for suspicion of campaigning to recall El Paso Mayor John Cook and City Representatives Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega. Non-profits are prohibited from making donations or contributing to political campaigns. The Washington-based Americans United for Separation of Church and State accused Brown of using his church to advance the recall movement. Brown denies any wrongdoing.

In his statement Wednesday, Bishop Ochoa said the diocese had received “credible information and documents” showing Father Rodriguez had failed to comply with diocesan policies.

In his columns, Rodriguez has said that all Catholics are “obligated to undo the wrong” and fight homosexuality.

One column was titled “Every Catholic Must Oppose Certain Things.” In it, he wrote that, “Any Catholic who supports homosexual acts is, by definition, committing a mortal sin and placing himself/herself outside of communion with the Roman Catholic Church.”

Rodriguez ended the column by calling homosexuality, “An unequivocal intrinsic moral evil,” and “frighteningly, if the majority chooses to deny the objective moral order, then we will all suffer the pestiferous consequences.”

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46 comments to Bishop Ochoa Publicly Disciplines Fr. Rodriguez, Citing IRS Code

  • Hosemonkey

    Homosexuality is a mortal sin and those who practice it are condemned to hell if it is unnrepented. This priest is being disciplined for preaching against it? Is this discipline taking the form of transfer and IRS harassment? Then shame on the Bishop who is pressing it and woe unto us in Califfornia who have had this man wished upon us.

  • Thanks be to God for giving us a courageous holy priest who has led the way in this battle for truth. We will be alongside Father Michael Rodriguez all the way to Calvary.

    In the EL Paso Times 2/5/12 Dr. Tim Brady wrote an article which, for me, sums up this battle for TRUTH, …”Somewhere, sometime, this is going to turn around and Catholicism will triumph. We intend to behave as though this is the place and now is the time.”

  • […] 4. “I was ordained to the Catholic priesthood to offer sacrifice and teach the only truth which brings salvation and happiness. . . The priesthood is my greatest joy. In the present circumstances, I intend to try even harder to be a good, holy priest. Obedience to my bishop is essential to the priesthood.” Bishop Publicly Disciplines Fr. Rodriguez […]

  • robert bardin

    I think that Fr. Rodriguez should stay out of politics: and that is what Catholic CANON LAW demands, not the IRS.

  • cinhosa

    It is an unfortunate response from Bishop Ochoa. Let’s all pray for him and suggest that perhaps he read Archbishop Charles Chaput’s book: Render Unto Caesar?

    Subtitled: Serving the Nation by Living Our Catholic Beliefs In Political Life

  • I too was amazed at Father Rodriguez and his tireless dedication to the souls at San Juan Bautista. I agree with Michelle above. I am sure that in God’s Most Holy plan Father Rodriguez will be called to great leadership in the Church. Wherever he is assigned he will direct souls according to the true teachings of the Church. I prayed for years that God would send us a priest like him who would be willing to speak up for the Church and the beautiful truths that our Catholic faith teaches. We were blessed to have been touched by him. His efforts and direction in that short span of time gave us hope. The wind of the Holy Spirit blew a breath of fresh air into our diocese. May our beloved Lord send El Paso Diocese, as well as all other diocese, many courageous priests like Father Michael Rodriguez.

  • Michelle

    How comforting to see all these comments. Father Rodriguez was not just an ‘administrator.’ Any priest that gives the sacrament of reconciliation 6 times a week AND at ANY time by appointment is a true pastor. He was the only priest at this church and yet he gave more masses and classes than the seminary in El Paso. I continue to grieve and pray that the good Lord reward this most faithful servant with a great leadership role one day.

  • Red

    this is just a taste of what is going to come, our bishop needs every prayer he can get, because god knows what he will have to answer for.

  • Margaret Smith

    I am so glad there are good priests in the Catholic Church! I am sad to see that there is a Bishop who is afraid of a good priest that speaks the TRUTH! May God bless Fr. Michael and may God have mercy on the Bishop.

  • judethaddeus

    Acts 5:29: But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.

    Bishop Ochoa: “We must obey men rather than God.”

    May God have mercy on his soul…

  • mia

    “For no servant is greater than HIS Master”
    what a perfect quote!!

    PC and Dr. Andreoli are on the right track.

  • melissa

    I think that Tom Andreoli PhD ubove has captured it the best of all of us!! And again obedience to the church and to the Bishop is key here…the truth will reveal itself in time. We all have to be obedient to someone in our lives and sometimes we don’t like the rules but they still must be followed.

  • Bill Sr.

    We as Christians have let the evil that creped into the minds and hearts of shallow self seeking elitists in Washington, Hollywood, the media, our Universities, and even the Church which prompted them to imagine their words and ways were as mighty as those of Christ and the gospels to anointed themselves as gods over the masses liberating modern man from all pretense of being bound by the word made flesh two thousand years ago

    We did this to ourselves when we allowed that evil to convince us that we could and should divide our conscience making it part Christian and part public citizen. We did it when we accepted falsehoods like all religions are equal, there are no absolutes in the law of the Creator it is mostly a gray area we must leave for mortals to pass judgment upon, Sunday is just another day of the week to do with as we please, a child in the womb is just human tissue and if it is extracted from the mother before natural birth at her request it is just so much trash even if it is alive and breathing should she so desire but on the other hand we must deny farmers water for their crops and livelihood to avoid “endangering” a specific species of animal. In short, we have surrendered to Caesar that which is God’s and we have forsaken the very words of Christ Himself.
    There is trust and there is tribute. As individuals we can divide our possessions and distribute them as required by Caesar or as we in charity prefer but our lives given to us by the Creator and the faith granted by grace to guide them is not to be bartered. We are both body and soul. Mankind is left with a choice. We either in faith give our lives completely back to God’s plan for humanity in obedience to His law witnessing His gracious authority and dominion without regret trusting in His abiding love or we hand over our bodies and possessions to Caesar in exchange for his presumed societal justice and plan for a Utopian existence in this world which uses them to pay tribute for its success to science and technology and refrains from any mention of God. Choices have consequences.

  • Proctor Kidwell

    My opinion is that if you check the bishop’s background and behavior. Don’t be suprised if he is found in the position he is fighting Fr. Rodriguez over…

  • Today, Sunday the 25th of September, my husband and I attended the Extraordinary Rite of the Mass at Jesus and Mary Chapel on Yandell Street. Some clergy in the Diocese of El Paso Texas are either under the mistaten notion that faithful Catholics are forbidden to attend the Extraordinary Rite of the Mass at Jesus and Mary Chapel, or they are deliberately deceiving faithful Catholics. This beautiful and VALID Mass lifts us up to the reality that God is to be worshipped with reverence and praise. Sadly,Father Michael Rodriquez has been transferred from San Juan Bautista where he celebrated this beautiful rite daily. However, we can still receive our beloved Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite every day of the week at Jesus and Mary Chapel. It is offered by priests of the Order of SSPX. Praise be to God forever.

  • barbara

    Obedience is the key here! As a diocesan preist there are rules that must be followed. Whether a person likes them or not obedience is a must!

  • Isabelle

    “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!” St. John

  • Isabelle

    “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops” St. John Christendom

  • We faithful Catholics should follow our Lord all the way to the cross and plead with our priests and bishops who put their trust in money to trust in our beloved Lord’s message about sacrifice. Let every level of government tax our churches and all of our extended ministries, and even our church properties. Then there will be one less excuse from our timid religious leaders to back away from teaching the truth. Disencumbered by the tax exempt issue, the CATHOLIC VOTE, inspired by courageous clergy,like Father Michael Rodriquez, would begin to restore moral family values to our society. OUR PRAYERS AND GRATITUDE to God for Father Rodriquez.

  • From email subscribers . . .

    This is crazy. I don’t even know where to begin. God bless Fr Rodriguez for being a courageous priest. ‘IRS code’ is hogwash for I don’t want to be courageous and deal with this important Catholic issue. The Bishop should lead or get out of the way of those who will. God help us all when our church’s teachings are attacked by it’s leaders. No wonder Catholics are so confused let alone those in the media who watch and wait for opportunities like this to laugh at religion. Too bad the bishop isn’t so outspoken about a catholic’s obligation regarding moral teachinngs. Write our dear pope at — [email protected] Our pope needs to hear about the lack of moral leadership in some areas of the USA. Watch, pray and write!
    deb in tucson


    Good evening, Father,
    Without meaning to, I sent my first email. I am sorry. Then my computer wouldn’t send the second one.. I deleted it.

    This is a simple question for you, I’m sure.

    The difference between an administrator and a pastor in a parish.

    Our bishop is naming more administrators, also. Some are named on the technical reasons that they are being named ‘pastors’ as soon as ordained.. and that is said to be against some law.
    We have an ‘administrator’ who is a fantastic well experienced priest…an ‘administrator’.
    This article makes me wonder what the real legal difference between the two are.

    Thank you for your time.

    Your stories of courageous priests are just FINE. Thank you.
    Kathryn A

  • Anne

    I wish we had a priest like Fr. Michael Rodriguez in England to preach God’s commands without fear.We pray for you in your great struggle.
    In Ireland, the facts should be looked at. Generally child abuse by priests was 1%-2% the same as for married men, but the majority of abuse nearly 80% was by the child own care-giver. Why is this not the big issue it should be?
    We know that if all Catholics were doing what they should be doing we would not be living in such dark times.
    Catholics go back to mass, stop contracepting, start adoration and the daily rosary. If your children have fallen away, pray the family rosary. Lucia, one of the fatima seers said there is no problem the rosary cannot solve.
    Great letter about America, I’m not surprised it was not published.
    God bless you all,

  • Bishop Ochoa, you claimed that the reason you transferred Father Michael Rodriquez was based on IRS tax exemption. Are we Catholics in this diocese to assume that your duty as a Bishop and our Shepherd is to save MONEY and NOT to save SOULS? Give to Ceasar what is Cresar’s and to God what is God’s.

    Carol Varoz


    @ Janet Baker, obedience to the successors of the apostles is intrinsically life-giving. Jesus’ obedience is what won us redemption. There is no legitimate grave reason in this situation to counsel disobedience to Bishop Ochoa, nor is there sufficent cause to exercise the faithfuls’ canonical obligaton to, respectfully, present well-studied concerns to him. There is never legitimate reason to judge anyone’s motives. Bishop Ochoa made a prudential judgement well within a bishop’s perogative, and the matter is between him, Fr Rodriguez, and Jesus Christ. As for what to do, every Christian is obligated by Baptism to spread the Gospel. That is what the laity should do in all secular venues and issues, very prayerfully.

  • Fr. Michael Rodriguez spoke the Truth. He spoke what the church teaches. It is the Bishop trying to protect the IRS status that speak with fear.
    When will our Bishops, speak with out fear like the Apostles.

  • Marietta

    Fr. Michael Rodriguez is a U.S. citizen, a tax-payer, and a voter. He has every right to express his opinion about anything, including political matters. That he is a priest might cramp his style in that he may not mention any candidates’ names or party affiliation, but since he confines his arguments to issues, he is merely practicing his freedom of speech.
    It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a priest speaking in the public square. He should be commended for his courage. Let’s all pray for Fr. Michael Rodriguez.

  • carson lauffer

    Shame on this bishop. I will pray for both the bishop and the priest. For their salvation surely but for different reasons. God bless Fr. Rodriquez.

  • Virginia Byer

    How sorrowful a Priest is so disciplined for preaching the WORD of GOD.The TRUTH must be preached to the people as the TRUTH will surely set us free. What good does it do us to be
    politically correct? We must be God Correct. Is the Bishop bowing down to the Politicians?
    What is his reasons? Is it politics? Is he Fearful? Is it Money? Our Pope John Paul II
    left us with the words “Be Not Afraid” and the Bishop must put on the armor or God, stand
    tall and do just that. We the Catholic people will stand with him. We will stand with
    our Bishops and Priests as long as they stand for the WORD of GOD. Virginia

  • Mike Malone

    I may not have all of the facts but it seems to me that this priest did nothing wrong, nothing at all. He is not telling people who to vote for….he is not telling people who not to vote for……he is merely debating the truth of Catholic teaching. Now the bishop can go back into hiding.

  • Eugene Kelly

    May God Bless Fr. Michael Rodriguez for his courage to stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we love all unconditionally but at the same time instruct them in their errors. Jesus fulfilled the law and ransomed us from the evil one once and for all. Before He was crucified Jesus gave us a new commandment to love others not as we love ourselves which was the commandment from the law, but as follows from John 13:34:

    “I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    The following article was sent to the New York Times about 3 weeks ago and then after they did not publish it was sent to the El Paso Times, but they did not publish it either.

    America’s Holocaust – Aborting 53 Million Children – Who Cries for Them?

    America has lost its spiritual authority by choice. We have chosen convenience, sexual promiscuity and material goods as our idols. We worship these things instead of God. We have abandoned God because He does not fit into our life styles. We are a society where Sunday is no longer a day of worship. Instead we profane it by calling it “Football Sunday” or calling it the day for the “NBA Game of the Week”, the day for the latest golf championship, the day for “Breakfast at Wimbledon”, the latest “Baseball Game of the Week”. We are a materialistic society where wealth and greed drive our lives, not our Creator in heaven and not thoughts of our eternal afterlife. In large part we are most concerned with how much we can grab in this life not with the welfare of others. If we do think of the spiritual world it many times is not of God but of spirits of the New Age and of the occult which only diminish our spiritual authority with God even more. These spirits are demonic, are not of God and only lead us to ruin because that is their goal, destroys all of God’s creation.
    So, anything that gets in the way of never ending struggle to give ourselves sensual pleasure is looked down upon. This includes raising a family which can only be a deterrent from our struggle for pleasure. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews during the holocaust of WWII. America by its abandonment of any moral responsibility for the unborn children inside the women of this society kills over 3000 of its children every day in abortion mills across this country. Since 1973, when this crime of killing our unborn children was made legal by the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision, America has slaughtered over 53 million of her young. And this slaughter continues unabated today and every day. There is not an outcry in the land over these crimes. Our neighborhood Planned Parenthood urges women to come to them for more abortions. Why? Because Planned Parenthood treats giving out abortions as a growth business and celebrates every increase in business just as a Wall Street firm would. They do not council women to have their baby but actively encourage women to take the life of their children by any means possible and as soon as possible. The name “Planned Parenthood” is a lie. The name is a cover up and a deception for their work of destroying our unborn children, our society, our whole country and ultimately the world. Spread our free sex, our greed and our occultism to the whole world. We are the whore of Babylon spoken about in the Bible in the Book of Revelation. We let our men and women make human sacrifices of their defenseless unborn children to demonic spirits of lust, pornography, greed, murder and many others. The unborn children in their silent screams cry out for anyone to help them. Please help they cry out. Does anyone care? How big will the number of murdered children get before the hand of God intervenes to stop the slaughter? It cannot go on forever or we shall all be dead very soon by the growing intensity of the spiritual fueled storms and natural disasters around the world. The demonic forces are gathering together to create evil of unprecedented proportion because we have chosen to fellowship with these spirits. America must repent of this abandonment of our most defenseless citizens, of our unborn children, who have not even taken their first breath before they are sacrificed to greed, sensual pleasure and occultism.
    When a society tolerates the killing of their unborn children and does not values human life, then it is not long before that society no longer exists. History speaks to this by many examples. By our devaluation of human life American has put itself well down the road to oblivion. Will we repent and ask to be cleansed of our sins? Will our American president like the king of Nineveh in the Bible put on sackcloth and sit in ashes to plead divine mercy for us? Will he offer America real hope and end abortion funding in this country? Will he lead us to a new promised land of real hope for our future generations? Or will he choose convenience and to ignore the screams of the unborn children being slaughtered by uncaring machines in our neighborhood abortion mills across this country?
    We need a leader of unprecedented gumption and belief in divine mercy. We need a leader who will humble himself and this nation before God’s mighty hand and His impending wrath. God is not tolerant of evil. God is incompatible with evil. They do not mix. God need only look away from us for an instant and we will be destroyed. If all God sees in America is a cesspool of sin, then he will allow us to be destroyed by the demons we have chosen to fellowship with and whose wares we crave in our personal lives and in our society. Yes, these demons are real and there intent is to destroy our society. God protects only just and righteous societies. America is no longer either of these and is actually quite the opposite. Our luxury and riches have destroyed our sense of obedience to God and humility before Him. America has taken sin and made it a sense of pride, into a business, into a lifestyle.
    Mr. President, please lead us out of this quagmire of sin, this cesspool of iniquity. I have the audacity to hope that you can lead us out of our sinful ways by your personal repentance of the sin of support of abortion and personally lead our nation to close down our abortion mills and halt all funding of abortion. Instead of sacrificing our unborn children to the altar of convenience and the altar of choice, ask our parents to sacrifice for their unborn children by offering our unborn children what every person wants and that is the right to eat, the right to breath, the right to sing, the right to worship, the right to truth, the right to live. Offer our unborn children the rights every person in the U.S. Constitution has, Mr. President. Offer them personhood and life, Mr. President. They are people just like you and me. Let us sacrifice for our unborn children and give up our lives to them.
    Mr. President, cry and cry out for our unborn children. People cry and people cry out for our children. Cry and cry out for every one of the 3000 that is being slaughtered today! Cry and cry out for the 53 million who have not been given a chance at life in this country since 1973.
    This country is no longer the America that can be looked up to by people who are searching for life because we destroy it without remorse, without second thought. We shout down people who dare talk about God and abortion. Cry out for the unborn children America! End our abortion holocaust! The worst holocaust in human history!
    Cry and Cry out, Mr. President. Give our unborn children the audacity of hope by ending abortion!

  • PC and DDPGH, you’re correct, Father Rodriguez must obey. However, what are we, the laity, going to do about this matter? It is not enough for us to sit on our rumps and wax lyrical about the virtues of obedience. It is not even sufficient for us to pray. Yes, prayer is necessary, but by itself it is not sufficient.

    PC, you uttered the words “powerlessly”. That cannot be our stance. We the laity must speak out in respectful, but firm and unabiguous protest. It may be that those in the diocese of El Paso may need to withhold contribution dollars. Yes we are obliged to “support the work of the Church”, but it is by no means the work of the Church to punish a good priest for proclaiming God’s truth.

  • Did Fr. Rodriguez support a political party or candidate? If not, then this to me is just another situation where a Bishop doesn’t want to take heat for his priest preaching the Gospel. God Bless Fr. Rodriguez for being obedient. Pray for Bishop Ochoa.


    “Another example of a truthful priest being put under the thumb of an out of touch bishop. When is this nonsense going to stop?”

    A priest is vowed to obedience to his bishop, unless of course he is told to do something objectively immoral. Clearly he was not given such an order. Fr Rodriguez’s actions reflect clear thinking. He communicated well the message about the intrinsic evil of homosexual activity and he communicated well the intrinsic identity and value of the priesthood and priestly obedience. He trusts God.

  • Tom Andreoli PhD

    Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ Jesus

    I have often read Father Rodriquez’s column. In general I have sensed that he (like all of us) is striving to be a holy and obedient servant of God. I do not know the details of this matter. I do know that obedience and submissiveness is essential to a life of holiness (even if injustice should occur). God knows exactly what is happening in the hearts of all of us. Before His Gaze nothing escapes notice. I have been praying regularly for all our priests and bishops especially those who are suffering because of proclaiming the magisterial teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. I can’t say nor should anyone if Bishop Ochoa is right or wrong. “He who is without sin cast the first stone” I do know that Fr Rodriquez has spoken up bravely about the grievous abomination of active homosexual behavior. I hope that he is at peace with this matter and will submit willingly to do as God asks of him in his next assignment. Sometimes I think, that we (Catholics) forget, the life of suffering is a part of the imitation of Our Lord. When we willingly seek Him in everything, each of us will suffer. Why? Because His lot on earth was daily persecution and rejection, He died on the Cross for Love of us. I believe that a holy priest or bishop can and should expect the same treatment. “For no servant is greater than HIs Master”

    Yours in Christ Jesus
    Missionary of Mercy

    May God Bless and Keep us in HIs Loving Arms

  • Margaret Larson

    Thank You Father Rodriquez, you should have been a priest in 1973, maybe Roe vs Wade would have been defeated……………at least we would have seen a priest fighting for life as you are doing now. I believe the IRS is one of the destroyers of our. church.

  • Bill

    The solution to this problem is quite simple. The Dioceses should forfeit its status as a charity and they can say and do what they want.

  • PC

    Obedience to the Bishop! I pray the brave holy Father will submit in complete obedience to the Bishop’s decision. How great Jesus would smile on such obedience to a bishop. If Jesus wants different, he will notify the bishop or otherwise make it happen will he not?!

    I know – maybe the bishop is wrong, but the vowed obedience is RIGHT and GOOD – and God will win, be it wrong or right. Trust completely and powerlessly in God and obedience to your bishop dear Father!

    When priests, even archbishops like Fulton Sheen, are silenced by a bishop and removed from their great effectiveness, we understand not why necessarily, but perhaps God is saving them from some other evil or trauma in some way that we will never know – we just understandably want to gnash our teeth at the apparent wrongness of the bishop’s decision.

    You will win! You are the winner!

  • Patricia Walsh

    Bishop Ochoa’s behavior is consistent with current governmental policies regarding the debt crisis as also the bishops who did not immediately deal with the sexual abuse scandals. He is putting off the inevitable. The day will come when he will be faced with the decision to follow Christ or political correctness. By the time it gets to him, given his current behavior, he will only be in a more difficult and entrenched situation. The bishop’s cowardice and such from other bishops will only severely bite them in the end. If they believe this issue will peacefully go away, they are sorely mistaken. Pray for him, for our bishops as a whole, and especially for Fr. Rodriguez that he may not become downhearted.

  • Margaret McConnell

    Bravo Fr Rodriguez! The dear bishop Ochoa joins the ranks of others too lily-livered to stand up and preach the gospel. “woe to mr if I do not preach the gospel.” The Church must speak even if each case must go to the Supreme Court to decide freedom of speech for churches, whatever the IRS code says.

  • Congratulations to Fr. Rodriquez for chosing the supernatural virtue of courage over the wordly natural virtue of prudence, which his bishop has chosen. Like Dante, this priest will find his way to the beatific vision. We will pray for his protection by Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  • Another example of a truthful priest being put under the thumb of an out of touch bishop. When is this nonsense going to stop?

  • The travesty of slavery and segregation were roundly condemned from the pulpit, and this preaching stirred good Christians to action. But the curtailing of the civil rights of Christians by the homosexual and abortion movement is a harbinger of more and more restrictions which believers will have to endure unless brave bishops are willing to take a stand.
    Read these ominous predictions by Fr James Schall, SJ

  • “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of witnesses in the heavenly places” (Eph 6:12). Thanks be to God for the courage of Fr. Rodriguez, who has been willing for a long time to boldly speak the truth, even though he has had to suffer rejection, humiliation, and false accusations, like his beloved Savior, whom he brings to His Church. Thanks be to God for his humble obedience to his bishop. You are a powerful witness of the truth, Father, not only in your preaching, but even more so in your Christ-like life. Let us pray for Fr. Rodriguez, that he will continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit: to receive the courage, strength, and consolation that he needs at this time. Virgin Mother of Guadalupe, keep him under your loving and powerful mantle. Let us pray that Bishop Ochoa will receive the light and courage that he needs to stand on the side of Christ, instead of the world.

  • It seems wrong to me that the Rev. Michael Rodriguez was treated this way. I live in Ireland and the Catholic church must proclaim the truth as he has been saying about homosexuality etc. Jesus says “if you not proclaim me before men I must also not know you before My Father in heaven”. The Church chooses not to follow the teaching of Jesus; just as it has with the world clerical sexual abuse of children as it goes on lying about everything. The church must take a stance against the legalization of homosexuality before it is too late. This brave priest spoke the truth which his superiors refuse to acknowledge. Not to acknowledge evil the church in effect becomes a tacit supporter of that evil an all the “prayers” etc are meaningless if we refuse to say anything to support the truth against this grave moral evil.

  • Tim

    This is what affirmative action gets us in the episcopacy.

  • […] Courageous Priest: The Rev. Michael Rodriguez was transferred to a new parish because his stance on morality and the upcoming recall election “raised serious issues regarding whether his participation could be attributed to the Diocese of El Paso”and his parish,El Paso Catholic Bishop Armando X. Ochoa said. Since 2010,Rodriguez had publicly condemned homosexuality . . . | El Paso Times: Controversial Rev. Michael Rodriguez transferred to another church | El Paso Times: Anti-gay ads are priest’s view alone, diocese says | El Paso Times: Father Michael Rodriguez wants forum with city leaders […]

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