Bishop Leads Diocese to Pass a A Defense of Marriage Act

Archbishop John Nienstedt

Archbishop John Nienstedt

By Andy Birkey; The Minnesota Independent –  Archbishop John Nienstedt sent a letter to every priest in the state at the start of October urging them to put every Catholic church in Minnesota tow work passing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

“It is imperative that we marshal our resources to educate the faithful about the Church’s teachings on these matters, and to vigorously organize and support a grass roots effort to get out the vote to support the passage of the amendment,” the letter read. It went out on Oct. 4 to every priest in the state.

The archbishop said it wants priests in every parish to identify a “church captain” in order to create an “ad hoc committee” in every church in the state. The “church captain” is a component of the Schubert Flint strategy used in 2008?s divisive Proposition 8 battle in California.

The strategy mirrors a similar one used by conservative Christians in California to pass Proposition 8 and end marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Schubert Flint was a public affairs firm at the heart of California’s successful push by conservative Christians to repeal marriage rights for that state’s same-sex couples. In a post-mortem, the firm wrote about it’s use of church captains:

We built a campaign volunteer structure around both time-honored campaign grassroots tactics of organizing in churches, with a ground-up structure of church captains, precinct captains, zip code supervisors and area directors; and the latest Internet and web-based grassroots tools.

Schubert Flint has been active in Minnesota, in particular during the 2010 gubernatorial election when it created a series of ads attacking DFL and Independence Party candidates for their support of rights for same-sex couples.

According to Nienstedt’s letter, the church captains will be organized by the Minnesota Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic church, which will in turn report to the Minnesota for Marriage coalition for statewide efforts. Minnesota for Marriage is made up of the Minnesota Family Council, MCC and the National Organization for Marriage.

“A major issues will be placed before the State of Minnesota in the November 2012 election. a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” Nienstedt wrote. “The sanctity of marriage and vital role of the family is at stake. It is a firmly-held teaching of our church that a marriage is a union of a husband and a wife, and that they together are the ones suited to be a father and a mother.”

He added, “To define it otherwise is a detriment to the common good of society.”

Here’s the full letter from Nienstedt — here


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12 comments to Bishop Leads Diocese to Pass a A Defense of Marriage Act

  • Our Bishops need to DEFEND marriage not only keeping it between a Man and a Woman, not couples of same sex. But Gods plan for marriage is clear- One Man and One Woman FOR LIFE. Why is the Church seemingly silent on rampant No-Fault Divorce? Even among so called Faithful Catholics many Clergy are quick to advise an un-satisfied spouse to file for Divorce and almost guaranteed an Annulment since it cant “possibly be a valid marriage If they arent “Happy” and dont have to “work at the relationship”.
    What is the next generation of Children growing up to believe? is it ANY wonder that so many of them are accepting of so-called Gay marriage? they have seen their parents generation abandon the promises they made to each other in sacred marriage.
    In order to repair marriage we need to start with healing marriages between men and women in danger of breaking up!
    Please Clergy, we need your support now.

  • Sevilla

    The World is in tremendous need of constant prayer and reparation. Pray for our courageous priests and politicians. Pray for that holiness and sanity will prevail.

  • Sevilla

    Pray daily and pray hard for courageous priests. The world is in need of so much prayer and reparation.

  • Bill

    I was once told to never get into a battle of wits with and unarmed man/woman.

  • Diana Maldonado

    If you can drive people away in droves by teaching the truth about homosexuality, then so be it.

  • Bill

    Some of you folks ought to look into the Society of St. Pius X.

  • Bill,
    Are you questioning free will? Isn’t the decision to leave the Catholic Faith a personal one? No one can drive you away. You have to make a conscious decision to leave.

    These members of the clergy have the courage to proclaim what Holy Mother Church has always taught. If these teachings make someone uncomfortable and they decide to leave, then that is on the soul of the person who leaves. If our clergy fails to authentically teach the Gospel, then it is on their own souls if their flock perishes.

    Better for these bishops and priests to be courageous and suffer the scorn and vile hatred of men now, than to spend an eternity rotting in Hell because they did not care for their flock properly.

  • Bill

    My point is, and I guess I didn’t do a good job of getting my point across, that the attitudes displayed by Jan and that list of bishops on the left side of this page are driving Catholics away in droves.

  • Pete

    Bill, I do not understand how you are calling Jan a lapsed Catholic. What she writes is true. We are all called to spread the word, not keep it amongst ourselves. Keep letting your lamp shine for all to see Jan.

  • Bill

    After reading Jan’s comments, it isn’t difficult to see why, if you made a denomination out of Lapsed Catholics they would be the second or third largest religious group in America.

  • Jan England

    @Jayne – because what “these other people” do affects us all. Catholic Social Service agencies can no longer offer adoption services because they are required by the government to place innocent children in same sex couple’s custody. Catholic children in public schools are now being taught not only about homosexual acts at an early age but also being taught these acts are morally licit. If traditional marriage falls the fall of society is not far behind. It is a spiritual act of mercy to instruct the ignorant – and many people, due to homosexual propaganda, are truly ignorant of the fullness of the truth available in the Catholic Church – which is not ours to hoard, by the way. If you saw a house on fire would you not help regardless if the folks who owned the house were Catholic or not? Our world is on fire with sin – it is our sacred responsibility, with God’s grace and direction, to do everything in our power to help people come to their senses before it is too late.

  • Jayne

    Why not simply ban same sex unions for Catholics (Which is the case already) and leave these other people alone? We can’t make the whole world Catholic.

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