Bishop Jenky Orders Priests to Read Letter

Bishop Daniel Jenky

“By virtue of your vow of obedience to me as your Bishop, I require that this letter be personally read by each celebrating priest at each Weekend Mass,” Bishop Daniel Jenky wrote in a letter circulated to clergy in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria.

In the letter, Jenky cautions parishioners that Obama and a majority of U.S. senators will not reconsider the mandate that would require employers, including religious groups, to provide free birth control coverage in their health care plans. “This assault upon our religious freedom is simply without precedent in the American political and legal system,” Jenky wrote.

“Today, Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously enable the destruction of innocent human life in the womb also thereby reject Jesus as their Lord,” Jenky added. “They are objectively guilty of grave sin.”

Earlier this year, Jenky delivered a controversial addres here and here.



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9 comments to Bishop Jenky Orders Priests to Read Letter

  • Patrick

    Bill…your comment: “…Catholics will vote for the President in roughly the same percentages as they did in 2008. This will further demonstrate in irrelevance of the Americans bishops to their flock.” is way off base in terms of factual basis. What really happened is those numbers are ascribed to people who “self-identify” as Catholics…this means, fallen-away Catholics, almost Catholics, lax Catholics, liberal Catholics, “raised” but no longer Catholics, “Twice a year mass” Catholics and outright liars. These surveys are not conducted in the parking lots of parishes after mass lets out. If they were, the numbers would be significantly different. Bishops are hardly ireelevant to their flocvks…their flocks just do not include everyone who claims (speciously) to be a Catholic. Among practicing Catholics (who are the only ones in full communion and good standing with the Church) they are quite relevant. Your comment bespeaks a possible membership in one of those groups I mentioned, and if that is true, why do you care or comment? In any case…best wishes to everyone commenting and reading here. mGrby

  • Fr. Jorge

    Andy, we can talk about politics, the West was founded and developed by the Church. Also, we don’t talk about politics, what else is to talk about? How loving and caring and peaceful everything Jesus did?

  • Andy

    Sure Pat think that but I don’t look at the cover ups of the church over the years. Far from being moral.

  • Michele

    Amen Leslie, Thank God for good Bishops like Jenky!!! They care about our souls and are indeed courageous and convicted to lead us through this persecution and time of darkness. So many Catholics do not live out their faith, it is about time that basic information such as this gets to the people in the pews…and quite honestly, I don’t mind if the church should lose their tax exempt status, however, every other organization that has a tax exempt, such as Planned Parenthood should lose their too. The political pressure and monies they have paid into the Democrat Platform is shameful…and Bill, as for Catholics voting for Obama like they did in ’08, I will GUARENTEE you many if not MOST of them will NOT vote for Obama this time around. Catholics do need to vote, and not the third party, there is no message sent with a lost vote. Catholics really only have one reasonable vote, Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • Pat

    Andy this is a moral issue and the Catholic Church is based on morality.

  • Andy

    Perhaps they should remove the church’s tax break they get. Sounds like political statement a clear violation of the law.

  • Bill

    My guess is that Catholics will vote for the President in roughly the same percentages as they did in 2008. This will further demonstrate in irrelevance of the Americans bishops to their flock.

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