Bishop Daniel Jenky: Is Scandalized By “Catholic” Politicians Who Collaborate With Evil!

“What Does It Profit A Man To Gain The Whole World, But Lose His Immortal Soul?” (Mark 8:36)


“The Catholic Diocese of Peoria now exists in a political reality that is increasingly secular in outlook and today is often specifically hostile to the convictions of our Faith,” he said. “Atheists and secularists have long realized that the Church of Rome is perhaps the largest single institution that still stands in the way of a completely secularized society. In Illinois where politics are notoriously corrupt and whose governmental agenda is so singularly ineffective, intrenched political power happens to be concentrated in a single region that for generations has been immune to reform. This situation has given determined special interest groups a unique opportunity to impose their views on everyone else as they endeavor to exclude faith from any role in the public forum.”

Bishop Jenky continued:

As your Bishop, I now believe it is critically necessary to raise an alarm among the faithful regarding growing threats to our religious freedom due to theincreasing steps toward radical secularization taking place in Illinois. Beside the abrupt exclusion of Catholic Charities from childcare and adoption services and increasing attempts to intimidate Catholic healthcare, I am also concerned about possible future moves that could be made against the independence of our Catholic schools and other public ministries of our Diocese. Eventually it may come to pass that our fidelity to the Gospel of Christ and to Catholic tradition may place us in direct conflict with recent legal definitions of the State of Illinois. There are certainly some in our state whose commitment to [atheistic] secularism is so intense that they may well try to restrict the Church’s role only to the sacristy and sanctuary.

I am especially scandalized by some “Catholic” politicians who willingly collaborate with efforts to restrict the civil liberty of the faith tradition from which they were originally sprung. Many of those in office who were taught to read and write in Catholic schools, now seem entirely indifferent to the consciences of those Catholics who live their faith. On Ash Wednesday, they like to be conspicuous with crosses on their foreheads, but the true Cross of Christ seems far from their hearts and minds. They enjoy parties on March the 17th and wearing green sweaters but in effect are ashamed of Saint Patrick’s unwavering zeal for the Catholic Christianity. They like photo opportunities with the hierarchy, but break their word to them without a moment’s hesitation. They may still use the rituals of Catholicism to mark their happy and sad occasions, but apparently would sell their soul for a vote or a dollar. What does it benefit a person to gain the whole world but lose their soul (Mark 8:36), but eternal loss for the sake of public office in Illinois is an extraordinarily foolish deal with the devil. Such people certainly need our prayers, but they should no longer be able to take our friendship or our support for granted …

Even when our institutions are attacked and our most sacred beliefs held up for scorn, many Catholics sadly remain silent. As your Bishop, it is therefore my duty before God to call faithful Catholics into more assertive action in defense of our religion and those public ministries which we hold to be the work of Christ.

“Loyal believers are called upon not only to defend the Faith but even to defend the very concept of faith in the face of aggressive secularism and increasingly intolerant atheism,” Bishop Jenky concluded. “It now seems to be the unbelievers who apparently hope to initiate some new kind of inquisition designed to entirely exclude God from the public forum. In the face of growing hostility, practicing Catholics need to recognize that the choices we make and the witness we either offer or withhold will have both temporal and eternal consequences for each one of us. Christ the Lord has promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church he founded on the rock of Peter’s faith (Matthew 16:1), but he also warned that at the end of time he will deny those who deny him (cf. Matthew 10:33).”

“Catholicism is filled with enormous spiritual richness, a cohesive intellectual tradition, and a remarkable commitment to charity and service. It is the Faith for which we should be ready and willing to give our hearts and even to offer up our lives. It is also the Faith by which we all certainly will be judged before the throne of Almighty God.”

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Bishop Jenky has also ask that all Parishes, Schools, Hospitals, and Religious Houses to Institute the St. Michael Prayer into there intentions at Sunday Mass, to defend and pray for Catholic Freedom in America.

The move comes in response to a new federal requirement that will force many Catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for sterilizations and contraceptives.

“It is God’s invincible Archangel who commands the heavenly host, and it is the enemies of God who will ultimately be defeated,” the bishop said in a Jan. 24 letter to the Catholics of his diocese.

The prayer should take place in the general intercessions before the concluding prayer, Bishop Jenky said. He asked that the intention of the prayer be announced as “for the freedom of the Catholic Church in America.”

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8 comments to Bishop Daniel Jenky: Is Scandalized By “Catholic” Politicians Who Collaborate With Evil!

  • Savio Sequeira

    Every time we hear or read about any scandal in the Church, we should compulsorily pause for a moment and say a prayer, rather than immediately denounce the Church particularly the hierarchy.

    We are very quick to judge and condemn. We express our views and opinions with gay abandon without knowing anything about the subject matter. Neither do we seem to realise the serious repercussions / or influence our comments / views may have on others who like us have no knowledge about the subject matter but base our comments exclusively on what has appeared / been reported in the media.
    Jesus has clearly cautioned us about judging others. HE said “Judge not and you shall not be judged”. The power and authority to judge and condemn, rests with GOD alone. We should all call to mind the incident during JESUS’s ministry here on earth when a woman caught in adultery was brought to JESUS. JESUS said to the woman “Go and sin no more”. We should all pray for those who have fallen or given scandal.

    Some even leave the Church. We seem to forget that the church consists of only human beings (with all their imperfections / shortcomings) and not angels or supernatural beings who can never fail, falter or commit mistakes. Satan is a master deceiver and author of lies and his only mission in the world is to spread lies and falsehood. Regretably, we easily fall a prey / are deceived by his lies and untruths. Remember the devil even attempted to tempt JESUS.

    Let us recall the words of Jesus when HE said to Peter “You are the Rock and on this Rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.

    GOD Bless

  • During the “scandal” of the Church a few years ago, I never wavered in my Catholic faith. Why would anyone condemn the whole Church for the evil acts of a few? Yet so may did to the point of leaving the Church that Christ Himself founded. The Church has faced dark times over the last two thousand plus years and by the Grace of God has come back stronger. Christ, Himself said that “The gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church” Pityy on those who chose to leave for a church founded by man.

  • conrad mojuntin

    May God gives us more holy & courageous Bishops.

  • Ursula Anne Baxter

    Dear Holiness, this is what we who love Mother Church have been aching to see. The American Bishops have been patiently waiting for the Kennedys and Pelosis to repent and return to the proper teachings of the Church, but alas, in vein. Now the time has come to stand and actively resist. Just so you know, I truly believe the Income Tax is JUST AS REPREHENSABLE as this evil decree. We should finally recognize Communism and deal with it firmly. May God Bless You and all of America.

  • tg

    God bless you Bishop for speaking out. I like the part about crosses on the forehead on Ash Wednesday. Last year on Ash Wednesday, my church was packed. The priest told us he wished it was like that every Sunday and don’t think because you have ashes on your forehead, you’ll be saved. I say the St. Michael prayer after Mass every time and more than once a day.

  • Thank you Bishop Jenky. It has been noticed by me how things have fallen down the slippery slope of secularism since we stopped praying to St. Michael.
    Is there any way Bishop can implore his fellow Bishops to institute this prayer at Mass in all their dioceses.

    In the Archdiocese of Boston, there is a Bill from the House of Representatives that will go on the November
    ballot for assisted suicide called “Death with Dignity” Many do not know of this and it is really hidden in the press. Prayers are desparetly needed.

  • Probably most of this can be defeated by just praying the St. Michael’s prayer in all churches following Mass. THANK YOU BISHOP!! May your brother Bishops join you in this call to faithfullness. The time is well past that all Catholics should awake from their slumber. The Church must be crushed in order to bring in satan’s kingdom of slavery here on earth. God save us!

  • Kris

    As a cradle Catholic who has had serious doubts about the church due to the lack of integrity and holiness of some of our church leaders, this is so powerful. Thank you Bishop Jenky for giving me a reason to hold onto my faith, and reassurance that I am still on the right track even if the human nature of our church can be swayed toward evil. May God guide our leaders in holiness as they lead the people toward heaven.

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