Bishop Conley: “Voting is a Civic Duty”

Bishop  James Conley, “Catholics have an obligation to vote.”

Bishop Conley: “Voting Helps Protect the Unborn, the Family,
the Poor, and the Freedom of Conscience”


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By Bishop James D. Conley: Southern Nebraska Register

Election Day is  a reminder of our obligation to one another—our obligation to support the common good, and to build a civilization of love.

Voting is a civic duty. 

Sadly, many Catholics in our state do not vote on Election Day. I don’t understand why. I have never missed voting in an election ever since I reached voting age. Even during my 12 years of living in Rome, I never missed voting in an election year through an absentee ballot. Voting is a means of expressing our hopes for our communities, a means of pursuing justice, and of building a culture of life. Voting is a means to help protect the unborn, the family, the poor, and the freedom of conscience and faith in public life. Voting is a civic duty.  It seems to me that not voting, unless there are very grave reasons to abstain, is a sin—and when we fail to vote for reasons no better than apathy or forgetfulness, we ought to confess that.

Whenever possible, Catholics have an obligation to vote—particularly when critical issues are at stake.  Today, in our country, critical issues are certainly at stake. Abortion remains our national shame.  Our failure to protect the unborn is a failure of the highest magnitude. The right to life is the foundational human right.

Religious people are being systematically marginalized in public life, in business, and in schools.  The sanctity of marriage as we have always known it, is being undermined. The family, and the right of children to have mothers and fathers, is under attack.

And the dignity of the poor, whom we are called to love zealously, is often undermined by policy initiatives and greed.

We are connected to every single member of our community—living or dead.  We ought to pray for them.  And we ought to do all that we can to build a culture of justice, of liberty, and a culture of life.

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Bishop James D. Conley

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3 comments to Bishop Conley: “Voting is a Civic Duty”

  • Jacqueline

    Please excuse me but I cannot find a date of this article? Is there a reason why the dates are omitted?

  • Jacqueline

    Thank you Bishop Conley for taking a courageous stand for religious freedom in this country. Too bad, the other bishops did not recognize in 2008 that the Democratic candidate was not the Christian that he said he is. Many of us knew the truth that Obama was a Communist mentored by a high official in the Communist Party, Frank Marshall Davis and therefore, did not get a vote from us.

    Many Bishops and Clergy voted for the Atheist in the White House including Nuns teaching Catholic Schools who told the students to tell their parents to vote for Obama. That kind of advice is what hurts the church. As for voting being a sin. The only sin I see in not voting is committed by the ruling class of thugs who rig the election and who pre-select the candidates of their choice which is the reality and not an illusion. This country has strayed way off course from our founding fathers who wrote the Constitution to protect the welfare of the American People. Modernists are attempting to re-write the Constitution to their liking.

    By the Way, Obamacare is FAR FROM AFFORDABLE. Just ask anyone how much their monthly premiums have risen and how many procedures are no longer covered….This explains the re-distribution of wealth…rob from the middle class and give to the poor..The rich are untouchable.

    The answer to the voting problem is to not vote for the selected candidates but rather in unity write in a vote and pray that the HANDLERS DON’T GET TO THE PERSON.

    Lord, please remove all evil doers from high places and replace them with God fearing individuals who have the welfare of the American People first and foremost in their minds. Then, Lord, please foil all wicked plans plotted by evil men and women behind closed doors to harm your people and to destroy Your Church. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

  • Michael Ybarrondo

    How does a cleric become part of this community? Thank you.

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