Bishop Conley: Redefining Marriage Will Mean That Government Will Try And Redefine Truth!

The Long Term Consequences Of Creating A Parallel For Marriage Will Be Severe!

Catholic News Agency

By:  Kevin Jones

A Colorado proposal to recognize same-sex civil unions is a “dangerous and unjust” effort to redefine marriage warns Bishop James D. Conley, the apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Denver.

“We do not know the long-term consequences of creating a parallel for marriage, distinct from its ancient and natural meaning. But we do know they will be severe,” Bishop Conley said in his Jan. 11 column for the Denver Catholic Register.

He said that a renewed legislative push for civil unions in the state threatens to erode the “unique status” of marriage as between one man and one woman.

This upcoming weekend, the Colorado Catholic Conference will ask Catholics to sign postcards to legislators in opposition to the move.

Bishop Conley urged people to participate in the campaign because “it allows each of us to speak the truth – to ask the government to respect the plan for marriage God has given us.”

“Doing so protects children, protects marriage and, ultimately, protects the common good of all of us.”

He warned that recognizing civil unions for same-sex couples would allow them to adopt children and infringe on religious liberties for many groups. Some also view civil unions as “a stepping stone” to endorsing polygamous relationships.

“Redefining marriage means that government will try to redefine truth,” he said.

He then cited Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ conference subcommittee on marriage.

Bishop Cordileone recently said that civil unions can “in no way” be considered a permissible compromise or an advance for the common good.

“(I)nstead, they directly violate principles of justice and accelerate the push to redefine marriage itself.”

Marriage is “among the oldest human institutions,” Bishop Conley emphasized, saying that “the communion of husband and wife is a unique reality that has no true parallel.”

The Denver bishop observed that throughout history, political thinkers have believed that protecting families is at the heart of government’s responsibility.

He said that laws which protect marriage ensure that families can provide children “the right to two parents, a mother and a father, who can love them and care for them.”

Marriage laws also require men to treat women with dignity, he noted, adding that the “exclusive and permanent bond” of a married man and woman cannot be redesigned by “legal dictate.”

Bishop Conley pointed to Church teaching that Catholics must treat individuals with same-sex attraction with “dignity and love.” Those who have homosexual inclinations are not evil, though the inclination is a “tragic distortion of the great gift of sexuality God has given us.”

The essentials problem with civil union laws, he explained, is that they “endorse and sanction that distortion by suggesting that homosexual relationships are equivalent to marriage.”

The Catholic bishops of Colorado have also stressed that opposition to civil unions is not voiced out of desire to deny fundamental civil rights and is not a condemnation of homosexual people.

“We affirm what our Church teaches – namely, that we must treat our homosexual sisters and brothers with dignity and love, as we would all God’s children,” they said in a joint statement.

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7 comments to Bishop Conley: Redefining Marriage Will Mean That Government Will Try And Redefine Truth!

  • Barbara McGrady

    The word “union” in regard to so-called same-sex “marriage” is a complete misnomer. There is simply no “union” between same sexes. “Union” is an impossibility. It can never eventuate. Physically, closed press studs have a unity that can NEVER happen with two males or two females. They can never achieve “unity”.

  • Mark


    Civil Unions are the same as gay marriage, and equally sinful. Jesus would NOT condone them as they are mortally sinful. You need to reread what Romney actually said…he was not as concerned for those who already are receiving lots of government help, even though they may be poor, because the gov’t is already doing enough for them. Listen to God speaking to you

  • edited
  • maryann

    Praise God we have Priests and Bishops who preach what is in the Bible. about same sex marriage.

  • David

    As a Denver Catholic, I was ashamed to hear Bishop Conley’s letter from the pulpit encouraging the faithful to oppose civil unions. It seems the bishops use the pulpit only to indulge in this type of moralistic tirade.
    What about a letter from the pulpit denouncing the comments of the leading Republican candidate for President, who has asserted that he is “not concerned about the very poor”?
    What would Jesus do?

  • tg

    Lisa, I no longer take Communion from Eucharistic ministers – only the priest (maybe a deacon). I probably would take Communion from a Eucharistic minister if I was in a nursing home or a hospital. I think the place for Eucharistic ministers should be in the community to help the priest. I am not judging them because I don’t know anything about the Eucharistic ministers at our church other than one likes to wear low cut blouses and that was too much for me. Even though I’m a woman, I’ve become my Dad when it comes to this issue.

  • Truly

    Our mission is to teach the faith to all –

    Maybe you (or a friend) would want to start a Truly Catholics in your area.

    Check us out on facebook Truly Catholics


  • lisag

    I support Bishop Conley and other bishops and priests who speak out on this topic. Teaching the truth can be hurtful to parishioners, but it is necessary. I wish more homilies would include difficult topics like this and others. I was all ado when I realized a lesbian had enrolled her child in the parochial school and has now become a Eucharistic minister. Can I take the host from her? Yet there are many sinners in the pews! How many are on contraceptives, how many support abortion, how many rarely go to confession. The list of sins could go on and on. There needs to be a clear teaching of the truth all throughout the church. Prayer for all sinners to change is absolutely necessary. May God have mercy on us all.

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