Bishop Aquila: Expel Obstinate Pro-Abort Politicians!

So As Not To Confuse The Faithful And As A Final Call
Of Repentance To The Obstinate Politician!

By:  Christine Dhanagom

The Church should seek the conversion of pro-abortion politicians, but if they remain obstinate they should be expelled from the Church, says Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo.

The Bishop proposed in an interview with Catholic World Report this week that Bishops should take their cue from the Gospel of Matthew in handling pro-abortion politicians.

“Our Lord tells us to speak to the person, and then take two or three others with us if he does not change,” he said. “If he still does not change, the Church can speak to him, which is done through the bishop. [The bishop] exercises the authority of Christ. Christ then says that if that person is still obstinate and will not change, treat them as a tax collector or Gentile. Expel him.’”

The Bishop continued: “Catholics are called to defend human life, particularly that of the unborn. The Church’s teaching is clear. If we don’t challenge public officials who reject this teaching, we leave them in their sins and confuse the faithful.”

Aquila, who has been the spiritual head of the diocese of Fargo in North Dakota for ten years, is well known for his support for the pro-life cause.

His active support for the 40 Days for Life campaign in Fargo included sending a letter to the priests of the diocese asking them to sign up for an hour of prayer outside an abortion clinic. He has also personally led prayer vigils outside Fargo’s only abortuary.

The Bishop told Catholic World Report that his commitment to pro-life advocacy began in the 1970s, when he got a glimpse of the devastating aftermath of an abortion as an orderly in an emergency room in Colorado.

“A woman who had had an incomplete abortion was brought in. Those of us working in the emergency room were pro-life and had had nothing to do with the abortion, but were trying to help the woman afterward,” he said.

“It was there I first saw the remains of an unborn child, about three and a half months along. It really impacted me. It was impressed in my mind and my heart and that this was a human life. It had now been forever destroyed. Ever since then I’ve been outspoken on human-life issues, and tried to help people to understand the dignity of human life.”

Aquila also told the news service that clergy should be outspoken in defending the Church’s teaching in other areas, as well, particularly regarding the sanctity of marriage.

“The Church has been clear that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and we need to continue to speak clearly to society on the truth, dignity, and meaning of marriage,” he said

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10 comments to Bishop Aquila: Expel Obstinate Pro-Abort Politicians!

  • Stanley D. Wyatt

    Thank you and God Bless you, Bishop! However, in many cases, the strong pro-life Bishops never seem to be put in places where the rubber really meets the road. I disagree with the above comments re Archbishop Dolan. If he would have stood up, the NY homo marriage “law” wouldn’t have been passed. Archbishop Chaput will get to show us how pro-life he is when he takes over in the scandal-ridden Philadelphia Archdiocese. Cardinal Wuerl has already said he will not enforce Canon 915 in Washington, D.C. Our Church is now running like an episcopal church: each bishop operates his diocese like an independent kingdom and we have little direction from the top.

  • Eugene Kelly

    Thank-you Bishop for speaking out against the slaughter of children in our neighborhoods across America!
    As a country we have become the whore of Babylon talked about in the Book of Revelation. I felt the Holy Spirit say to me on 4/29/2010 that “These are the End Times.” I asked God for over a year what this meant and He has led me in the last month or so I believe to William Tapley’s videos and the MP3 files of John Fenn as an explanation of what “These are the End Times” means.

    We can argue about the details of the timing of the end times, etc. but this is not the point. The point is that our society has become blind to the slaughter of children in our neighborhoods. This is happening right next next to strip mall restaurants, tattoo shops, exercise gyms and massage parlors. We have placed our love of sensual pleasure over the love of our children. We have placed more value on our next trip to the convenience store or the local gym or the sporting venue over the right for the unborn to live. Many Sundays and at many daily Masses we don’t even think it is important enough to mention in our prayers that unborn children are being slaughtered in our neighborhoods, that men are marrying men, women marrying women, that we place more emphasis as Sunday being “football Sunday” than a day of thanksgiving to God the Father Almighty!

    We are a society that is morally, financially and spiritually bankrupt. If anyone should speak out about this they are shouted down and accused of being a false prophet or being intolerant. Meanwhile each day we come closer and closer to collapsing as a society under the weight of our collective sins. God hears our prayers spoken in midst of horrific crimes committed right next to our churches, in the midst of our obsession with idol of sports in our society when we can not even devote one day of the week to God, in the midst of our obsession with our own sensual pleasures that take precedence over moral considerations.

    Priests are afraid to speak out against abortion because it might drive away the lukewarm or those Catholics who have had abortion affect their lives and don’t want to be reminded of our collective guilt. We are all guilty because we allow abortions to continue in our society. We are all guilty of destroying the sanctity of marriage because we tolerate the desecration of marriage by electing officials who pass laws that further confuse our children and our society on the definition of a family. We think that as long as it makes us feel good then it is okay. This thinking has led us away from God’s teachings on what is good. We define our own good and this leads us into a cesspool of sexual promiscuity, sexual deviance and a disrepsect for the value of the unborn children that are the result of our free sex thinking. No responsibility, tolerance of all sorts of sins. In tolerance of any talk of God and His teachings. To even talk about God in our society is an automatic grounds for dismissing you as intolerant and some kind of wacko who wants to impose your wrong thinking on the rest of society. We have left the precepts of God the Father, the Gospel of Jesus and instead substituted our own rules for a good society and we have willingly and brazenly in many cases accepted the consequences. We have hid the abortions crimes behind the false names of “Planned Parenthood” when what we really mean is “Unplanned Murders by Nice People”. We don’t want to call it murder because that would expose the criminal nature of what we are doing. I have murdered two of my own children by abortion accepting the way of life I was living in, by buying the lie that it is okay to have sex without responsibility, by being away from God and His correct teachings in the Bible. Spiritually sexual sins and the ultimate crime of abortion have a horrific spiritual toll on individuals and our society. We open doors to evil spirits that gain the right to torment us, to harrass us, to speak into our minds evil thoughts even right after we think a good thought. Unless we accept Jesus Christ as a our Savior and Redeemer and Lord of our lives we remain in spiritual desolation. But even then we must learn how to renounce our former behavior and to stand up for God and against the evil one. We must learn deliverance prayer to use the spiritual authority won for us ny Jesus Christ on the Cross that is our only hope of being reconciled with God the Father again. By our own actions we are lost. As a society we all have blood on our hands and we don’t even know how or try to wash it off in most cases. We remain ignorant as to the cause of our misery and the destruction of our society by the constant and horrible influence of evil spirits, demons, in our society, that we have freely chosen to live with every day and have forgotten in most cases how to fight against them and use our spiritual authority as believers in Jesus Christ to fight against.

    People who realize the horror of all this will become “holy” and be accused of trying to be better than everyone else and accused of being pious when in reality they in many cases are just trying to rid themselves of the spiritual devastation of what they are experiencing, the nightmare of torment and harassment that acceptance of society’s norms has unleashed in their lives. We can always hide our mistakes under more mistakes which is what most people do in our society because they never find the real solution which is God and His ways, Jesus and the Way He taught us. Looking on TV or in the newspapers usually only leads to more mistakes and more personal devastation. In many cases only personal intervention by Jesus, the Holy Spirit or God the Father Almighty will jolt us out of our blindness, our ignorance, our spiritual deadness. Yes, “let the dead bury their dead” means let the spiritually dead bury the spiritually dead. Many people are perfectly content to go on sinning and do not want to hear about the “End Times” and God. This would cramp their style too much. They are more concerned about sports scores, the latest American idol or what nightclub, restaurant or party they are going to go to this evening. Saving society from itself and thoughts of God and His Mercy and His Justice are the last things they want to think about. To think that Bible prophecy is coming true is ludicrous and you will be labeled as crazy by your almost everyone including your own family. To me to think that God would continue to tolerate a society that flaunts His ways in almost every way on a constant basis is craziness. To think that God has infinite patience is craziness. To think that we can constantly open doors to evil spirits as individuals and as a society and then not pay a bitter price is craziness. Arguing about the details of the “End Times” is not the answer to our problems because that is not the problem. The problem is that each day in this world we are coming closer to world-wide devastation because we have freeely lost our spiritual authority by accepting sin into our society and freely choosing to live in a state of mortal sin both individually and as a society. We have legalized sin and we promote sin each day under the guise of tolerance. We have invited the evil one to live with us and fellowship with us. He galdly accepts the invitation but his aim is only our destruction. He deceives us and we accept the deception because we don’t want to offend anyone. We don’t want to be known as a holy person, as a holy society. We would rather talk loudly and often about things that mean little, rather than talk softly and rarely about things than mean everything. We are a society of in your face people that celebrate our ignorance and blindness because we don’t know what else to do because the media just feeds us more of the same sin each day and we don’t know where the exit is to this craziness. The exit’s name is Jesus and His Father Who sent Him and Who sent the Holy Spirit. The exit’s door is the teachings of the Bible. The exit is in kicking out the evil spirits in our lives and inviting the Holy Spirit each day, each hour, each minute, each second of our lives. Each decision, each thought must be cleansed of evil and instead replaced with God and His loving Son, with God and His empowering, creative and healing Holy Spirit. The only answer is God the Father Almighty and His Creation and Ways. We are surrounded by Him if we start to walk with Jesus and His Holy Spirit.

    It is our decision as a society to repent or to be destroyed by the pride we have in our sin or to repent and choose fasting and sackcloth.

    The king of Ninenveh and his people chose fasting and sackcloth in response to God’s prophet Jonah and God’s response was divine mercy.
    “But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth and cry mightily unto God: yea, let them turn every one from his evil way, and from the violence that is in his hands.”
    “Who can tell if God will trun and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not?”

    “And God saw their works, that they turned away from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do unto them, and he did it not.”

    Do we dare to test God in our insolence and ignorance. I hope not. Do not be afraid to live a chaste life, to choose holiness as God is holy, Jesus is holy, Mary is holy. Who are we to think we know a better truth, a better way, a better life?

    God is the answer. Nothing else matters.

  • cindy

    Thank You God for Bishop Aquila.
    We the sheep need overt guidance and one suggestion is; Post a bold signed statement of Canon Law and Christ’t teaching from the parish Priest(s) upon entering the church that challenges our conscience on life issues. It may be that some will leave in anger but it may also inspire repentence and reconversion.

  • Joan Murphy

    Bravo! God give us all courage to speak the truth and act on the truth and not be afraid for when those who know the truth are silent is when the oppressor gains his/her way. God bless Bishop Aquila and too Archbishop Chaput and Archbishop Dolan, Bishop Conley and many Bishops for their brave, teaching leadership of truth and fearlessness as God’s servants to us. Keep on praying for conversions we must and trust God to give us His wisdom and grace to do what is His will in promoting the Culture of Life.

  • Jerri Olson

    Thank-God for this Holy Bishop, let us pray for conversion for those who refuse to speak the truth.

  • Bill Sr.

    The die has been cast. This quite obviously is, in the elitists ruling class philosophy, a furtherance of their pagan doctrine established indelibly when their prince of “social justice” Obama proclaimed emphatically (three times) that a child born alive after a failed attempt of abortion was not worthy of medical assistance to PRESERVE its life. What else in God’s name do we need to convince church authority THEY are not worthy of the Eucharist? If we are not ready to throw down the gauntlet now then pray God when? Where is the protection of the sheep if the wolves are allowed to roam freely amongst them? Where is the “fight” to preserve the flock? Have we transferred teaching authority to Catholic government leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Bidden, and the governor of New York? Christ died once for us that we might live and proclaim Him and the Truth. Let the world know who is liars are that we will have no part of it

  • Len Bajork

    I thank God for your courage – but where are the rest of your colleagues? They’re dividing the Church and its teachings with their silence!

  • Joel Fago

    In the meantime, priests should obey Canon Law and stop obstinate pro-abort politicians from receiving Holy Communion! Actions speak louder than words!!

  • Estelle

    God bless you! We need more priests like you.

  • Patricia Walsh

    Thank God for Bishop Aquila and those in solidarity with him. Yes, of course, public figures who continue to defy Church teaching by their continued support of choice in the matter of abortion despite counsel and warnings by their bishop must be expelled from the Church. In reality, they will have already expelled themselves with their persistence in going against Church teaching as grave as that regarding abortion. In addition, in the face of the current Church practice of allowing such figures Holy Communion, such figures also encourage other Catholics to vote for politicians who persist in this evil. The silence of the hierarchy is tacit approval, i.e. psychologically the impression is that the Church does not consider the abortion issue of great significance.

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