Bishop Admonishes Catholic Govenor Over Same-Sex “Marriage”

Gov Replies His “Public Obligation” to Overcome  an “Injustice” is Greater Than His Faith

by MARIANNE MEDLIN, BALTIMORE (EWTN News) — Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore has appealed to Catholic Gov. Martin O’Malley to act in line with his faith and retract his support for proposed same-sex “marriage” legislation.

“I write to urge you to refrain from using the power of your office to promote the redefinition of marriage in Maryland,” Archbishop O’Brien wrote in a letter to the governor, calling it “a goal that so deeply conflicts with your faith, not to mention the best interests of our society.”

Archbishop Edwin O'Brien

Archbishop Edwin O'Brien

The archbishop sent his letter two days before Gov. O’Malley decided on July 22 to include same-sex “marriage” in a package of bills that he will sponsor during the 2012 General Assembly.

Although same-sex “marriage” legislation passed the Maryland Senate earlier this year, it was halted in the House of Delegates after it became evident that the measure lacked full support.  n

“Our voices are not motivated by hate or ignorance, but by a faithful adherence to the nature of men and women and their unique capacities as mothers and fathers,” the archbishop noted. “Nor do we speak solely from religious principles.”

“Preserving the central role of the natural family unit has always been — and should continue to be — the reason why our government recognizes marriage as existing between one man and one woman.”

Archbishop O’Brien told the governor that the passage of similar legislation in New York last month has “intensified pressure on you to lend your active support to legislation to redefine marriage.”

However, “Maryland is not New York,” he underscored.

“We urge you not to allow your role as leader of our state to be used in allowing the debate surrounding the definition of marriage to be determined by mere political expediency. The people of Maryland deserve no less.”

Archbishop O’Brien said it is “especially hard to fathom” O’Malley supporting same-sex “marriage” legislation, given that “our requests last year for you to sponsor legislation to repeal the death penalty and support students in Catholic and other non-public schools were unheeded.”

O’Malley responded to Archbishop O’Brien on Aug. 4, saying that he agrees with many of the Church’s beliefs. According to The Washington Post, Gov. O’Malley often attends daily Mass, and his four children attend Catholic schools.

However, the governor told Archbishop O’Brien that he had “a public obligation” to try to change what he called an “injustice.”

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23 comments to Bishop Admonishes Catholic Govenor Over Same-Sex “Marriage”

  • Leslie Saunders

    As someone who was raised Catholic, I can understand your point of view. Most of us,however,realize we live in a multicultural world, where inclusion and respect for all points of view is essential. We will only evolve as human beings to the degree that we embody the ethics of inclusion and respect.

  • Mary S.

    It started with Adam and Eve. God created Adam and then created Eve to be his wife, telling them to be fertile and multiply. Same sex couples can never be what God intended since their union can never produce new life in a natural biological way. Homosexual physical union is an unnatural and sinful act according to God’s Word. Christian charity should never condone sin, especially sin that puts a soul at risk of eternal damnation. Catholics, learn your faith! God’s Truth never changes! It is not charity to neglect to call a serious sin what it is. It is not charity to propagate the devil’s lie that no matter what sins you commit everyone automatically goes to heaven for all eternity. It is not charity to accept serious offenses against God as normal and acceptable. It is not charity to teach children that homosexual unions are blessed by God. We should hate the sins but love the sinners enough to proclaim God’s Truth in the hope that they will accept and live by God’s laws.

  • Joel Fago

    My prayer for you: May the Holy Spirit enlighten you!

  • K. Leigh

    Oh my, praying for you!

  • Joel Fago

    K. Leigh, to mix “spirit” with “gender” confuses the issue. Homosexuality is evil! Whether speaking in favor of same sex marriages is a mortal sin depends on the intentions of the individual; however, it is evil. So stop it!

  • K. Leigh

    Hi Joel!
    Apologize,my point was not re: suicide as a mortal sin, and in using the word “we”, was referring to “the general catholic belief/doctrine community”. If I am incorrect about the type of sin, apologize…took a guess from grade 9 religion class. I thought the article was about same sex marriages! If I wasn’t too clear …my position is pro due to my former comments. How do I feel this relates to suicide? How many young people struggling with gender issues are so overwhelmed and feel so unaccepted in general. I can’t imagine what articles like this may do to their spirit, especially if their parents are Catholic and they were raised as such. If one of my kids has gender issues, I hope I will be able to support them and protect them, and I will always invite them to church!…The Catholic Church, no matter who they are married to. Do you feel the actions above..speaking out on same sex marriage is evil? Do you feel there is a right to judge these actions? My questions are rhetorical.

  • Joel Fago

    If K.Leigh means judging whether a person is good or evil, I agree with him. However, we need to judge whether a person’s actions are good or evil. We should see and speak out against suicide as an evil, but not judge whether a person has committed a mortal sin. There will be accountability if we are silent in the face of evil. There will be no healing without the truth.

  • M. Lantz

    Dear “Courageous Priest” staff:

    It’s “judgment,” not “judgement.” As a courtesy to commenters and readers, before posting comments, please correct the grammar and also run every item on each page through a spell checker. Posts with errors in spelling, grammar and syntax have limited credibility and are unpleasant to read. Thank you for your consideration. “Courageous Priest” is a pleasure to read when its grammar, syntax and spelling are letter perfect.

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  • K. Leigh

    Here is a question…. What gender is a spirit? Do we definitively know? In reference to a family and raising children…we are urging respect for life. Many mothers do choose life, but then may give a child up for adoption. We also know there are so many circumstances where children are in need of finding a family. We define single parent families as families, which are led by either a mother or father. We all have a responsibility to assist in raising a child as an extended family and faith community, which would include various role models of both genders. I feel this matter may just fall under “respect life” also. I have two kids and I have no idea what will happen as they grow. I do know I will never tell them they are not Catholics. Let’s focus on healing rather than judgement and compassion/understanding in our day to day lives, so each “spirit” we encounter draws closer to God, rather than experiencing undue suffering. We see suicide as a mortal sin and we are not to blame others for our actions, but is there accountability when we lose children/adults due to scenarios like this. Only God knows. I don’t want to be the one who was part of this human judgement.

  • C Treffner

    Governor O’Malley and his wife should be excommunicated, but I guess they would not even care, since they know more than their bishop and God! No wonder people are confused, as every sitcom on tv plays up lesbians and gays as being “normal”.

    To Governor O’Malley and Katie O’Malley, please turn back to your faith, I pity you when God deals with you after having led so many away from Him and having become the huge stumbling block that you are!

  • Thank you for having the courage and speak up the Lord’s truth in a world, that encourages the unnatural and deviant and ignores God. I am 100 percent behind you and always will. God bless you.

  • Eric M. Brown

    The radical left-wing dictator of maryland, 100% pro-abort and 100% pro-unnatural crime, rejects the natural institution of marriage and denounces marriage and the family based on marriage an injustice. This shows how much he regards marriage and the family, he hates marriage and the family and rejects them as evil just as the ancient Manichean heretics. This was in response to the Vatican II heretic of Baltimore Edwin O’Brien appealing to O’Mally not to support same-sex “marriage” in the name of his professed faith in the Vatican II religion. Hah. Hah! O’Mally slammed O’Brien and rejected his faith in the Vatican II religion while preserving those elements of “truth and santification”(in the words of the unquestionable, impeccable and sacrosacnt VATICAN II) in the Vatican II religion that are in agreement with O’Malley’s own religion of modern liberalism-opposition to capital punishement, support for instate tuition for illegal immigrants. All of which the latter are supported by the Maryland (Anti-)Catholic Conference (MCC). All the whil O’Malley continues to receive sacrilegiously Novus Ordo holy eucharist. He continues to raise his children to be good novus ordo left-wingers! Novus Ordo “bishops” will confirm his children in the novus ordo left-wing religion. This is all so ridiculous. O’malley is a product of the Vatican II denomination and when vatican II bishop appeals to his profession of faith in the Vatican II religion, 0’mally smacks such bishop in the face and proclaims that marriage is an injustice! Wow, things have com full circle! The Vatican II sect has produced a man who renounces the Vatican II religion in the name of religion of modern liberalism. The vatican II sect has produced its own apostates and is therefore suicidal! No worry Vatican II conservatives, Benedict-Ratzinger will save the day! NOT!!! You Vatican II right wingers, known as “conservative Catholics” or “orthodox Catholics” will continue to pursue the policy of ecclesiastical suicide that is Vatican II and the novus ordo ritual like the blind fanatics of the Vatican II religion that you are! Again I repeat my dire warning -GET THE HELL OUT OF THE NOVUS ORDO SECT NOW BEFORE IT SENDS YOUR SOUL TO HELL!!! Folks, Catholic sedevacantism is the only solution to the Vatican II church from hell!

    Eric Brown soldier of Christ and true defender of the Papacy as defined by (First) Vatican Council and revealed in holy scripture and apostolic tradition as opposed to apostate counter-feit Vatican II denomination. My creed is tridentine-vatican and my program of operation is Pope Leo XIII’s Encyclical on the Resotration of Philosophy(Aeterni Patris).

  • felinor

    i can not understand by what the governor means by “injustice”…as regards to this issue…it is really destructive to human dignity…i just hope this will no longer prevail…

  • Dan

    We are are a society that only cares about the “public” even at the expense of morality.
    Discover the Miraculous Medal.

  • mortimerzilch

    I really don’t think the distinction between a politician acting within his belief system in a democracy, and a theocracy like Iran which codifies religious beliefs, has been made very clearly. This is a real can of worms, and I must confess that as much as I reflect on it, for the life of me, I cannot reach clarity. Does anyone have literature that settles this issue? When JFK was running for President he said he was not going to be told what to do but any priest or bishop or pope. Mario Cuomo (the present infidel’s father) tried to lay out the rules that a lay person should follow as a political figure. I think he got it wrong, but what we are seeing in Ireland, and New York State etc, follows the Cuomo doctrine of governing for the entire body politic. Here we see a bishop telling a Catholic politician to follow his religious beliefs. He is trying to pull strings, it seems, and get the Maryland Governor to do what the bishop wants. The Catholic Church doesn’t have – or hasn’t promulgated – an effective, clear, response to the Cuomo doctrine…and it is plaguing them.

    Slightly edited by moderator for privacy purposes.

  • garyney

    I have never understood why politicians refuse to allow their faith (no matter what faith it is) to be the basis for polilticial ideaology. My faith(Catholic) is the foundation for everything I believe in. If you use the Catholic Faith as a foundation for politicial decisions,you will cover most every need and responsiblity for your constituents. If I hear one more politician say they personally opposes abortion but votes for a bill that supports abortion, or gay marriage, same sex unions, whatever it is, I am going to scream til my head explodes. I vote for an individual based on what he believes in, what he stands for and where do his beliefs come from, his soul I hope. I do attempt to find an indivdual who closest mirror my beliefs. I find it harder and harder to do so, since so many will not fully disclose their beliefs, or even worse, say one thing while campaigning and govern another way. The principles of The Catholic Church are excellent principles to govern by. Too bad we have too many who are spineless and weak in the knees to there convictions, if they ever had any in the first place.

  • Cynthia

    It sounds to me like the Governor puts the support of open homosexual behavior ahead of his membership in the Catholic Church. Will he be honest enough to realize that “justice” demands that he stop being Catholic if he “must” support open homosexual behavior?

  • Joel Fago

    Homosexuality is not natural-it is perverse. Calling a same-sex marriage ban an “injustice” is a sign that the end of our civilization is near.

    New York and Maryland are becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. We know what happened to them!

  • kathleen riney

    O’Mally is a political “Souper “!! Unlike our ancestors, he Turns on a full stomach! Nothing lower than that. Wish I could hear him explain to Christ that he took his stand against God’s Laws because those laws were not fair! God have mercy on his soul.

  • Patrick Burke

    It’s so sad to read this on the 15th of August.

    I sent this email to the governor and to the Baltimore Sun:

    Dear Governor Brown,

    It is with a heavy heart that I write this email to the governor of “Mary”land on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

    I have never been a Maryland resident. I have been living in Japan for over a decade so politics in the Old Line State is not something I ever think about.

    However, I recently learned of your interactions with the bishop regarding your proposals re gay “marriage” in Maryland. I found it jarring to learn that you say you are Catholic and send your children to Catholic schools but that you have a “public obligation” to try to change what you called an “injustice” and that you agree with “many of the Church’s beliefs.”

    Governor, I am sensing a bit of cognitive dissonance. To be a Catholic means to ” . . . believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” To believe that the Church is unjust is to not be Catholic. To believe that the Church professes an injustice is to believe the Church is not Holy. To ignore the admonitions of your Bishop is to believe the Church is not apostolic. It is impossible to ignore the most fundamental tenets of the creeds and still be Catholic.

    If you truly believe that the Church is unjust and that your Bishop is wrong, I can respect that; but please don’t profess to be a Catholic if you do so. To take the stances and actions that you have while saying you’re a Catholic smacks of cynicism and utilitarianism. It seems to me to show that you are willing to use membership in the Church merely as a way to further your political career.

    Please change your mind and heart. I commend you to Our Lady in this month of Mary.

    Patrick Burke
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Dave

    I am kind of confused. Is ‘admonishment’ the proper response to a clear violation of Catholic Dogma? Admonishment? Does this carry any weight at all? Apparently not. I suspect that O’Malley will receive Communion and not at all be phased by this. I think that many of the lay Catholic faithful are left wondering: What are the Bishops thinking? And there is anguish and even anger out here over this type of action.

  • Bill Sr.

    At this time your Church is in great need of shepherds who seek a measure of your divine love for their flocks. We pray that you will grant to those brave and courageous bishops and pastors humbly seeking your assistance in guiding their sheep safely home to you a portion of this nature of yours which only you through the Holy Spirit have the power to give. You have told us the gates of hell will not prevail against your church and we trust in your word. As America and the world are now being besieged by the forces of evil like never before, we implore you to see that our spiritual leaders are able to act and make decision with the a kind of heavenly love as yours which comes from legitimate feelings and emotions but includes the wisdom and knowledge found only in your eternal truth.
    Grant them dear Father a renewed and enlightened determination to see that your Heavenly Will, fortified with your divine love, is with reverence sincerely injected into every debated issue which may affect the lives of our people and their cherished faith in Holy Mother Church.
    A just chastisement is not without merit for us at this time for many have in folly turned away from you. Yet through and in the name of Christ our Lord and Savior we call upon your Divine Mercy to give us this measure of your love that as many of us as your abundant grace desires can be lead by truth to find a path back into your arms that we may in turn praise now and for all eternity your…… Divine Love.

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