Baptism Is Our True Freedom

My Dear People,

Baptism of Jesus

Baptism of Jesus

Did Jesus need to get baptized?  The answer would be…no. Jesus Christ chose to be baptized in obedience to His Father’s Divine Will.  Luke tells us that at the time of John the Baptist, that the people were filled with expectation anticipating the Messiah.  Unlike His Cousin, St. John the Baptist says that he is baptizing with water.  Jesus, the Messiah, will baptize with fire and the Holy Spirit.  As Our Lord was going down into the waters of the Jordan River for His baptism, He arose to see the Holy Spirit descending upon Him.  “You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” This confirmation from the Father, sets the stage for Jesus’ ministry announcing the Kingdom of God.

We hear this same confirmation again at the time of the Transfiguration; the conclusion of His ministry.  Again, we hear the Father saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”  Jesus then begins His journey to Calvary. It concludes with the Resurrection of Our Lord from the tomb.  Our true freedom comes from our Baptism, like Jesus, we too must discover and remain obedient to the Divine Will of the Father. Ask Jesus for the grace to know and be faithful to the call He has place on your life.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we fulfill our own Baptismal call by giving ourselves entirely to God.

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  • Reuben

    Saying that Jesus did not need to be baptised is like saying, “GOD does not need us”. GOD put us here for a reason!!! What would that reason be? Want, Need, The plan or is LOVE all of these things??? Why are we trying to figure out if Jesus needed to be baptised or if GOD needs us. Who’s plan is it? If you said GOD, then why are thinking of options of Baptism when it is already a fact that Jesus was baptised. GOD made it a part of His plan. Why don’t we just say that GOD is omnipotent, unfathomable, ALL existence and leave it at that. Pray, Pray, Pray to attain the grace to Praise GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT.

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