Are You Taking Up Dead Space?

My Dear People,

God expects us to make good use of all of the talents that He has given to us. The parable of the fig tree teaches us about the need to develop our good spiritual fruits. Cultivating our gifts is our life’s job.  Discerning these talents takes time.  All are freely given to us at our Baptism.  The purpose of the gifts is primarily to build up the Body of Christ. When Jesus came upon the fig tree along the road, He noticed that is was barren.  He threatened to cut it down. “Why should it exhaust the soil?”   The gardener asked for a year to restore the health of the tree.  Jesus granted his request, but stated that it would be cut down if it failed to produce good fruit.

Are you producing good spiritual fruit?  Or are you just taking up dead space? Are you gifts being placed at the service of the Church?  Or are they even being used at all?  Heed the Gospel.  If you have talents that will help someone in need, put them to good use TODAY!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

May we trust that, just as God provided the Israelites with manna until they arrived in the promised land. He will always provide us with all that we need.

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4 comments to Are You Taking Up Dead Space?

  • Jim Preisendorfer


    I met Fr. Gordon three years ago when I was on a team of men who presented for the first time ever in a prison anywhere in the world the Hearts a Fire Marian Retreat program. I have read extensively material regarding his innocence and it overwhelming proves it. He was a sacrificial lamb and continues to be one. The Diocese of Manchester and the “justice” SYSTEM will never allow this man of God another trial as it would show their total disregard fore true justice.

  • Gloria

    Thanks be to God and Our Lord and Savor Jesus The Christ Amen.

  • Kathleen Riney

    Why is Fr. Gordon MacRae’s name not here? He’s beginning his 20th year in Prison, abandoned by his Bishops…Proven to be Innocent, & the only reason he’s in jail is he refused to “Cop a Plea” because he was INNOCENT! Books have been written, His story has been in the Wall Street Journal! Lawyers are working to rectify this horrific situation…But, He remains the 4000 lb Elephant in the middle of the room of every single Bishops Conference!

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