Are You At War?

My Dear People,

The three temptations of Christ represent the trials we too will undergo during Lent; the world, the flesh and the evil one.  The battle against sin can only be understood within the context of the author of sin, satan. God did not create death. He is life. God did not create vice. He is virtue. God did not create darkness. He is light.

Get Serious About Your Sin

Jesus took on all our temptations to teach us how to reject sin, and embrace holiness. We need to learn that we are a people sacred to God. Those who do not know their sin, do not fully know their God. Jesus, the second person of the Most Holy Trinity encountered sin for us. Jesus covered us with His Most Precious Blood.

He stands in the gap as we struggle with the world, the flesh and the evil one. Without Our Lord, we would always fail. Lent is learning about surrendering our sin to the Lord. He is our only Master. If you want to get serious about Lent, you need to get serious about your sin. The Confessional is the battleground for conquering sin. When is the last time you went into battle against sin? When is the last time you made a good and holy confession? There is no better time to confess your sin, than during this Holy season of Lent.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we joyfully bring our first fruits to the Lord, sharing our time, talent, and treasures out of gratitude for all the blessing that God has bestowed upon us.

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