Archbishop Vigneron: No Communion For Catholics Who Support Same-Sex Marriage!

Vigneron_p“A Catholic Cannot Say, I Believe The Church Offers The Saving Truth Of Jesus, And Then Reject What The Church Teaches!”

Detroit Free Press (edited)

By, Naraj Warkioo –  Detroit professor and legal adviser to the Vatican says Catholics who promote gay marriage should not try to receive holy Communion, a key part of Catholic identity.

And the archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron, told the Free Press Sunday that Catholics who receive Communion while advocating gay marriage would “logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury.”

The comments of Vigneron and Edward Peters, who teaches Catholic canon law at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, are part of a polarizing discussion about gay marriage that echoes debate over whether politicians who advocate abortion rights should receive Communion.

In a post on his blog last week, Peters said that Catholic teachings make it clear that marriage is between one man and one woman. And so, “Catholics who promote ‘same-sex marriage’ act contrary to” Catholic law “and should not approach for holy Communion,” he wrote. “They also risk having holy Communion withheld from them … being rebuked and/or being sanctioned.”

Peters didn’t specify a Catholic politician or public figure in his post. But he told the Free Press that a person’s “public efforts to change society’s definition of marriage … amount to committing objectively wrong actions.”

Peters, an attorney who holds the Edmund Cardinal Szoka Chair at Sacred Heart, was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 to be a referendary of the Apostolic Sinatura, which means he helps advise the top judicial authority in the Catholic Church. Peters’ blog, “In Light of the Law,” is popular among Catholic experts, but not everyone agrees with his traditional views.

Peters has said before that liberal Catholic Democrats, such as U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, should be denied Communion because of their statements and positions.

In 2011, Peters said that Cuomo should not receive Communion because he is an outspoken proponent of gay marriage. Last month, Peters said, “Pelosi suffers from one of the most malformed consciences in the annals of American Catholic politics or … she is simply hell-bent on using her Catholic identity to attack Catholic values at pretty much every opportunity.”

In 2002, Catholic Jennifer Granholm’s support of abortion rights became an issue in the gubernatorial race a month before the election, when Detroit Cardinal Adam Maida released a letter saying Catholic politicians had a “special moral obligation”  to oppose abortion.

Last month, Vigneron said at a news conference that maintaining views that oppose abortion and support traditional marriage are important for Catholics.

“Were we to abandon them, we would be like physicians who didn’t tell their patients that certain forms of behavior are not really in their best interest,” said Vigneron, who oversees 1.3 million Catholics in southeastern Michigan.

Asked by the Free Press about Catholics who publicly advocate for gay marriage and receive Communion, Vigneron said Sunday: “For a Catholic to receive holy Communion and still deny the revelation Christ entrusted to the church is to try to say two contradictory things at once: ‘I believe the church offers the saving truth of Jesus, and I reject what the church teaches.’ In effect, they would contradict themselves. This sort of behavior would result in publicly renouncing one’s integrity and logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury.”

Vigneron said the church wants to help Catholics “avoid this personal disaster.”

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31 comments to Archbishop Vigneron: No Communion For Catholics Who Support Same-Sex Marriage!

  • David Cowasji

    Ray Ramirez …everyone has a choice. Whatever anyone chooses, is no concern of anyone else’s. And comparing homosexuals to pedophile priests, I think more harm and damage was done by the latter. And they will be judged by God. No one has the right to judge any of God’s creation except God. Satan was also God’s creation just like everything else. There is no heaven and hell. It’s just a state of mind. At least no one has brought back any concrete proof of their existence. So believe whatever you want to. I do not have a problem with that. But to say that God is all lovig and all forgiving and then contradict that statement with threats of burning in eternal flames of hell is ridiculous. If we all have the spirit of God in us…why would God send his own spirit to hell. Think about that.

  • Carrie B

    I am Catholic and I may not really believe in apparitions, but we need to discern what the Bible says. There is nothing wrong with what Lynda Thull shared. Everything that is in that writing is what the Lord wants us to do. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. We see that in Jesus’ ministry on earth, he dealt with adulterers and tax collectors and their sins forgiven. Did the Bible say he called on homosexuals? In fact, he destroyed Sodom because the people were filthy. They had a debased mind. No conscience. In Romans 1:22-32, God gave up on them. Read this.

    In the original Greek bible, there was no word “homosexual”. The word used was “malakos”, which refers to male prostitute having sex with men.

    I’d say, we have to stick with the Bible’s definition of Homosexuality. A person who is merely attracted to the same sex is not a homosexual. An effeminate guy is NOT homosexual. He becomes a homosexual once he acts on his desires.

  • Peter Stiles

    When society gets to this low level, where “marriage” between same sex partners is seen as acceptable, where this behaviour is flaunted as normal in all media, we are in a sad state. I seem to remember the names Sodom & Gomorrah. The Lord had His vengeance then and no doubt will again.

  • bev

    Thank you ArchBishop for your telling it like it is….May The Good God continue to bless you in all
    you do. Thank you for defending our FAITH….love you….Marriage is between one man and one woman
    and the rest is an abomination to our Dear Lord.

  • Lynn

    If this is to be, why hasn’t it come from the Pope himself?

  • peter

    Suppose a man from somehwere comes upwith an ideology that he LOVES killing people. Imagine he gets a bunch of followers. I cant imagine the Church being forced to accept killing people because few of the diverted mind people force the Church to because of the word “love” that isinvolved in their act of killing.

  • monica pope

    The good Archbishop speaks a hard truth. I pray that all who have ears will hear!

    Catholics who are faithful to the teachings of Christ and His Church– specifically the teachings on marriage– may do well to consider if we have contributed in any way to the deterioration of the definition of marriage in our own lives? One might ask oneself:
    Have I contracepted?
    Have I fornicated?
    Committed adultery? Either in the flesh or by using pornography?
    Conceived through artificial means?

    If I have done anything to misuse God’s gift of human sexuality, then it’s only honest for me to admit that gay activists didn’t arrive on the scene 15 or 20 years ago and begin the violence against a healthy, thriving institution called “marriage.” In fact, the gay campaign was successful because marriage was in shambles. Divorce was (and is) rampant, single parent families have been more and more commonplace in the last 40 years, the rates of cohabitation are equal to the marriage rates.

    we heterosexuals did that. we misused the God given gift of sexuality. We did violence to marriage. In our own personal, subjective ways, we redefined marriage to suit each our own desires. The homosexual campaign merely capitalized on the destruction many of us caused, and (alarmingly quickly) won new ground.

    I propose that any Catholic or Christian who can see how his/ her sins have contributed to the demise of marriage, s/he should commit to make reparation for all sins against marriage.

    I know my own involvement is substantial. I know I am responsible to make reparation for the sins I have committed against marriage, and for the bad example I gave to others.

    • ian Suthey

      Monica Pope is correct, we have collectively brought about a situation within society whereby we are all responsible for the sinfulness that we have accepted as ‘the norm’. None of us are without sin, and none of us can cast the first stone. By confession we admit our faults, repent, and resolve to sin no more. We approach the throne in Heaven and ask for assistance to strengthen our resolve via Eucharist. While those in same sex unions – they want to call it Marriage – have no intention of changing their ways, in actual fact they have publicly declared their intention to continue to offend God, and then they claim the right to dine with Him. Talk about having a foot in both camps!
      Blood was shed on Calvary for those who repent. No repentance and change of lifestyle – then consider the duration of eternity.

  • ian Suthey

    This is such an important issue, each and every Bishop should be prepared to nail their colours to the mast. If they agree with the Supreme Court, then their resignation as a Bishop should be in the post today. If they disagree with the Supreme Court, they should require each and every Priest under their control to declare their position and to likewise resign if they support the S.C. ruling. There is no room for confusion on this issue. This issue is so important that the church does not need half-baked Priests who hold two views on the same issue. The Church will survive (thank God) but we need leadership of the highest quality. I await a clear a simple message from Rome, meanwhile I will pray for Holy Priests who will have a doubling of their workload. Please join me in those prayers.

    • Lynn

      Agreeing with the Supreme Court just means that they agree that state passed bans were unconstitutional. Agreeing with the Supreme Court simply says you understand the constitution. There is nothing religious about it.

  • Robert J. Amann


  • JM

    This concerns me a bit only that At the last supper Judas dipped his hand in the dish that was passed to him from Jesus. Jesus did not refuse him but the consequence of Judas action was a disaster.

  • Mary T. Del Buono

    I am so unhappy to say the least that laws were passed for all states to let gays marry…how can our nation sink so low…
    if they really love each other do some works for the church…they are being so selfish to want to change counties and churches…sad…my heart is breaking…praying for the strength…I do not want abortion either…babies are our future…
    who can have a baby with out a man or woman…??? so sad…this is why the church did not like artificial insemination…
    I do not like it either unless they are the man and woman’s biological parts…we will have many problems with this in the future…I am sure of it…there are many $$$$ for the doctors who use this…oh I am rambling…praying for our nation…
    Don’t like the pope’s letter sad…maybe our news media is twisting it…but I cannot believe he thinks gay marriage is ok…

    • Lynn

      No one is changing churches. No laws were passed. The SCOTUS simply said that state bans against same sex marriage were unconstitutional. Do you not support the constitution? You know, the same document that give you freedom of religion and free speech?

  • Max

    Since the Church doesn’t offer the Marriage, or a couple-blessing option, nowadays, I would think that espousing same-sex marriage as an offense is moot. And if it were offered, it, obviously, would not be an offence. In neither case, should it incur excommunication.

  • Fr. Hugo

    Some argue that the Catholic Church is against gay people because of her stand against gay marriage. That is a misunderstanding. The Catholic Church is not against gay people, but teaches that we are to love our neighbor whether they are straight or gay. God did not give the power and authority to the Catholic Church or to civil government to re-define marriage to something other than between one man and one woman. The purpose of marriage is the mutual love and respect between husband and wife, and the procreation, love, education and support of their children.

  • Susan

    Thanks be to God, that Archbishop Vigneron is standing firm. All of the Bishops should follow suit and if they don’t they should be refused communion as well, as so the catholics in the pew. To many Catholics in parishes who cherry pick what they agree with and what they don’t is why we are here today. Because to many of us became so tolerant that our brains fell out of our heads including the clergy.

  • Ann Couper-Johnston

    Please could I make a plea for more teaching on what marriage IS, for EVERYBODY?

    I suspect that a large proportion of the population thinks it celebrates that exciting feeling caused by being attracted to someone else, commonly known as falling in love, which can feel overwhelmingly positive.

    The love that makes a marriage is something different – a determination that no matter what, you will act for someone’s well-being because you care. That is what caused my father, when he could have had an affair, to say to my mother: “I couldn’t let you down and I couldn’t let God down.” She only got to know because when he retired, she found his constant asking what she was doing and where she was going too restrictive. She sat him down and told him he needn’t worry she’d stray; as far as she was concerned, she had made a promise to him and wouldn’t dream of breaking it. I think his statement came in reply to a question from her as to whether he’d ever been tempted.

    He was a man of integrity. He once said to me: “You must distinguish between what is expedient and what is right.” As it was shortly before he died, I think of it as his valedictory and time and again recently it has seemed all too relevant.

    St Thomas More, pray for us!

  • Philip

    Here the politician taking an advantage for this Gay/Lesbian voters , politician are trying to show that they had a sympathy for them , I agree and accept their sympathy as a human being . But when we talk about religious prospectus then we should not encourage or support this movement to have same SEX marriage .

    Whatever step cardinal has taken up is absolutely appropriate and not only stop them by having a holy communion but also stop them to buried their dead body along with other Christians and the priest should not attend at their funeral prayers .

    Gay / Lesbian can practice their regular body thrill but it cannot be legalize as per Christian methodology.

  • Citrine

    The real question is: will the priest be able to mind read to know who supports gay marriage and who doesn’t?
    Seriously there are much more pressing issues out there, war, famine, climate change, greed. People need to start prioritizing. The church has an incredible influence on people, why use it to fight basic happiness derived from love?

    • Mary Veldhouse

      Citrine, I think the Archbishop meant those Catholics who publicly advocate same-sex marriage should be denied Communion. No mind-reading involved.

  • Janice Priest

    I would feel more confident about the Detroit Archdiocese’s stance if they haven’t continued being aware of 40 years of “Dignity” Masses at Marygrove.

  • Art

    Christopher, I am from San Antonio where Archbishop Gomez came from and I complained to him the problems of homosexual Eucharistic Ministers and after two weeks, the ministers are no longer doing it at my church. However, make sure that those homosexuals are actually living in sin like living together with another one of the same sex. The Bishop is open, just bring it the problem up in a charitable way, he listens and acts on them.

    • Julie

      Art: Same Sex Attraction/Homosexuality is not a sin- ACTING on it (i.e. in an active sexual relationship) is the sin. If one has SSA but is chaste, they are not in sin. Aliken this to a heterosexual single person engaging in pre-marital sex and receiving communion, or in the case you present above, being a Eucharistic Minister.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    Vert true Teresa, they are only placing the souls of homosexuals in harms way. These Cardinals and Bishops are throwing holy water on sinful behavior. In my ministry I’ve approached this with an adamant affirmation of the teachings of the church. And I do this in a loving and compassionate manner so that it doesn’t put a wedge between God and the homosexual. Our outreach to homosexuals must be solely for the salvation of their souls.

  • Teresa

    I agree with you Br. Christopher. Why are these Bishops and Priests perpetuating sacrilege? They are risking the souls of those who are receiving and risking their own souls as well. To me it’s heartbreaking to see Our Lord defiled in the Blessed Sacrament this way!

    BTW, there have been approximately three Cardinals who are starting to waffle on homosexual relationships. I really don’t understand it. They are talking out of both sides of their mouths. Cardinal Dolan has said that we haven’t done such a great job in our treatment of homosexuals…..(???) I don’t consider it charity to tell them what THEY want to hear. Cardinal Wuerl and (cannot think of who else but there is one more) who said that we need to treat homosexuals the way we used to treat divorced and remarried Catholics. (?????) I am guessing he means they can of course be at Mass but not receive Communion, but………..I knew plenty of Priests that have given the ok for communion to divorced and remarried Catholics. They are not being clear on the subject. The Church is crystal clear on this but they seem to be “softening” their stance. It makes me very uncomfortable.

  • KM

    I agree with some of the other comments here. It is indeed sad that our clergy appear NOT to be of ONE mind and Spirit on this matter. I KNOW that several evangelicals (and others) are scandalized by the fact that pro-abortion and pro- gay “marriage” politicians receive communion with seeming impunity in several places. This causes confusion, scandal and clouds the Truth.

    Our Father in heaven is the Truthful One (John 8). The ordained priesthood should be ONE with Him in truth and action.

    Let us pray for them…that they might be One as the Father, Son and Spirit are ONE.

  • Br. Christopher Sale

    I wish things would change here in Los Angeles. Practicing homosexuals are going to communion and some are Eucharistic ministers. I don’t want homosexuals to feel rejected by the church, but they shouldn’t expect us to throw holy water on sinful behavior.


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  • In a front page news story Senator Casey of Pennsylvania. has just blatantly and unashamedly put his full support behind same sex marriage. I for one am glad because there leaves no room for him to play the old “I’m a practicing Catholic” game. It’s there in black and white with no wiggle room. According to canon law 915, he now has to confess this privately AND has to PUBLICLY renounce this as well as his support for Abortion AND IT’S GREATEST supplier Planned Parenthood should he want to be in full communion with the church! He excommunicates himself!

  • TG

    I applaud the bishop. I wish the Cardinals of New York and Washington DC would do the same. This is really a scandal and the bishops’ duties are to protect souls from sacrilege. Weakness on the part of some of our bishops is very disheartening to me. I am glad to see bishops who are not afraid and have backbone. The only thing I hope this bishop doesn’t do is backtrack. If you speak the truth, stick to it. You will be respected for it.

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