Archbishop Raymond Burke – You Must Watch This!

If You Love the Truth, Then This Video Says It All!

“Contraceptive Mentality Is Essentially Anti-life”
“The Human Bankruptcy of our Culture”
“Integrity of the Conjugal Act is Essential to the Advancement of the Culture of Life”
“Disobedience of Faith, also on the Part of Certain Bishops”
“The Lack of Integrity in Obeying the Magisterium”
“It Is Not Possible to be a Practicing Catholic” and Support Homosexual Marriage or Abortion

Addressing the Human Life International World Prayer Congress, Archbishop  Raymond Burke divulges the true Catholic stance on . . .

  • Contraception
  • Abortion
  • Homosexuality
  • Obedience to the Magisterium
  • Self-Professed Catholic Politicians
  • Self-Professed Catholic Voters

Do yourself a favor and click the play button.  I can’t encourage you enough to take the time and watch this video!

Here is the full article.

Let us know.  Which comment struck a chord with you?  Or which statement is needed to be heard the most?

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16 comments to Archbishop Raymond Burke – You Must Watch This!

  • Lourdes del-Calvo

    Love Archbishop Burke, always read all he has to say, I am subscribed to Courageous Priests and forward them to our parish priest, our pastor does not do computer, nothing with technology, shameful, but I still send them to his office and let his secretary give them to him…but our other priest, a wonderful young holy Cuban-American priest (only been here six years, just became an American Citizen) speaks and read English and many other languages does receive Courageous Priests from me and loves them…
    I only wish my parish would subscribe to Courageous Priests…
    Also, read all the comments and love them all and was glad to see so many good people are still out there…we need to defend our priests and our Faith, things will get very bad before they get better, we have an obligation this is the Year of Evengelization

  • MarkJ

    Around 16:05 . . .

    Bishops: “Be aware of the challenges of the present hour and have the courage to face them”.

  • Everything and I really mean everything said on this Video is absolutely true and I agree with all of it and I am very proud of our Archbishop Raymond Burke…He is a beacon in our Church as he promotes the TRUTH. God help us to share this video with as many as possible.
    Satan is doing all he can to break down the family unit and here is a great counter attack.
    Amen and Amen and again I say Amen!!!!!

  • Katie McDonald

    During 40 Days for Life I have been meditating on the Psalms outside the abortion supercenter here in Houston. Archbishop Burke’s opening words bring to mind Psalm 35’s opening words, which also speaks volumes relating to our lisguided Catholic politicians.
    Psalm 35:1-5
    “Sin speaks to the sinner
    in the depths of his heart.
    There is no fear of God
    before his eyes.

    He so flatters himself in his mind
    that he knows not his guilt.
    In his mouth are mischief and deceit.
    All wisdom is gone.

    He plots the defeat of goodness
    as he lies on his bed.
    He has set his foot on evil ways,
    he clings to what is evil.”

    Fortunately the remainder of the Psalm tells the same politician, and all the rest of us, how great is the love of God for those who turn to His ways.
    Psalm 35:6-7, 11
    “Your love, Lord, reaches to heaven;
    Your truth to the skies.
    Your justice is like God’s mountain,
    Your judgment like the deep…

    Keep on loving those who know You,
    doing justice for upright hearts.”

    Politicians might also have been the inspiration of Psalm 5:10
    “No truth can be found in their mouths,
    their heart is all mischief,
    their throat a wideopen grave,
    all honey their speech.”

    And corrupt government may be the subject of Psalm 93:20-21
    “Can judges who do evil be Your friends?
    They do injustice under cover of law;
    they attack the life of the just
    and condemn innocent blood.”

  • Mary M.

    I had a conversation after mass this morning with a handful of my fellow parishioners, regarding the Archbishop’s speech. I was curious to find out who had heard about it, read it, or watched it, and sad to say, I learned that not one of them had even heard about it. I’d printed out the text, and included the url to the video on each page, so I handed out the copies I’d made, giving extra to those who expressed an interest in giving them to friends and family. Every single person (ranged in ages from a young mother in her 20s, to a couple in their 60s) agreed with Archbishop Burke’s statements. Our conversation continued, discussing where Catholics had gone wrong, allowed themselves to fall away. One comment from a woman in her 40s was that she felt that it was too easy, and that no one she knew would have guessed that each new wave of “change” would have been so degenerative. I’m 49, I remember dismissing my parents concerns about so many things, thinking they were just trying to treat me as though I was a child. I remember feeling that people who spoke out against one thing or another were “fuddy duddies” who didn’t understand.

    It brought me back to Archbishop Burke’s speech, and I am left feeling that we as Catholics, and in fact all Christians need to have conversations, amongst ourselves, in church, with our children, altogether, including in religious instruction classes, about the need to, as he said, “engage in that common quest for truth”, how what we see more and more is eroding our common humanity, and what this all leads to. To contemplate on Christ’s teachings, our reactions to them, and our behaviors. Do we take time to think about our actions. How we live in the world, and why the church’s tenets are important, and how we need to live, day to day honoring those teachings, and the implications for not doing so. I know we hear parts of this in sermons at mass, but I can’t help but feel that a regular, more in depth discussion process, in Catholic parishes is necessary. It doesn’t need to be or should be starchy or preachy, but down to earth. I know I’m not an eloquent writer, and I felt so inspired to write more profoundly, but that is not a gift I have. 🙂

  • Mary M.

    Debbie, if the people you’ve sent it to can not view the video, please share this direct link: if that doesn’t work here’s the link to the full text of Archbishop Burke’s speech

    I enjoyed the entire speech by Archbishop Burke, what a joy to see and hear such plain speaking, that for too long has been stifled. I know in my heart that I have been guilty of the selfish and self indulgent thinking that the Archbishop speaks of, and it weighs on me that my thoughtlessness might have had an influence on others, including my daughter, leading her to the kind of thinking leading her to follow in my example. The part that stood out the most to me was this portion:

    “Pope Benedict XVI reminds us that the universal natural moral law provides a sound basis for all cultural, religious and political dialogue, and it ensures that the multi-faceted pluralism of cultural diversity does not detach itself from the common quest for truth, goodness and God. Referring to the fundamental moral defect of our culture, that is, a conscience that can no longer distinguish what is human, Pope Benedict XVI declares: God reveals man to himself; reason and faith work hand in hand to demonstrate to us what is good, provided we want to see it; the natural law, in which creative Reason shines forth, reveals our greatness, but also our wretchedness insofar as we fail to recognize the call to moral truth.”

    The emphasis that our society has gone off the rails, that we should see how inhumane it is becoming.. the claims of “progressive” are, if we’re being honest, regressive, sick and twisted with moral relativism. We see more of this all the time, and those promoting it, aren’t timid, they are becoming more bold each week that passes. We must have a dialogue in the faith, and not be silenced by those who seek to erode and eradicate our faith. What has been on my mind for some time now, is how it harms all of us, most especially the children, to see hypocrisy and inconsistency, not only in their parents and other lay people in the community, but in our priests and bishops. It does lead the innocent to sin, but also to wonder if our priests and bishops are being honest, or if they even have the faith. There is so much pain and suffering in our country, in all our respective back yards. It’s not just poverty and suffering in other countries, but being faced by our own fellow citizens.. pair that with the corruption in government, and I’m heart sick about what this will lead our young people to.

  • Debbie

    I have sent this to many people. No one can view the video. Where else can it be found? Thank you!

    • Hello Debbie,

      I am sorry about the inconvenience. We are very poor at technical issues and have no idea how to correct it. The video can be found on Gloria TV. I was surprised that their logo didn’t show up on the video.

      Thanks and God bless you for sharing the video.

      John Quinn

  • Lisa Turner

    We need all of our priests and bishops to speak His truth. Archbishop Burke has done this. PRAISE GOD!!!

    Bishop Finn of KS: When you stand up for what is right, you will be oppressed … we will be hated by powerful people, rejected by those whose approval we most want and misunderstood by many, even by those in our church who proports to share our beliefs. The temptation will be to avoid these attacks. Our response will tell us what kind of soldiers we are. Are we soldiers for life or soldiers for death? There is no third way.



  • J. Pelham

    Praise God for the courage and clarity of now *Cardinal* Burke, and for all of you here at ‘Courageous Priest’ who promulgate his message.

  • Steve Cherry

    Thank you Archbishop Burke!!! Now he needs to follow up with more of the same to drive home the point to the Bishops that are causing the scandal he speaks of .

    Gloria TV; I tried to use the facebook button to share this with friends, but it didn’t work. You might want to check it.

  • Mrs Mary Donahue

    The article was great
    Good to hear his voice.
    Unable to watch the video
    it didn’t play well on my computer

  • Alberto Gonzalez

    I agree with every word!

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