Archbishop Nienstedt – I “Must Speak On Controversial Issues”

“I Was Ordained to Preach and to Teach the Full Spectrum of the
Catholic Faith as it is Contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Minneapolis, Minn., Nov 6, 2010 / 07:52 am (CNA).- Outlining his pastoral ministry, his work on immigration, and his prayerful opposition to abortion, the Archbishop of Minneapolis-St. Paul has said that he must speak on controversial issues. His remarks follow activist and media opposition to the Minnesota bishops’ campaign to educate Catholics about the nature of marriage.

Archbishop John Nienstedt

“No bishop, and in particular this archbishop, is a ‘single-issue’ teacher,” Archbishop Nienstedt wrote in the Catholic Spirit newspaper. “I was ordained to preach and to teach the full spectrum of the Catholic faith as it is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The media pick and choose what they want to cover in terms of controversial issues. I do not have that luxury,” he added.

Seeking to provide perspective on his work, he listed the various activities of his weekend schedule. He celebrated a Mass with members of a Catholic charismatic movement and met with the parents of the archdiocese’s 62 seminarians.

The archbishop also participated in an all-night prayer vigil with English- and Spanish-speaking parishioners to ask God for a just solution to immigration problems. By coincidence he had previously written local Knights of Columbus councils and the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women to seek their help in calling for federal immigration law reform.

On Sunday morning, he made his 155th pastoral visit to the archdiocesan parish of St. Gerard Majella in Brooklyn Park. Its “festive liturgy” and many parishioners in attendance reminded him of why he became a priest, Archbishop Nienstedt reported.

Later on Sunday, he also attended a prayer service to end abortions at Regions Hospital, a teaching institution with its own abortion unit.

“Naturally, they do not advertise the number of abortions they perform per year, but it is known that more than 60 percent of these gruesome procedures are performed on minority women and on their unborn children,” the prelate explained.

Finally, the archbishop said, he joined two parents and their three-year-old as she went trick-or-treating. He also handed out candy at his residence.

Earlier this year the bishops of Minnesota mailed nearly 400,000 DVDs to Catholics throughout the state in response to several bills that would redefine civil marriage law to include homosexual partnerships. Archbishop Nienstedt made a video for the DVD in which he emphasized the nature of marriage as a lifelong and potentially procreative union between a man and a woman.

Laws which treated other partnerships as equal to traditional marriage would weaken society’s already damaged foundation, he warned.

The bishops’ defense of marriage drew hostile coverage from several secular media outlets, which highlighted the objections of Catholic dissenters.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune highlighted the efforts of artist Lucinda Naylor, who was suspended as a part-time artist at Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary when she created a Facebook site seeking discarded copies of the DVD to build a wave sculpture.

In his Catholic Spirit column, Archbishop Nienstedt said that like St. Paul he must preach the “full, Catholic message,” whether it is “convenient or inconvenient,” while “constantly teaching and never losing patience.” (2 Timothy 4:2).

“Please pray that I live up to that high standard,” the archbishop concluded.

Don’t you just love it when you know exactly where a Bishop or priest stands!
Well done Archbishop John Nienstedt, a good and faithful servant.

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11 comments to Archbishop Nienstedt – I “Must Speak On Controversial Issues”


  • Petrinafreedman

    God be with You for the only sensible approach a Catholic Clergy Member can take. Lord give us all the courage to stand up & be counted!

  • Ro

    God bless you, Archbishop. We are proud of you for having the courage to stand strongly for the truths and teachings of the Catholic Church and the natural law of the land as well. Most
    Catholics are no longer committed to following the teachings of the one, true Catholic Church.
    Unfortunately, many of our bishops and priests have become lax or too frightened to reinforce the truths and doctrines of our faith from the pulpit. We need bishops and priests, who have vowed to shepherd and nourish their flocks at ordination, willing to fulfill their duties, no matter the consequences. Our prayers are that Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to them to strengthen their faith and commitment to their ministry.

  • Roger

    God bless you, Archbishop! There are millions of us who stand with you and your uncompromising stand to uphold the Gospel! May God strengthen and bless His true shepherds, and help us to be faithful sheep.

  • terrig

    God bless you Archbishop for doing what is required of you. I wish more priests and bishops would remember that in the end, they will have to answer to our Lord Jesus Christ not our modern society or as Father Corapi would say “I love you but I’m not going to hell for you.”

  • Jennie Prater

    Your Excellency,

    Thank you. Your courage gives us courage.

  • Gina Jones

    I thank Archbishop Nienstedt for living his faith and teaching what the truths of the Church are. Every Bishop should be leading their diocese with this much courage. I ask all Catholics to take the same stand and fight the good fight.

  • jeri Delgado

    You are so brave to stand for the unborn . I am with you in prayer.

  • Pat Elsenpeter

    God bless you Keep doing God’s work.

  • Praised be Jesus! A true shepherd who does not “hide” behind his title, his mitre and crozier and cufflinks! Lead the people Bishop!

  • Mary Ann Haas

    Archbishop Neinstedt, I am grateful to God for your courage, The Catholic laity needs to have good leadership to counter the lukewarm leadership that has permeated the church and left in their wake a lukewarm and passive church and people…Our previous Bishop, Joseph Martino of Scranton was also a true hero who did not compromise the truth even under extreme persecution..Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. You and those with this leadership will uplift and bring the church back to it’s true mission.

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