Archbishop Nienstedt – Defender of Marriage and the Holy Eucharist

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By Catholic Vote: Archbishop John Nienstedt refused to allow the Holy Mass turn into a political protest. A group of 25 activists who are opposed to the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage wore rainbow sashes at a Mass celebrated by the Archbishop.

Archbishop John Nienstedt

Archbishop John Nienstedt

Not only did these protesters attend Mass wearing these sashes, but they tried to receive Communion despite publicly denouncing Church teaching. The protest organizer told the media: “We were making a statement during the Eucharist.”

The Archbishop of Saint Paul-Minneapolis would not allow the protestors to “make a statement” while receiving the Holy Eucharist. Archbishop Nienstedt refused to offer Communion to these activists who had already publicly announced their dis-unity.

These protesters told the media that their protest was spurred because Archbishop Nienstedt sent out DVDs which explained the Church’s position on marriage to 400,000 Catholics in Minnesota. The Archbishop has been under attack for defending the Church’s position on marriage since the DVDs were mailed out (at no expense to the Church) in late September.

Show your support and thank Archbishop John Nienstedt for refusing to allow the Holy Eucharist be used in a political protest.  Thank this courageous bishop for standing strong for marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

“I support Archbishop Nienstedt!”


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17 comments to Archbishop Nienstedt – Defender of Marriage and the Holy Eucharist

  • Georgeann

    Dear Archbishop Nienstedt:

    Thank you for standing up publicly against divorce (necessary in some cases) and in favor of honoring the Eucharist.

    Please, God, that more Archbishops and priests around the country will start speaking about the need for more frequent Confession and worthy reception of the Eucharist; for speaking about the REALITY of HELL and how to avoid it; against abortion; for Eucharistic Adoration; and the need to PRAY daily for our priests and bishops to preach the Truth of the Catholic Church; and to PRAY for men and women to answer God’s call to the Priesthood and Religious life.

  • Mary

    To Debra N. Good point………..laxity in defending the moral order for the past 40 years in all areas of moral life although there have always been good and faithful priests with the courage to speak out and let’s not forget that or them…………very difficult road for them and one marked out by suffering……….Pray for all our priests because all of them are under Satanic attack and have the most horrendous temptations placed in their paths which can only be overcome by constant, faithful and trusting prayer.

  • Mary

    God bless and defend Archbishop Nienstedt for his courageous stand!!! We greatly love our brave, faithful priests and how we need them!!!! May the Holy Spirit descend upon them and fill them with the gifts of the Spirit always!!!! We love you and are in union with you!!!!!

  • Deborah Nuzzo

    “There is nothing wrong with the ease at which annulments are granted. If there are grounds for annulments then what is wrong with that?”

    You sound like a canon lawyer.

    If you are genuinely interested, I would ask you to take this
    conversation to the Defending Marriage yahoo group. You
    will get an education there.

    The fact that you even asked the question speaks volumes.


  • Gregory Lynne

    To Anonymous; 08/05/12 “There is nothing wrong with the ease at which annulments are granted. If there are grounds for annulments then what is wrong with that?” First, you have to procure a divorce to even apply for an annulment; this is a grievous act against one’s marital sacrament! Legal separation is never taught as “the limit” by today’s bishops. Christ did teach separation only as the limit (1 Cor. 7:10-11). Christ also taught remaining single and/or reconciling with one’s first spouse. Catholic Bishops don’t teach the marital commandment, they ignore it and give lax annulments instead. [If a bishop teaches you abortion is licit, will that make it so?] Lastly, most N. American bishops don’t follow Rotal jurisprudence or they wouldn’t be able to dispense 95%+ of their specious annulments.

  • Gregory Lynne

    To Anonymous; 08/05/12 “There is nothing wrong with the ease at which annulments are granted. If there are grounds for annulments then what is wrong with that?” Dear Anonymous: Christ did not come to encourage trial marriages. Conversely, He derided His Own Chosen People and Moses for having accommodated hard-hearted, easy, repeat divorcing. Then, He demonstrated obedience to His Own Vows to His Bride: His Church–all the way to His Cross. His Resurrection is His final statement on the suffering of the Cross. Note: He did not abandon His Vows to complete the “Wedding” of God-to-Man which His Father sent Him on as His life’s vocation, despite how difficult His journey proved to be! He tells those who would follow Him to take up daily their own crosses and to follow Him. There is another one who promises happiness in this life and does not require suffering. You are free to choose which one you wish to follow–for life!

  • Anonymous

    Deborah Nuzzo

    There is nothing wrong with the ease at which annulments are granted. If there are grounds for annulments then what is wrong with that?

  • Bill

    Divorce/annulment is indeed a very serous matter and most certainly should not be done for convenience sake. That being said, there are a host of scenarios where a marriage should be be terminated, an perhaps a little compassion should offered to folks who find themselves in marriages that are simply not working and in many cases are destructive to all the people involved. Just telling people to “offer it up” simply doesn’t cut it. There is a good deal of hypocrisy in the whole process of annulment when one considers the relative ease in which priests can leave the priesthood. Then there is the issue of a bunch of old bachelors passing judgment on these issues.

  • divorce is a grave mortal sin. and a catholic spouse who freely chooses to betray/abandon thier vows should be refused the precious body of our lord and his blood when they approach to recieve him.

  • When is the last time one heard a priest teach from the pulpit that divorce is a grave moral sin? that choosing to abandon your spouse, and children and go search out for a new spouse is evil? I did thank God hear one brave priest teach that instead one should search out God to fill whatever emptiness is there.
    Why are our priests not teaching that a spouse who has betrayed thier responsiblities to the sacrament- for example by choosing to separate/divorce when there are no valid reasons other than “not feeling love” towards ones spouse..why are people like this- in a state of grave mortal sin- not refused when they present themselves for holy sacrament of Eucharist? In this case the priest KNOWS this is the case and yet they do nothing but allow our Lord to be given to one who is spiritually dead inside. WHy is this not taught that whether it is a Gay activist without true love and reverence for Our Lords holy body and blood, or a dissoulutioned spouse who is committing sacrilage by recieveing the eucharist while in a state of adultery.
    why does the clergy allow these spouses to lie to themselves that somehow they are”Catholics in good standing”. its time for our priests to speak up and save souls.
    As well as the children, the faithful spouses, and the rest of the community who are watching and will follow the example.

  • We need priests/bishops to defend and preach that marriage is a life long unbreakable union between ONE man and ONE woman for LIFE. come hard times, come difficulties depend on God who is the third person in that marriage to get through them but never never give up on your spouse. just as Our Lord will never abandon/ betray/give up on us.

  • Karl

    Well said, Deb, but the clergy and sadly, most of the laity,
    are commited to easy divorce and its frequent adulterous
    partner, annulment.

    I hope/pray you are well in your own journey.

    Did you follow the exchanges about the Cuomo Communion
    debacle recently? Give my kindest regards to the yahoo
    defendingmarriage group.

    God bless,


    from upstate

  • Deborah Nuzzo

    Hello John or Jeff. I don’t know why I addressed my comment to Mark.

    Yes, the last two Popes have done a great job defending marriage. I have read the last 30 years of addresses to the Roman Rota. These are written as a correction and an instruction for the many local tribunals of which the Roman Rota is the head and the model of the jurisprudence necessary to study marriage cases. If our local tribunals followed and obeyed these corrections/instructions, the flood of annulments would slow down to a trickle.

    I do pray for our priests and bishops. I also pray for God’s intervention because that may be the only thing that brings change.


    Thanks Deborah,

    I was wondering if you have the link to Pope Benedict’s last address to the Roman Rota this past January?

    God bless,
    John Quinn

  • Deborah, well said. All priests and bishops should be courageous and there should be no need for this website. However, they are not, so we need to encourage our bishops and priests that do speak out. You’re so right about how priests don’t talk about hell or when the gospel deals with a topic like divorce during the homily. It’s frustrating. I just try to focus on the Eucharist when I attend Mass because I won’t remember a single thing from the homily. That’s why I go to this website and listen to Father Corapi. We need to pray for our priests and bishops.

  • Deborah Nuzzo

    Dear John,

    Thank you for a website that acknowledges good and holy priests. They need our love and encouragement.

    Our last 2 Popes have defended marriage very well.

  • kathleen

    God Bless you for having the courage to take a stand and defend marriage between a man and a woman. We need many more bishops like you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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