Archbishop George Lucas: Women and Children Deserve Better Than To Suffer the Violence of Abortion!

Planned Parenthood Will Only Increase
The Violence In The Omaha Community.

ArchBishop George Lucas-(full article here) – “It is profoundly disturbing that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has announced its intention to open a new center at 3105 N. 93rd Street in Omaha that will include among its services the killing of unborn children through abortion. So many people of good will in Omaha have become involved in efforts to reduce violence in our community.

“It is particularly ironic that Planned Parenthood is now proposing to increase the possibility of violent attacks on innocent human life, attacks that are no less harmful to the life of our community even though they remain largely hidden from view.

“Women and their unborn children deserve better than to suffer the violence of abortion. As a caring community, we can offer them a compassionate alternative. I invite any woman who might be considering abortion to turn first to the loving and supportive care of the pro-life pregnancy help centers in the Omaha area. These include Catholic Charities, Essential Pregnancy Services, A Woman’s Touch, AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center, Bethlehem House and Gabriel’s Corner (in Council Bluffs).

“I also encourage Catholics and all women and men of good will in Omaha to oppose the opening of this abortion facility. Nebraskans United for Life has created a petition (the petitions have been distributed to all parishes in Omaha) to express opposition to this proposal to our elected officials. Nebraskans United for Life is also organizing a prayer vigil at the location of the planned abortion center on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 1 pm.

“I plan to be there, and I invite you to join me. Make your voice heard in opposition to the efforts of Planned Parenthood to expand the culture of violence and death in Omaha. Please pray for a greater respect for all human life, from conception to natural death.”

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2 comments to Archbishop George Lucas: Women and Children Deserve Better Than To Suffer the Violence of Abortion!

  • Paul

    Archbishop Lucas is one fine man, a great priest and Bishop. as he told me at our meeting “I have to do what the Holy Father Wants” and he granted us the Latin Mass and gave us a most beautiful church in Quincy,Ill. Historic Church of St. Rose of Lima.
    We miss you and you are always in our prayers.
    Paul Geers

  • Yolande Suzin

    It would be helpful when you site the courageous priests by name in your left hand column to know what parish or diocese they are associated with.

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