They Will Say You Are Anti-gay, Mean-spirited and Prejudicial

Archbishop John C. Nienstedt At It Again! ! !

St. Paul, Minn (CNA) – Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union of a man and a woman should be passed to help children flourish and to defend God’s plan for man and woman, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt of Minneapolis and St. Paul says.

“The Minnesota Catholic Conference, made up of the seven Catholic bishops from the state, support this amendment not for prejudicial or political reasons, but rather for reasons that are theological, biological and pastoral,” Nienstedt wrote in his June 9 column for The Catholic Spirit.

Archbishop John Neinstedt

Archbishop John Neinstedt

While Minnesota law already defines marriage as a union of a man and a woman, backers of the amendment say it is needed to prevent marriage from being redefined through lawsuits or legislative action.

In May the state legislature approved a bill to place the amendment on the 2012 ballot.

The archbishop said that the definition of marriage predates any government or religious denomination. Marriage “reflects God’s plan for man and woman to share in his creative power of bringing new life into the world.”

This understanding is “ratified by Jesus himself” in Matthew 19:8-9, he said. It is also “evident in light of the natural moral law.”

Both the biological and spiritual “complementarity” of the two sexes defines the reproductive nature of their relationship and enhances their “well-being and joy” as “a communion of life and love.”

“Every scientific study,” he said, confirms the reality that children “flourish best” when they have both a mother and a father. While single parents “strive mightily” to raise children as normally as possible, it is “a proven fact” that boys and girls develop better under the influence of both a mother and a father living in the same home.

The archbishop noted that Church teaching is always meant “to uphold and enhance the inherent dignity of the human person as a son or daughter of God.”

“Regrettably, the media and some secular commentators have chosen to mischaracterize this measure as anti-gay, mean-spirited and prejudicial. This is not the case or the intent behind the initiative,” he wrote.

In 2010 Archbishop Nienstedt and the other Catholic bishops of Minnesota authored a pastoral letter on marriage and mailed 400,000 DVDs to Catholics throughout the state. The DVDs explained the importance of traditional marriage and the need for a constitutional amendment to put the definition of marriage “beyond the reach of the courts and politicians.”

The bishops’ defense of marriage drew hostile coverage from several secular media outlets, which highlighted the objections of Catholic dissenters.

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5 comments to They Will Say You Are Anti-gay, Mean-spirited and Prejudicial

  • I can not believe that the members of the American Catholic Council and all these umbrella groups can not be stopped.The religious priests and sisters should be openly disconnected from the Church ;and stop saying they are Catholic either by choice or force (excommunication) they are traitors and if they want to have a counterfeit church of their own let them! They are endangering thousands of people young and old with their lies and deception.We are ignoring that fact; they are an endangerment to our children;the Church of the future.If we want our parishes filled and parochial schools overflowing again we have to have a true faith to pass down not a imposter.Are we living in the end times?? If we allow all these distorted, self-serving,protesters and religious reform bullys to keep this up any longer I’m sure those who are in charge will have a lot to answer to Jesus for letting the flock be killed by the wolves.

    • Savio

      JESUS CHRIST has clearly foretold (as documented in the HOLY BIBLE) that HIS Mystical Bride – THE CHURCH – which HE established when on earth in human form, will suffer lots of derision, persecution, slander etc. yet at the end, THE CHURCH WILL TRIUMPH. But HE cautioned everyone saying “Woe to all those who fall prey to the father of lies (Satan), his machinations and do his bidding”, which we see & hear happening all around us.

      In these situations what are we supposed to do or rather what has JESUS himself told us to do ? HE exhorts us to pray for GOD’s grace, that we may not fall for Satan’s lies & misinformation, which he is very good at packaging as the truth. It is because of this packaging that most of us (including many priests, nuns, religious etc) who truly lack or are superficial in our knowledge of GOD, easily get tricked / fooled / carried away and keep changing our views / attitudes / opinions / faith / morals etc., hence all this strife / name calling.

      GOD’s WORD from the beginning of time, today & till the end of time, is the same & will never change. It is we who change & keep shifting the goal posts according to our whims & fancies.

      Our salvation is entirely in our hands. GOD sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON into the world in human form for setting all mankind free from the bondage of sin & all evil, by dying on the Cross. HIS sacrifice on the CROSS set us free from all bondage. It is a different matter altogether, if we deliberately choose to ignore HIS exhortation to us – to love one another as HE loves us.

      At the end, at HIS second coming in glory, the good (those who heeded HIS words / teachings & abided by them) will earn eternal life as their reward & those who chose to do their own things (contrary to GOD’s word / teaching) will perish & be damned for eternity. GOD has given all mankind the power to choose between good & evil and a free will. Ultimately, what we choose will determine the end result (either eternal life or eternal damnation).

      Instead of wasting our time needlessly arguing/ repudiating one another, let us all who care for each other (and we should), pray the daily ROSARY with devotion as requested by the Blessed Virgin Mary and we will see/reap the fruits.

      GOD Bless

  • Diane Bened.

    I agree whole-heartedly with you Lorraine Carreira! A recent poll showed that most young people think that Homosexuality is acceptable. Christ loves the sinner but hates the sin. A recent feast day of a Saint – St. Charles Lawanga, died for preaching to others that homosexuality was wrong. Now if you speak out against it you are considered a hate-monger or bigot. Now the truth is considered a lie and a lie is the truth. We all need to wake up and decide whose side are we truly on God’s or satan’s. We need to come out of our comfort zone and realize we are on earth for a very short time. The only reason we exist is because God sustains us. We are here to know, love and serve God no other reason – period. Stop wasting time on amusements and idle persuits. Seek God and no other. God gave us the 10 Commandments to show us His love, not to give us restrictions but to show us how to get to Him. Praise be Jesus Now and Forever!

  • Robbie MacDonald

    Thank you Bishop Nienstedt. Thank you for having the courage to say what needs to be said. I live in California and lost many gay and lesbian friends because I supported Prop 8. I have been called a bigot, prejudiced and just plain mean. People don’t want to hear about Natural Law or God’s Law. The gay propaganda machine has deep pockets and is not afraid to use the money. Peace and All Good

  • Lorraine Carreira

    Thank you, dear courageous Bishops of Minnesota for doing this!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! The truth needs to be spoken and you’ve done this so well and we know it takes courage, so thank you for standing up for the truth!

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