A Scandalous Funeral?

My Dear People,

Scandal From The Grave
Do “Catholic” Politicians Deserve a Catholic Funeral?

There is an accountability for every one of our sins; even sins confessed and absolved. Impossible for us to achieve, Jesus is the only one who can save us from our sins. Mark’s Gospel reminds us that giving scandal is a very serious sin, especially public scandal. Politicians who are Catholic, and support abortion, cloning, and so called “mercy killing” of the elderly, commit grave public sin and grave public scandal. Archbishop Burke recently reminded all bishops that politicians who have given such scandal, without the benefit of “public conversion and penance” should not receive a Catholic burial; so serious is the sin.

Condoning this sin through such a public display, gives the faithful grave scandal on the part of the clergy. Sin is sin. God’s forgiveness is real and needed, but we should never condone public sin directly or indirectly. It is God’s Law, not man’s. Pray for all of our politicians who daily give scandal to the Catholic Church by their direct support and funding of abortion, cloning and mercy killing of the elderly. We live in very dark times. This does not excuse us from being accountable to one another, no matter what our place and status is in this world.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

Remembering that we will be judged by what we do for the least among us. May we give generously and joyfully to support all those in need.

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3 comments to A Scandalous Funeral?

  • Mary

    Keep the true faith , have heart , be not afraid , God will always be with His faithful believers in the true Catholic Church, no matter how attacked , how confused by false teaching, how badly splintered and split, or how heretical its clergy and /or its head. Pray pray pray. Practice the traditional faith; defend the true faith with courage and always be ready to meet your Maker. It’s all about souls .

  • Edna Knabe

    It is unbelievable to me that persons loudly proclaim their devout Catholicism and in the same breath
    refuse well known Catholic teaching. How is this possible? They obviously don’t know Catholic teaching. plus, they think it is up for a vote. I always thought such action was automatic excommunication. Yet neither pastors nor bishops seem to agree with this or at the very least are keeping silence. Speak of denying Christ. It is rampant in our Church today.

  • lonnie adams

    IT IS EASIER FOR APOLITICIAN FROM NORTHERN VA OR WASHINGTON DC to receive communion from the holy father than it is to find someone acceptable qulified to be a GOD PARENT

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