A Fr. Z Rant

“Pray For More Priest!”

Fr. Z gives us a reminder that we need more priest.

We need more vocations to the PRIESTHOOD.

Let’s be careful about prayers for vocations.

At times we should pray strictly for vocations to the priesthood. PRIESTHOOD!   Deacons are great, but they are not priests.   Religious women are great, but they are not priests.  Religious men are find, but that is its own vocation.  Married people are wonderful, but with a super small number of exceptions it is morally tedious to recount, they are not priests.

Often prayers for “vocations” are all lumped together, probably so as to avoid one of the great modern mortal sins: not being inclusive.

Fine.  Do that.  Pray for “vocations”.

But let us pray for PRIESTS…. priestly vocations… vocations to the PRIESTHOOD.

And another thing… this is the Year for Priests.  Yet I see this project and that effort for prayer for bishops, seemingly all the time.   Great!  Pray for bishops.  Bishops are priests too.    Bishops need constant prayers.  I too am constantly telling people, imploring people to pray for our bishops, upon whom so much depends.  I pray for a list of bishops after every Mass.   But can priests have their year?  Please?  We pray for bishops all the time.  It seems like every year is the year for bishops, right?  At every Mass we pray for bishops by name, for heaven’s sake!

Okay… I must get back to work.

Thus endeth the rant.

“O My God, give us priests; My God give us holy priests; My God, give us many holy priests!”

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2 comments to A Fr. Z Rant

  • Gary Mahoney

    Here’s how I see things. We are suffering today from the flawed theology taught (our present
    bishops and priests) in the seminaries of the 60’s – 70’s. And just what has this availed us?
    Though NOWHERE MANDATED ANYWHERE by Vatican 11 we removed the Main altar, altar railing, Statutes,
    reverence in church, receiving on the tongue, devotions, adoration, teaching on hell, sin, etc.
    What became permissible was Sanctuary traffic, female servers, lectors, sacristant’s, and many
    Eucharistic abuses. There is no need for Extraordinary Ministers or need for administering the
    Precious Blood as only about 20-30% actually receive from the cup. What we need is to wake up and realize we went down the wrong road and just look where it’s taken us!
    We’ve listened to the feminists and how did that all work out??
    Men it’s time grow some manly spine and make 180* turn back to Jesus and His Sacraments.
    The Lord will bless us with a people on fire, vocations, church growth, worship and financial security.
    There is a large number of Catholics waiting for the Hierarchy to step forward and do their duty.
    Many will be only to happy to help. The Lord is waiting. Will we respond?

  • James Gurn

    As Rev. George Rutler has reminded us, your local Parish is the “Military” post of our battle against the
    “Principalities and Powers” that confront and distract us we strive for “Victory in Christ”. The priest
    LEADS his disciples by “word and deed”; of which, I may suggest that “Imagery” of a priest reading his
    brievery (divine office)casts a holy funnel towards the CROSS of Christ, thereby, silently infiltrating
    our souls with peace, piety and purpose. The soleminity of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is set for we,
    the “people”,to absorb and partake. Also,to embrace this solemnity, the ever “bustling” of accolades,
    deacons and EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS should be greatly reduced or eliminated. thus focusing on the priest.
    Surely, “Prayers for more Priests” is essential. but, likewise the “priestly silouette” of a priest in
    deep prayer is most impressionable in opening minds contemplating this Holy Priesthood. Jim Gurn

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