Fr. Mark Bozada – Pentecost

My Dear People,

Following the great feast of Easter, Pentecost is second in importance to the growth of the Church. Jesus promised his Apostles that He would send them the Paraclete. The Holy Ghost would teach them all things necessary for the birthing of the Church at its earliest beginnings. We see the dramatic effect of this grace when Peter stands up to proclaim the Good News about Jesus Christ. Leaving the closed doors of the upper room where the Apostles were huddled together for “fear” of the Jews, our first Pope now boldly proclaims Jesus Christ. There were devout men and women of every race who understood Peter’s preaching, and came to believe in the Holy Name of Jesus.

The same Holy Spirit that poured out over St. Peter, came to rest upon them. We have been given that same Spirit at Baptism and Confirmation. Do you use these gifts regularly? Are you exercising these gifts for the glory of God? Do you know what gifts you have been given? If you are unsure, ask the Holy Ghost to come into your heart and mind in a new way this Pentecost. Ask Him to teach you all things necessary to return safely home to Heaven. If you ask, you shall receive.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark Bozada

May we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us on our stewardship journey.

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  • P.B.J.

    Championed by Pope Leo XIII, the following Novena to the Holy Spirit can help us grow in the gifts we’ve been given and the world desperately-needs: [see at ]

    [Excerpt:] “…it is only through this divine Spirit that the blessings of redemption can be brought to the world.”

    [and] “He wants you to be happy and enjoy this world and this life He gave you.”

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