6 Tactics Satan Uses To Divide the Faithful

Goal of the Devil: to Divide us, to Tear Apart the Community of the Faithful.

by Father Chris Pietraszko:

  1. Create the façade that peace can be experienced between others in heart, while compartmentalizing the mind. That is to say, all that matters is the motives, but not the truth. From this springs pluralism, and the only thing intolerable is disagreement.
  2. Gossip. The devil whispers truths and lies into our ears about others. We judge the motives of others, and think the worst of them, typically out of our own wounded heart.
  3. Communal Venting. When you get together with likeminded friends to gossip and discuss how terrible another person is without getting to actually know them. This is one of the hardest things to break apart, because people are reinforcing a lie, giving it even more weight because it is believed by many, and in the air you breath.
  4. Judging others – when you are offended by a miscommunication, and automatically assume the worst. Always ask before assuming “they are out to get you.”
  5. Projecting – sometimes you might have a history of rejection, and project that on other’s behaviour. Give everyone a fair chance, don’t allow your wounds to dictate judgment on others.
  6. Speaking the truth without love. It is venomous and actually a distorted truth.



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2 comments to 6 Tactics Satan Uses To Divide the Faithful

  • Rhodora

    Let us not rely on the opinion of none believers for they do not understand the Truth of the Catholic faith. Sometimes what they read or hear is twisted to conform to their own thinking.

    The true followers of our Lord Jesus Christ are those who are willing to suffer the consequences of the wrong things they have done against our Lord’s teaching which were handed down to the Apostles and to the Catholic church. However, they too have the right to be happy to be accepted back to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church and receive once again the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in Holy communion.

    We are all sinners but our Lord Jesus Christ is full of love and compassion and will show mercy upon all who ask for forgiveness and He will welcome with open arms those who long to go back to His fold.

  • Gabriel Edward

    You say you’re following some priests and you leave a list their names but l don’t understand what exactly you mean when you say you’re ‘following’? Is it that you’re spying on them or is it the same as following people on Twitter? Please Clarify me.

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