3 Holy Giants: Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pope St. John Paul the Great and Mother Angelica

A Tribute to Mother Angelica

Fr. John Trigillio

Father Levis and I meeting Mother Angelica the first time when we taped our first season of WEB OF FAITH in 1998.

By Fr. John Trigilio Jr., Confraternity of Catholic Priests:

Reverend Mother was very dear to me, like a beloved grandmother. Fr. Ken Brighenti and I anointed her last December for our most recent taping of WEB OF FAITH 2.0 Mother was a visionary, a pioneer, a maverick, an RN (real nun), a very dear friend and a very holy and devout Catholic Christian.

What you see is what you get. She was authentic. The real deal. No Political Correctness. Mother spoke her mind. She had no guile. She spoke “cor ad cor” (heart to heart) to every viewer and listener. Mother was a true Italian, as we all know. She had an Italian sense of humor and an Italian disposition. Very passionate and very expressive. But also very loving, affectionate and generous.

Foundress of Eternal Word Television (EWTN), Mother Angelica was like Christopher Columbus in that she was an explorer in a New World. While competing Catholic networks fizzled out quickly, EWTN has grown into the international and global media giant using cable and satellite television, broadcast and shortwave radio, internet and newspaper (The National Catholic Register).

She was kind enough to personally call and console my mom when my brother Joe had been killed by an underage drunk driver on 5 July 1997. My mother had already lost two of her five children and now Joe was number three. Mother spoke to her for 45 minutes. It was a great help and consolation. My mom frequently traveled with Fr. Bob Levis from Erie when we taped WEB OF FAITH and every time the Poor Clares and Mother Angelica were exceptionally hospitable and always made my mom feel at home and most welcome.

We watched with amazement as the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament was slowly built. Mother honored me, Fr. Levis and me by inviting us to the dedication and consecration of the shrine. The Mass brought tears to everyone’s eyes. I had not seen a communion rail used since my Confirmation in 1976 and watching the very devout and reverent reception of Holy Communion brought me to tears as well. Her fidelity to the Magisterium was exemplary and she proved the axion LEX ORANDI, LEX CREDENDI.

Reverent worship and orthodox doctrine are interrelated and interconnected. We’ve seen the destruction of faith caused by banal, pedestrian and irreverent liturgies and the heterodox nonsense taught in some seminaries and at the pulpits of some parish churches. EWTN was a light in the darkness, showing faithful Catholics that our 2,000 year old religion was and is an invaluable patrimony which believers deserve to share in its splendor and glory, not as some cheap, shabby and philistine fashion.

Three Holy Giants of the 20th Century

She made a few enemies, so did Christ. She also helped save many, many souls via EWTN. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pope St. John Paul the Great and Mother Angelica are the three holy giants of the latter 20th century and early 21st. I mourn her death but rejoice in the legacy she has left behind. Mike Warsaw and Doug Keck and everyone at EWTN have been doing a phenomenal job since Mother was forced to retire for health problems several years ago. I am morally certain she will be one day be canonized as well. Her perseverance in trial and tribulation are as encouraging as was JP2. When Mother appeared on television wearing an eye patch and having half her face paralyzed, she was like Pope John Paul during his later years plagued by Parkinson’s, drooling and slurring his words, yet still giving Angelus talks when he could. Both of these holy people knew well the Crucified Lord and both embraced their respective crosses with dignity and with fidelity.

As a Priest, I hope and pray that I can imitate Mother Angelica’s deep and intense love of Jesus and His Holy Church. Requiescat in pace

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11 comments to 3 Holy Giants: Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pope St. John Paul the Great and Mother Angelica

  • Dont forget Bishop Fulton Sheen,he was a prophet for our time.

  • Justina Rose D'Souza

    I follow EWTN especially during major events as d coverages are awesome in detail by the expert commentators n priests.
    May Mother Angelica, through the intercession of d Holy Spirit continue to guide n guard this channel for d benefit of all catholics n persons of other faiths too.

  • Rose.C

    From Grenada and if agree they are the three giants of the 21stcentury in our faith i followed them in their work

  • Rose.C

    I listen to the programmes and I m so enlightened about my Catholic faith thank you

  • Carol Fitzgerald

    Father Trigilio — You understood M. Angelica, and I look forward to your next Web of Faith program, because I know you will be talking about her. God bless you and Fr. Ken. I’ve been listening to you since your days with Fr. Levis. Thanks to all of you. And thanks to God for M. Angelica.

  • Jane Ngaba

    Am writing from Kenya and I feel privileged to have journeyed with you since Sunday through EWTN. Mother Mary Angelica RIP. Blessed be the whole team which made it possible for us to pray with the world for the soul of Christ`s bride – mother Angelica.

  • Barbarita S Farias

    Thank you, God our Father for giving us this great people; Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Pope St. John Paul the Great and Mother Angelica. We will miss you, Mother Angelica, may Our Lord received you in his arms to welcome you Home. I never got to meet you personally, I wish I could be able to travel to Atlanta, but, I’ve been watching the programming in EWTN. ( I would like it if they would put on your “glasses”)

    Love the Ruben Farias family

    Mission, Texas

  • tg

    Thank you Father. I was just reading how Mother suffered on Good Friday just like Our Lord did. Then he took her on Easter. I know she would say “Awesome!”. We all need to pray for her and all the poor souls in purgatory. Even if she’s in heaven, the prayers are not wasted. That’s what she would have wanted. I remember watching her show on purgatory. May she rest in peace.

  • Anne Marty

    EWTN has saved my Faith.It is a part of my daily life and I share in the prayers and listen to the shows.I especially enjoy seeing the Pope on his visits to other countries and ours.I am grateful to Mother Angelica for her hard work and steady Faith.I enjoyed visiting the Shrine,it is part of the renewal of the Church in the world!

  • I give thanks and praise to Almighty God for the life and service of Mother Angelica. What a gift she was to our church. I watched her faithfully throughout the 90s and even have some of her pamphlets from her early years. Thanks to EWTN I have witnessed many holy events including beatifications and canonizations. I would stay up and tune in even at 3:00 A.M. I still am an EWTN devotee but I do miss Mother Angelica. It must have been a jolly day in heaven when she arrived. Rest in the joy of the Lord, Mother Angelica!

  • Mariann

    Thank you, Fr. Trigilio! The 3 giants of the Faith who made such a difference to souls globally! How blessed we have been to have seen such Saints during our lifetime! Thanks be to God! Eternal rest grant unto her, dear Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon her. Thanks Mother Angelica…keep us in prayer.

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