18 Sins that Must Be Confessed for Salvation

Father Chris Pietraszko: “To the Catholic who knows this
and does not do it, Salvation is Impossible.”

By Father Chris Pietraszko:

Just so you know:
It is the obligation of a Catholic to make confession at least one time a year, to attend mass every Sunday, to receive Communion at least one time a year, to attend confession when weighed down by mortal sin, to never receive the Eucharist with mortal sin, to confess all mortal sins to the best of one’s memory.

To the priest and the religious, he or she must pray the Liturgy of the Hours every day lest it become a mortal sin.

What Counts for Mortal Sin?

Mortal sin is in reference to sins that surpass slight sins. They are seriously wrong. It also involves freedom to consent to such sin and knowledge that the act is wrong (even if it be merely known by the heart without proper terminology).

18 Sins that must be Confessed (note the word may) …

Such sins may include: Masturbation, Pornography, pre-marital sex, gossip of a grave matter, abortion, theft that surpasses 100 dollars (over-time or in one instance), physical violence causing grave injury, adultery, absence of forgiveness for another (wrath), excessive eating to a grave degree, heresy, schismatic behavior, disobedience to one’s ordinary/superior, missing Sunday Mass, receiving Eucharist with mortal sin, not confessing all your sins (purposefully holding back), excessive drinking of alcohol, drug-abuse.

To the Catholic who knows this and does not do it, salvation is impossible.

Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. God forgives all things, and for this we are grateful, but if we are not sorrowful for our sin, we do not ask for forgiveness (in a genuine manner) and therefore never receive forgiveness since our heart is never truly open to it.

These are the rules, the expectations. Many do not understand “why” they are there, because this is only the Law. But if you understand the Spirit, one can see quickly how humility, love of God and neighbor makes all such things necessary.

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17 comments to 18 Sins that Must Be Confessed for Salvation

  • Jerome Grozen

    The deadliest sin is pride.

  • Gloria

    Dear brothers and sisters I took time out and engage in this give and take. I did laugh some time. Not lightly.{smile} BUT I want to direct us to take a good look @ the ten commandments.Blessings

  • dan redmond

    In relation to stealing, although it is the 7th commandment I truly believe in some cases stealing is necessary, like having to steal to feed your family, what you think?

  • linda hegarty

    Jealousy is one of the 7 Deadly sins and very hard to control

  • james kortes

    on your masthead — could you move cd. burke a little further to the right of pp francis. a LOT further to the right!

  • Br. Christopher B.P.P.

    I really don’t get the $100 sin. If a person steals $10 in gas its a sin. Why a certain about. I’m sure we all have our own definitions of a mortal sin. I personally believe that anyone who voted for a pro abortion president like Obama committed a mortal sin. I also believe its a mortal sin for Cardinal Dolan to be saying “Bravo” to Sodomy. However that’s his sin and he will have to answer to God.

  • Ryan

    I hate to disagree with you Fr. Chris Pietraszko but you’re wrong on many of those so called mortal sins. True such things like abortion and not attending mass on Sunday is a mortal sin. Theft is a mortal sin but it makes no difference in the amount. It’s not like if you steal $99.99 that’s okay but if you steal $100.00 oops now you’re going to hell. However such sins as unforgiveness, pornography, disobeying ones superior ect. are not mortal sins. For all of you who read this article please do your own research. Do not just read the opinion of one man. Though I am sure Fr. Chris Pietraszkois is a good caring servant of God. He is human therefore he is also fallible.

    • Kyle


      You are the first person I have seen specifically declare pornogrophy, unforgiveness, and disobedience of legitimate authority to not be mortal sins. Could you please reference specific Church Documents explaining this? Thanks!

      • Ryan

        Kyle I showed my priest this article because I have had some issues with these particular sins. And I go too mass every day so if these were mortal sins I would have too go too reconciliation every week. Fr …….. said they are venial sins I don’t the specific Church Documents but I will ask him as soon as I see him. I wonder if someone said they don’t have it in their heart to forgive the rapist, child molester, or a murder and they told a priest would they be refused the Eucharist? Would that be a mortal sin? What if somebody was addicted to pornography and no matter how hard they tried they cannot stop looking. I hope their parish parish priest can meet with that person every day to hear his sins. If the president and Congress passed a law that said Gay marriage is now legal and all priests have to merry gay couples and they disobeyed would that be a mortal sin? ” True story “. A Christian couple refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple who were getting married in a state where gay marriage is legal. They were sued and the judge told them they had to bake the cake. and they refused is that a mortal sin? Do you understand Kyle it’s not a black and white issue. There is a very fine line between what is and isn’t a moral soon. And I’ve never ever met anyone who believes that stealing more than $100 is a mortal sin. That right there should make you question this article. When I talk to my priest I will ask him your question. God bless.

        • lisag

          Remember all things are possible with the Lord, even giving up sinful acts. The laws of God overrule the laws of man and so we are called to disobey laws that are in direct opposition to what our Church teaches. Stealing for basic needs like food is not a sin if is to provide when there are no other possibilities. This may explain the under $100 amount. You will be ultimately accountable to God. If you know of the mercy of God in Reconciliation and refuse to use it it would be a sin against the Holy Spirit which is unforgivable.

        • Kyle


          I applaud your search to understand your faith. What harm is there in going to confession every week? The graces received from the sacrament help to make one more sensitive to sin and help to fortify oneself so as to “sin no more and avoid whatever leads me to sin” as we recite in the act of contrition. I am not going to tell you what to believe as I believe it is best for you to study this carefully. However, I would ask that you be very careful when you publicly proclaim that certain sins are not mortal sins. If you happen to be wrong, you might inadvertently diminish the gravity of the sin and lead others to diminish the gravity of the sin, which is to say that you will be responsible for scandal. Receiving the Eucharist while in the state of mortal sin is itself a mortal sin. I would certainly strive to error on the side of caution in this regard. In addition to studying Church teachings, you might also reflect on what has historically been referred to as the seven deadly sins. They are pride, envy, anger, sloth, avarice, gluttony, and lust. What does Jesus say about lusting after a woman? What does he say about remaining angry? Does Jesus tell the people to follow what the Pharisee’s say but not what they do? Some sins might not be black and white, but most are. I am a great sinner, but I stopped making excuses and started trusting in God.

        • Kyle


          Regarding your struggles, remember, saints were not perfect people. They struggled and they persevered and with the help of God’s grace, they overcame. Pray. Make atonement. Pray. Frequent the sacraments, especially reconciliation. Pray. Persevere. Read Holy Scripture. You might think about what St. Paul says in 1 Cor. 9:25-27. And I leave you with one more quote: “You cannot ‘rise’. It’s not surprising: that fall! Persevere and you will ‘rise’. Remember what a spiritual writer has said: your poor soul is like a bird whose wings are caked with mud. Suns of heaven are needed and personal efforts, small and constant, to shake off those inclinations, those vain fancies, that depression: that mud clinging to your wings. And you will see yourself free. If you persevere, you will ‘rise’.” – The Way No. 991

  • Bulk SMS in Nigeria

    Stealing is stealing whether $10 dollars or $100 dollars because I saw this “theft that surpasses 100 dollars (over-time or in one instance)” that is where I drew my contribution. Thank you.

  • tg

    Eric, good catch on not finding contraception.

  • Kathy

    The statement at the end of the article: “Many do not understand “why” they are there, because this is only the Law. But if you understand the Spirit, one can see quickly how humility, love of God and neighbor makes all such things necessary.”

    THIS is precisely what is missing from the article…or should be greatly expanded. Many do NOT understand the “why.” Today, they are very FAR AWAY from understanding just how much God loves them. Because of this, they are deeply hurting on the inside and usually unaware of the cause. Thus, they search for happiness by seeking everything BUT God. After all, Jesus is the fullness of the law. He fulfilled the law. It is essential that people have more than the understanding of the Spirit. They must be filled with the Spirit per the LOVE of Christ. This is what makes one eager to obey everything Jesus asks.
    I would have liked to see this more fully explained in the short article.

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