Only 10% Of Catholics Will Be Saved?

Catholics!  Get Off The Road That Leads To Destruction!

By Father Daniel Doctor – If anyone comes after Christ, anyone who wants to follow Him, become His disciple – let them be warned that if they are not willing to denounce family and friends, the world and its enticements; all its power, prestige and greed, and does not renounce all their possessions, desires, and pleasures. Whoever does not pick up their cross; with all its suffering and pain; with all the persecutions and rejections; even hatred – murder – betrayal and follow after Christ to Calvary and to the empty tomb on Easter morning – cannot be His disciples. 

To be a disciple of Christ means we must first sit down – quiet ourselves – go into our inner room of our soul – be alone in God’s presence and calculate – with our intellect and reason and see what we must prudently do to obtain everlasting life. We must ignore “the crowd” with its insults and negativity. We must ignore those who would try to get us off track. We must ignore those who laugh at us. So that when we meet our Maker we can rejoice with Him for having overcome these obstacles – that were set up along the way to prove our love for Him – by overcoming our selfishness, as well as overcoming others who stand in our way. We reject everything so we can have Him alone. We empty ourselves so that we can be full of Him. We give so that we can better receive. We pardon so that we too can be forgiven. Being a disciple of Christ is so easy – if we would let it. A gentle path that leads to life were all our burden’s are light – where sadness becomes joy – because all things are made easy when we do them for love. Look at your own life, the easy things you do were made that way because you did them because you love. Love makes the hardest things easy.

This is what is meant in the 1st reading – “by counsel of the Holy Spirit the path ways are made straight.” By following God and His will for our lives – things get straighten out. Haven’t you ever hear someone say, “O he is so lucky he married her – she straighten him right out.” What is meant is that – his new wife gave him a clear direction in the way things would be going for now on. Well, the same is true with God. He wants to show us the straightest way of heaven. The road with the least amount of obstacles and dangers. But…it is not just about being on the right path. It is about a relationship that should be developing as you walk the path with Jesus throughout your life. As St Teresa of Avila reminds us, “it is about the journey as much as the destination.” Christ is calling us to a relationship that becomes like family. The Lord will welcome us as brothers and sisters, as member of His family. Not as servants or slaves, not as worthless human beings. But as beloved, chosen, privileged, adored, preferred, honored, sacred, sanctified, and consecrated to the Lord and set apart by God for God – in a word, His Friends. This is what the disciples of Christ are – they are people God has set apart to be His very own friends. This select group of people live their Catholic Faith – not with lip service and laziness, not with deception and half-truths, but with hard work, perseverance, determination. Christ’s friends overcome themselves, they overcome the world and have freely chosen Christ as their Lord and God – as their all.  What a wonderful and beautiful thing this is to see when someone lives and loves their Catholic faith. It puts a lump in our throats, a slight impulse in our soul, that maybe we too – could live our Catholic faith, that maybe we too – could be a disciple of Christ, not only in word, but in fact, because of our prayers and virtuous actions.

 But we have to face facts, the only thing stopping you is you! As friends of Christ we need to get to work to build a better world, endeavor to change hearts and minds, search for new solutions and create a world in which everyone’s dignity is respected – and love is given to all freely and with cost. We need to accomplish the work started by someone else, for someone else. We need to continue to care about our church, our parish, our school that existed before us and will continue to exist long after we are gone. We do these things for God and we do them because we are Catholics and for our brothers and sister Catholics coming after us. God is pleading with us to become what we were made to be – calling to us to be and in a truly religious sense – we so desperately need to grow up – to become mature Catholics and that means we need to stop acting childish and infantile in our faith. We need to stop gossiping and backbiting. We need to stop causing disunity. And get up and stand for something far better than our sinfulness and laziness. We need to start living holy lives because we are not. We need to take the moral way of life because most of us live immoral selfish lives. We need to take the road less traveled because the one we are on is travelled to hell far to often. In the recent 2013 poll from “” a national polling organization, only 27% of Catholics consider themselves a “good” Catholic and of them – only 54% attend Mass weekly. By definition, you can’t be a good Catholic if you don’t go to Mass weekly – so truthfully – there is only 13.5% of those who truly are “good” Catholics. This is the lowest number in the history of the Catholic Church in this country and are now as low as those in most of Europe. But don’t let these numbers shock you – the numbers that should shock you is that it is no differences here – we have over 1200 registered members in both parishes but under 400 go to mass on Sunday. That is under 30%, now if we ask those parishioners if they go weekly – we would see the number is no different – that only about 13% to 14% of Catholics really are practicing their Catholic faith and that means – when it comes to the issue of Mass attendance which is the third commandment only about 10% of us are going to make it to heaven because you can’t go to heaven if you don’t attend Mass regularly.

Isn’t this the saddest thing you have ever heard – that the truth of the matter is that only 10% of you are going to make it to Heaven – truly sad and terribly scary!! But I am sure if we started a poll on the other nine commandments and the four precepts of the Church – Catholics are required to practice under pain of mortal sin and hell, we would see that 10% disappear to the point that only a hand full of us are going to heaven – because only a hand full of us are truly Catholic and actively practicing it. But one thing is for sure – for those of us, who have the faith, for those of us who practice the faith, for those of us who attend Mass weekly without excuses, and realizes that Father does know how to save our souls – we must remember, although it is hard surround by such apathy and mediocrity among our fellow Catholics – Life is worth living and it is worth living well – so take up your cross daily – even if you feel you are the only one – because a life well lived is one of the greatest treasure in this life and the cause of the greatest of joys in the next…

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