Daily Prayer for Priests

O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church ... give us holy priests. You yourself maintain them in holiness.

O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil's traps and snares, which are continually being set for the souls of priests.

May the power of Your Mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priest, for You can do all things. - St. Faustina (Diary, 1052)

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6 Tactics Satan Uses To Divide the Faithful

Goal of the Devil: to Divide us, to Tear Apart the Community of the Faithful.

by Father Chris Pietraszko:

  1. Create the façade that peace can be experienced between others in heart, while compartmentalizing the mind. That is to say, all that matters is the motives, but not the truth. From this springs pluralism, and the only thing intolerable is disagreement.
  2. Gossip. The devil whispers truths and lies into our ears about others. We judge the motives of others, and think the worst of them, typically out of our own wounded heart.
  3. Communal Venting. When you get together with likeminded friends to gossip and discuss how terrible another person is without getting to actually know them. This is one of the hardest things to break apart, because people are reinforcing a lie, giving it even more weight because it is believed by many, and in the air you breath.
  4. Judging others – when you are offended by a miscommunication, and automatically assume the worst. Always ask before assuming “they are out to get you.”
  5. Projecting – sometimes you might have a history of rejection, and project that on other’s behaviour. Give everyone a fair chance, don’t allow your wounds to dictate judgment on others.
  6. Speaking the truth without love. It is venomous and actually a distorted truth.




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She Nearly Died

I Love My Wife!


Dear Friends of Courageous Priest,


I am the most blessed man in the world.  Jeff and I have been running this site for 5 years now.  It has been a wild run, like riding a stallion bareback.  We are continually astonished at how much this site has grown.  Do you know we have had over 3 million visits.  And amazingly, over 11,000 people have trusted us enough to become subscribers.  Mother Mary has been very good to us.

Sit back, relax and let me share a little story with you.  It is a good story.

Let me tell you about my lovely wife.  Without her I could not do this site.   I honestly don’t know how she does it.  She is a suffering servant.   We have 5 young children, 12 and under.  We home school.   Home schooling doesn’t come easy for us.  Actually, it is exceptionally difficult.  It is a struggle.

Did I tell you Regan almost died giving birth to our firstborn?

It took us five years to conceive our first.  We thought infertility was our cross, with Regan being a diabetic and having a pituitary tumor, that made sense.  We found out what was wrong.  We never allowed God into our bedroom. The first day we prayed before the marital act, inviting Him into our bedroom, was the day we conceived.   We were weak Catholics.  Our conversion happened around our fourth year of marriage.


I almost lost her.

I can’t believe how well she maintained her sugars.  Up to 14 shots a day!  It was amazing.

She went through a three day labor.  Yes, I said three days.  A Navy seal in basic training couldn’t touch the pain my wife went through.  When she was finally told to push, things got worse.  Nothing happened.  You could see the beginning of a head.  We went in for an emergency C-section.  My baby girl, my firstborn, was stuck.  We had one doctor pulling her body, while the nurse was pushing the head.  I was scared.  The doctor started cussing and yelling for a male doctor.

After many prayers, she finally came out.  Anne Marie was a NICU baby.  Both of them left with long term issues, Anne Marie is deaf in one ear and struggles with learning.  One day, maybe I will share her miraculous story. She is an amazing girl and doing remarkably well.


Now, are you ready for this!

Regan gave me 4 more children.  All C-sections.  What did I ever do to deserve 4 more children?  Tell me!  All I can say is thanks.  A quiver full.  None of them were easy pregnancies.  Not even close.  Let me tell you, if any one ever starts a courageous wives site, let me nominate mine.




The Quinn Family

More Crosses

Her new cross to bear is gripping with the fact that she can’t have any more children.   There are days I see her crying.  I know why.  They are heart tears.  It is like tears shed after losing your mom.  God bless her, she longs for more children.

Sins from the past haunt us, too.  We both fight anger issues.  The Rosary has saved our marriage more than once.  Did I tell you we struggle?  I wasn’t joking.

It is her pain that really causes her problems now.  Never mind the fact that she is sensitive to touch, sound, and light.  Can you believe it?  A mother of five is sensitive to touch and sound.   And for the love of God, she married a Quinn. Quinns are the loudest and most rambunctious kids in town.

At times she describes the pain as a stabbing knife.   And like it is for so many other pain sufferers, it is a hidden cross for her.   I see it in people’s faces and sometimes from their lips, saying, “Why can’t she do this or that?  She looks fine.”

It can get over whelming.  She, by nature, is a perfectionist.  Guess what.  How clean do you think our house is?  Oh, God, do we ever struggle.  Have you ever said, “I am going nuts!”?  Thats us.

What more can I say? My dear wife, I love you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.



I am just going to throw this out there.  Are you holding back from having a baby because it was a difficult labor or have other struggles?  Don’t be afraid, take courage.  YOU CAN DO IT.  God will help.  Will you, right now, pray and ask God to open your heart to be willing to have another child if that is His will.  Your will be done Lord, not mine.

What will it hurt?  Some have legitimate reasons for not having another child.  I get that.  I am just asking you to pray.  What harm has ever come from praying?

Will you do me a favor?  Please share this with your friends.  You may even have some loved ones you might want to call and personally ask to read this.  Who knows, in the near future, there may be another little person who will thank you for sharing.

God bless,

John Quinn
Courageous Priest


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Holy Hypocrisy?

 The Danger of Separating Discipline from Doctrine: Permitting
Divorced and Civilly Remarried Catholics to Receive Holy Communion 

by Fr. William Moser

If the Church were to allow people to separate Church discipline from Church doctrine, the doctrine of faith from the practice of the faith – as is in the case of allowing the divorced and civilly remarried to receive Holy Communion– it would mean blessing hypocrisy; it would mean sanctioning that which our Lord Jesus strongly condemns.


What is Hypocrisy?

Jesus had some very strong things to say to hypocrites – very strong things indeed! Open your New Testament to the holy gospel of St. Luke and in chapter twelve you find Him saying: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.” (Mt 12:3). Then turn to the holy gospel of St. Matthew in chapter twenty three, and you will find 7 “woes” cast at the hypocritical Pharisees. You get the idea that hypocrisy must be a very bad thing. So, what is hypocrisy? Hypocrisy means faking it essentially; it means making an appearance, feigning goodness while contradicting it in practice. The word hypocrisy is taken from the ancient Greek stage where actors put on a mask. On stage that is an appropriate thing to do, but in religion it is not.

Jesus strongly condemns doing religious things“to be seen by men.” (Mt 23:5). This covers the intention of not doing them sincerely when they are “hidden” from the eyes of others.


How Can We Contradict Our Lord?

It follows that hypocrisy is bad–very bad! Our blessed and divine Lord makes that abundantly clear. Then why is there all of this talk today about giving Holy Communion to people – even if by exception– who are living in various sinful states? Are we not in danger of blessing, ratifying, sanctioning what Jesus condemns? If our Lord, as a preface to His 7 “woes” cast upon the “Scribes and Pharisees,” says: “so practice and observe what they tell you, but not what they do for they preach, but do not practice.” (Mt 23:3). How can we contradict Him? He who is “the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus tells us, His present day disciples, also to do the opposite of the “Scribes and Pharisees”— the opposite of putting on a show of religion: proclaiming our beliefs but not sincerely intending to practice our faith.

How is it possible to tell anybody living in sin— in a state that is contrary to the law of God— that it is okay to receive Holy Communion? And to do the opposite of what that communion with the divine signifies? Holy Communion signifies union with our Lord Jesus Christ in belief and practice. This is why our mother the Church provides the sacrament of penance; so that those who are aware of grave sin and who are ready to repent, may confess and be absolved before they receive Him Who is the fruit of the Eucharistic sacrifice. Someone who is living in sin, who will not separate himself from an occasion of sin (by cohabiting for instance) may not even be able to receive absolution because he says thereby–living in sin—he doesn’t intend to change.


We Cannot Separate Doctrine from Discipline

Therefore, it follows that we cannot separate doctrine from discipline. I would even go on to say that “being pastoral”— quite contrary to present day thinking – means putting doctrine into practice faithfully despite the difficulties; otherwise, we would be guilty of hypocrisy. Separating doctrine from practice means blessing hypocrisy, making it acceptable. “Woe” to those people who dare propose such a contradiction of our divine Lord, Jesus Christ!

The Church Needs Men Who Will Heroically Speak and Act!

A Feminized Church Has Led Men To Become Disengaged From Her!

Tell us what you think!  Has a feminized church led men to become disengaged?

By:  Msgr. Charles Pope (with some editing)

When I was growing up, my father would often exhort me to “be a man.” He would summon me to courage and responsibility and to discover the heroic capacity that was in me. St. Paul summoned forth a spiritual manhood with these words: We [must] all attain to the unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the extent of the full stature of Christ, so that we may no longer be infants, tossed by waves and swept along by every wind of teaching arising from human trickery, from their cunning in the interests of deceitful scheming. Rather, living the truth in love, we should grow in every way into him who is the head, Christ (Eph 4:13ff).

If the ladies will pardon me (for women have their own sort of strength), I want to issue a special summons to men, especially fathers, husbands, and priests. The summons is simple: be a man. We need men in these dark days, men who will heroically speak and act, men who will announce the truth and insist upon it wherever they have authority, men who will stop being passive fathers and husbands, priests who will stop “playing it safe” by remaining silent in the moral storm. Yes, be a man.

It has often been observed that men are rather disengaged from the practice of the faith and attendance at the Sacred Liturgy. Frankly, there is a reason—not a politically correct one, but a reason nonetheless. Most of the men I talk to find the Church rather feminized. There is much talk in the Church about forgiveness and love, about receptivity and about being “nicer.” These are fine virtues, all of them necessary. But men also want to be engaged, to be sent into battle, to go forth and make a difference.

After years of radical feminism, men are shamed for seeking to take up leadership and authority in their families and in the Church. It starts early.  Any normal boy is full of spit and vinegar, is aggressive, competitive, and anxious to test his wings. But many boys are scolded, punished, and even medicated for these normal tendencies. They are told to behave more like girls and to learn to be nicer and to get along, etc. It will be granted that limits are necessary, but the tendency for boys to roughhouse is normal. The scolding and “socializing” to more feminine traits continues apace into early adulthood. And then there are other cultural phenomena such as the slew of “Men are stupid” commercials, etc.

Though many in past decades have sought to describe the Church as “male-dominated,” nothing could be further from the truth. Most parish leadership structures are dominated by women. And women do fine work. But the Church has done a very poor job of engaging men as men and equipping them to be strong husbands, fathers, and priests. Virtues related to bold leadership and the effective use of authority are in short supply whereas other virtues such as collaboration, listening, empathy, and understanding are overemphasized.

This lack of balance, wherein traditionally manly virtues are downplayed—even shamed—has led many men to become disengaged from the Church.

Even as early as 1885, Pope Leo XIII saw coming a softness that was infecting the times. In a document aptly named (and using a word too many clergy and fathers are afraid to use) Quod Auctoritate, Pope Leo said:

You know the temper of the times—how many there are who love to live delicately and shrink from whatever requires manhood and generosity; who, when ailments come, discover in them sufficient reasons for not obeying the salutary laws of the Church, thinking the burden laid upon them more than they can bear . . . perils everywhere abound. The great virtues of our forefathers have in large measure disappeared; the most violent passions have claimed a freer indulgence; the madness of opinion which knows no restraint, or at least no effective restraint, every day extends further; [and yet among] those whose principles are sound there are many who, through a misplaced timidity, are frightened, and have not the courage even to speak out their opinions boldly, far less to translate them into deeds; everywhere the worst examples are affecting public morals; wicked societies which We ourselves have denounced before now, skilled in all evil arts, are doing their best to lead the people astray, and as far as they are able, to withdraw them from God, their duty, and Christianity . . . Therefore those who speak to the people should lay it down persistently and clearly that according not only to the law of the Gospel, but even to the dictates of natural reason, a man is bound to govern himself and keep his passions under strict control, and moreover, that sin cannot be expiated except by penance . . . In order therefore that Our teaching may sink into men’s minds, and what is the great thing, actually govern their daily lives, an attempt must be made to bring them to think and act like Christians, not less in public than in private.

Not a bad summons to heroic and public witness to the faith! Not a bad summons to manly virtues like sacrifice, strength, insisting on what is right, meeting perils toe-to-toe, courage, speaking out, self-control, and so forth. The Church used to speak more often in this way. Today there seems to be only the goal of not hurting or offending anyone.

The disengagement of men from the Church has come to mean that many Christian men are passive fathers and husbands. They have not matured in their faith but remain in a kind of spiritual childhood. They are not the spiritual leaders in their homes that Scripture summons them to be (cf. Eph 5). If they go to Church at all, their wives have to drag them there. They do not teach their children to pray, insist that they practice the faith, or read Scripture to them. Too often, they leave this for their wives to do.

Thankfully, many men do take up their proper role. They have reached spiritual manhood and understand their responsibilities in the Lord. They live courageously and are leaders. They are the ones first up on Sunday morning leading their families to Church and insisting on religious practice in the home. They initiate prayer and Scripture reading and are vigorous moral leaders and teachers in their families, parishes, and communities. They are willing to battle for the truth and to speak up for what is right.

You see, the Lord is looking for a few good men. Are you a Christian man? Have you reached spiritual manhood? This is not the kind of manhood that comes merely with age. It comes when we pray, hear, and heed Scripture and the teachings of the Church. It comes when we live the faith courageously and summon others to follow Jesus without compromise. It comes when we speak the truth in love and live out the truth. It comes when we fear God and thus fear no man, for when we are able to kneel before God we can stand before any human threat.

Originally posted at:  blogadw.org

Hatred of Gays Has No Place Christian Life

“Is Love Genderless Thing?”

by Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton,


Fr. Stephen V. Hamilton

Fr. Stephen V. Hamilton

Psalm 23 tells us of the work of the Lord who shepherds us.  And it gives us insight also into the work of shepherds who continue the work of Jesus in ministry.  The psalm told us this about the shepherd: “Beside restful waters he leads me; he refreshes my soul.  He guides me in right paths.”  Scripture indicates repeatedly that sheep need a shepherd.  They wander.  They get lost.  They venture into danger and places that are not good for them.  A shepherd is needed to lead to “right paths.”  Scripture and Jesus himself use this imagery to describe the guidance our souls need to stay on the right path leading to Heaven.  This is a challenge for modern ears.  We sort of find it endearing that we are sheep of a flock.  But that attitude can rapidly change when a shepherd actually calls us away from the wrong paths that are celebrated in secular society.  In other words, the shepherd is usually appreciated when he calls himself a shepherd.  But he might meet resistance when he actually shepherds.


“Gay Marriage,”  How Did We Get Here?

With this in mind, I am going to venture into a difficult topic.  I want to speak about the development four weeks ago that same-sex marriage is now legal in Oklahoma.  More precisely, what I hope to focus our thoughts on is NOT gay marriage itself but rather the deeper question of how we got here, how we arrived at this day.  Anytime I speak on a difficult or charged topic I always find it necessary to state clearly that it is not my intention, it is not in my heart, to offend, but to be a shepherd guiding into right paths.  By the time I conclude I hope you will see that my remarks are directed to everyone and not only to those who identify with same-sex attraction.  It is important to state here: We must always show compassion to those who identify with same-sex attraction.  The self-righteousness that would shun or shame such persons is not of God.  The empty moralizing that would make a person’s dignity dependent upon a heterosexual orientation is not what the Church teaches.  We do not condone homosexual actions but we must always exercise patience and understanding to help carry the burdens of those who need our support in a struggle over sexual orientation.  Hatred directed toward a person who identifies as gay has no place in the life of the Christian.  If we do not walk with such persons, if we shun them, in what sense can we claim to be Christ’s Body?!


Love is a Genderless Thing.

The day after same-sex marriage became legal in our State the Oklahoman ran an article in which a prominent metro-area Protestant pastor was quoted saying, “Love is a genderless thing.  Love is the same whether a man marries a woman, or a man marries a man, or a woman marries a woman.  It is the same” (Oklahoman, “At church ceremony, 14 couples recite vows,” 7 October 2014, page 3A).  Reading that quote I found myself asking, Is that true?  In what sense is love genderless?

That statement is true IF we are speaking of God.  The First Letter of St. John says, “God is love” (1 Jn. 4:8).  God is complete being itself.  He is not limited to one gender.  We use personal pronouns for God, but we do not in any way mean that God is male or female.  The pastor’s words seem to make sense then.  But was he speaking of the reality of God when he said, “Love is a genderless thing?”  No!

Next, try to imagine ‘love’ as a thing in and of itself.  In other words try to imagine the reality expressed by the word ‘love.’  The concept of ‘love’ is without gender.  Consider love of a family member or love of one’s country.  The reality being expressed by the word ‘love’ does not itself have a gender.  The pastor’s words seem to make sense then.  But was he speaking of the concept of love as a thing in and of itself when he said, “Love is a genderless thing?”  No!

Let’s remember: The pastor was speaking specifically about the context of marriage when he uttered that remark.  So, I am left to ask: What can “love is a genderless thing” possibly mean when we are discussing the incarnate, in-the-flesh love between human beings who are, in fact, embodied as a gender – male and female?  Can such a statement possibly be true when used in the context of that union whose very purpose is to bring two bodies together?


Gender Influences Your Whole Life

Consider your own gender.  My being male influences my whole being.  Everything I do is in some sense influenced by being male.  In that sense, it can reasonably be said of the things I do that “A male person did that.”  Gender is not strictly compartmentalized from the rest of the aspects of my life; rather, it influences my whole life.  Gender influences our whole being and is part of how we live and move and express ourselves through our body.  And when we speak of sexuality and sexual activity, how much more clearly is gender involved?  When a human being loves, and especially loves another person, that is an embodied act of the whole person.  Now, that love does not have to be genitally sexual, but it is in fact engendered because it is a human being, male or female, who loves.  Christianity believes a truth that secular society rejects, namely, that the body is important.  What we do in it, and with it, and through it matters.  It matters for life on earth.  It matters for our judgment and for eternity.  St. Paul writes: “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive good or evil, according to what he has done in the body” (2 Cor. 5:10).  Jesus’ Resurrection – in the Body! – shows us the body’s value.  The body is not some meaningless vehicle, tossed away once our life on earth ends.  It wasn’t so for Jesus.  And it isn’t for us.  Jesus took the resurrected Body into heavenly life.  After death, our resurrection will mean our souls are reunited with our bodies such that we enjoy transformed bodily life in Heaven or suffer loss through bodily life in Hell.  We will experience heaven or hell in the body.  That’s our faith in resurrection.


How did Gender get Separated from Love?

So, how did we arrive at a point in society when a patently false statement like that pastor’s can be uttered and seemingly accepted?  How did gender get separated from love?  How did the power of gender to generate life become separated from love?  Remember the context here is marriage.  So, if sexual love in marriage doesn’t require gender then it has no meaningful connection to the natural design for procreation and for the generation of human life.  If sexual love has no meaningful or necessary connection to procreation, then what remains for love between two human beings?  What remains is purely physical gratification and whatever mutual support the partners decide to settle for.  If love is nothing more than physical gratification of two people then truly gender doesn’t matter.  But, I ask you, is THAT what love is in a human sexual context?  Is that what love is in your marriage?  I don’t think so.  And since marriage is precisely the context, then the pastor’s words are absolutely false.  Furthermore, the words are morally dangerous since a pastor guided people down wrong paths.  His words are shown to be false by observing the Natural Law, that is the order visible in creation and the order clearly present in sexual love, which shows it to be made for the mutual complementarity of the genders, male and female.  His words are shown to be morally dangerous because, among many reasons, they contradict scriptural teaching that what we do in the body matters both for our flourishing here and for our salvation.


Contraception, Let’s not be Naïve Here.

All of this falsehood has been allowed to spread because heterosexual love has been willfully stripped of its meaningful and necessary connection to procreation.  The prevalent use of contraception has made it possible to separate the intrinsic order of human sexual love.  Let’s not be naïve here.  Contraception hides under labels of ‘responsibility,’ and ‘safe,’ and ‘protection.’  But, in fact, what it is primarily about is separating what God joined together in sexual love to be shared by the two genders.  God joined in sexual love the good of spousal unity (or bonding) and the good of procreation (or babies).  I think we need to admit what has happened in society here.  Those advocating same-sex relations and same-sex marriage are in some sense reflecting what they see in the practices that are so prevalent among heterosexual couples.

It’s as if they are saying to heterosexuals, “Well, if you can opt whenever you want for a sterile love, one not connected to the baby-making power of the genders, then why can’t we opt for that too?  If you can opt whenever you want only for the gratification part of love, then why can’t we opt for that too?”


The World Needs the Witness of Your Total Self-giving Love

And here is where I hope you hear that my words are not primarily about those in same-sex relations or marriage.  Rather, my words are more for heterosexuals in marriage.  The world needs you to resist the disorder that is introduced into human sexual love when contraception is practiced.  Sexual love is disordered when its God-designed meaning to bond the spouses and to generate babies is willfully separated by contraception or other means.  And so to you who are called to live a holy vocation in Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony I say: the world needs the witness of your total self-giving love.  The world needs your witness of trust in God’s design for love that is expressed when heterosexual love is lived in a fully human way to bond you to your spouse and to bond you to a son or a daughter who embodies your love.  And so the right path I want to shepherd you along today is to recognize the desperate need the Lord has for you to live your marital love in a fruitful way.


The Spiritual Malpractice of Shepherds

                For many of you there have been sins in the past.  You may have been swept up in the contraceptive message of society and in what I will call the spiritual malpractice of shepherds who remained silent or who gave false advice.  If that is the case, then repent.  Have no fear!  The Lord loves us and heals us in his mercy in the confessional.  If your fertile years are past and you feel guilty about past decisions.  Then help the next generation.  Offer sacrifice and penance for yourself and for them.  Be an apostle for the full meaning of marital love and speak to your children and to your grandchildren, to anyone who will listen, and call them to a meaningful expression of human love that respects the order established by God.  If you are still in your fertile years, learn Natural Family Planning and reverence God’s place in your marital love.  If you are young and looking ahead to marriage, then practice discipline in chastity now, and recognize that when you marry you need to be ready to have babies.  If you aren’t ready for babies then you aren’t ready for marriage.  You who are called to live an engendered love are the hope to return society to our moorings of respect for spousal love that will help all people truly flourish.  Come Lord Jesus, shepherd us in right paths!


Slight editing.


by Fr. Stephen V. Hamilton

Bishop Conley: “Voting is a Civic Duty”

Bishop  James Conley, “Catholics have an obligation to vote.”

Bishop Conley: “Voting Helps Protect the Unborn, the Family,
the Poor, and the Freedom of Conscience”


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By Bishop James D. Conley: Southern Nebraska Register

Election Day is  a reminder of our obligation to one another—our obligation to support the common good, and to build a civilization of love.

Voting is a civic duty. 

Sadly, many Catholics in our state do not vote on Election Day. I don’t understand why. I have never missed voting in an election ever since I reached voting age. Even during my 12 years of living in Rome, I never missed voting in an election year through an absentee ballot. Voting is a means of expressing our hopes for our communities, a means of pursuing justice, and of building a culture of life. Voting is a means to help protect the unborn, the family, the poor, and the freedom of conscience and faith in public life. Voting is a civic duty.  It seems to me that not voting, unless there are very grave reasons to abstain, is a sin—and when we fail to vote for reasons no better than apathy or forgetfulness, we ought to confess that.

Whenever possible, Catholics have an obligation to vote—particularly when critical issues are at stake.  Today, in our country, critical issues are certainly at stake. Abortion remains our national shame.  Our failure to protect the unborn is a failure of the highest magnitude. The right to life is the foundational human right.

Religious people are being systematically marginalized in public life, in business, and in schools.  The sanctity of marriage as we have always known it, is being undermined. The family, and the right of children to have mothers and fathers, is under attack.

And the dignity of the poor, whom we are called to love zealously, is often undermined by policy initiatives and greed.

We are connected to every single member of our community—living or dead.  We ought to pray for them.  And we ought to do all that we can to build a culture of justice, of liberty, and a culture of life.

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Bishop James D. Conley

Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Catholic Politicians: “A Pathetic Spectacle”

Bishop Tobin, “Abortion is a sin, and those who provide it, promote it,
and support it will be held accountable by Almighty God”

The Gospel of life must be proclaimed, and human life defended in all places and all times. The arena for moral responsibility includes not only the halls of government, but the voting booth as well. (American Bishops, “Living the Gospel of Life”)

by Bishop Thomas Tobin:  Prior to the recent primary election I received a heartfelt letter from a member of the Diocese who had just discovered that the candidate for whom she had intended to vote was “pro-choice and for same-sex marriage.” She wrote: “Dear Bishop Tobin, for whom do I vote? Do I vote at all?”

I responded to my letter-writer that it wasn’t appropriate for me to suggest candidates for whom she should or shouldn’t vote, but that it was important for her to become well-informed about the candidates and their positions, pray about it, and then vote according to her well formed conscience. I told her that I often faced the same dilemma. I also sent her a copy of the American Bishops’ document, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship,” that places in a broader context some of these important political decisions.

Bishop Thomas Tobin

Bishop Thomas Tobin

It’s a real problem that many faithful Catholics face these days – how to vote when all of the candidates are pro-abortion. (Candidates euphemistically call it “pro-choice” but it’s really a stance that enables and promotes abortion, isn’t it?)

The dilemma is more excruciating when the candidates profess to be lifelong Catholics. As I said in my recent statement about Catholic politicians and abortion, “It is always disappointing when a Catholic candidate for political office abandons the teaching of the Church on the dignity of human life for the sake of self-serving political gain. Such actions demonstrate an inexcusable lack of moral courage . . . Abortion is a sin, and those who provide it, promote it, and support it will be held accountable by Almighty God for the unjust death of unborn children.”

What a pathetic spectacle Catholic candidates present when, having to choose between Planned Parenthood and the Catholic Church, they choose Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in our nation. Do these candidates have no respect for the religious heritage of their parents and grandparents? Have they no appreciation for the sacraments, the solid education, the communal support, and the moments of comfort and guidance the Church has provided for their family over many generations? And I wonder – when in the future these candidates are in need of prayers and blessings, the Last Rites of the Church, and then finally funeral services – will they turn to Planned Parenthood or the Catholic Church to stand by their side?

The Bishops’ document to which I’ve already referred gives some guidance in these questions. It explains, first of all, the importance of the virtue of prudence. “The Church fosters well-formed consciences not only by teaching moral truth, but also by encouraging its members to develop the virtue of prudence. Prudence enables us to discern our true good in every circumstance and to choose the right means of achieving it.” (#19)

The Bishops then get a little more specific about voting. “Catholics often face difficult choices about how to vote. That is why it is so important to vote according to a well-formed conscience.” (#34) And this: “When all the candidates hold a position in favor of an intrinsic evil, the conscientious voter faces a dilemma.” (#36)

And that brings us back to the question posed by my letter writer: “Bishop Tobin, for whom do I vote?”

If we distill the guidance of the Church, it seems to me that when no candidate presents an acceptable position, especially about critical moral issues like abortion, the voter has three options.


3 Voting Options  When Both Candidates Support Abortion

The first is to choose the candidate who, in traditional terms, is the lesser of two evils. Let’s just say, for example, that one candidate promotes an extreme position on abortion, welcomes the endorsement of and eagerly embraces the evil agenda of Planned Parenthood, supports partial-birth abortion, and disdains the sincere convictions of pro-lifers; and another candidate would restrict abortion in some circumstances, opposes taxpayer funding of abortions, and is willing to work with and respect pro-lifers – a voter might properly choose the second candidate even though the position is flawed.

Secondly, as a kind of protest, a voter could decide to write-in the name of someone who represents pro-life values. In this scenario, one might vote for St. John Paul, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa, or our own local pro-life hero, Baby Angela! Even though this person surely wouldn’t be elected to office, a vote in that direction would send a clear signal that at least some voters won’t settle for anything less than a pro-life candidate. Contrary to what critics will charge, it’s not a wasted vote; it’s a sincere expression of conscience that upholds moral truth. And that’s never a waste!

Finally, a voter might well decide to skip this year’s election and not vote at all, or at least not vote for a particular office. Although Catholics have a general moral obligation to participate in the life of our nation, there are many ways to do that, and there’s certainly no obligation to vote in each and every election, particularly when the options are repugnant to the well-informed conscientious Christian voter.

I know, it’s a tough time to be a moral, pro-life voter. The field is narrow and the options are few. But, vote according to your conscience, pray for our state and nation, and sleep well. Remember,

God’s still in charge!


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